Ted Cruz disrupts “business as usual” in Washington

Ted Cruz surrounded by microphones

A lot of people in Washington, D.C. are unhappy with Texas Senator Ted Cruz. He just can’t seem to let things be and get in step with his party’s movers and shakers. One could expect democrats to dislike him, but most of the artillery being lobbed at him lately is coming from his own party.

Establishment Republicans are after his hide; he’s a threat to their “business as usual” way of manipulating the nation’s affairs.

Some of his critics, including Charles Krauthammer and George Will, say that he doesn’t understand how the game is played in Washington; that he doesn’t “get it.”

Cruz responded that he likes and respects both Will and Krauthammer, said, “You know, on some level I’ll agree with what they said. I am not trying to play by the rules of Washington because I think Washington’s broken. I think it’s profoundly broken. And I think the only answer is to change Washington.”

Anyone who has followed the political three-card monte that is commonplace in our federal government knows that Washington is broken – profoundly broken. We see evidence almost daily and the public is sick and tired of the backroom scheming and underhanded tactics that are standard operating procedures among our so-called representatives.

They are acting on behalf of themselves, the party, and the interests of their contributors and lobbyists – not the public (supposedly their employers). Constituents are at the bottom in the hierarchy of importance to many of our representatives and senators – especially the party leadership.

Asked about his possible presidential aspirations during an interview on Mark Levin’s talk show, Cruz said that he thinks the path to a presidential nomination is “telling the truth about what you believe about your principles and in fact, by demonstrating those principles. I think talk is cheap. The best way to know what someone believes is what have you stood up and fought for? What have you led on? When have you bled?

Every time we run to the mushy middle, we lose. The way we win is speak the truth, speak your principles, speak for the American people, fight for free market principles, fight for opportunity, fight for the Constitution. That’s how we win.”

With Cruz’s statement in mind, try and remember the last time that John Boehner exhibited any courage or leadership in fighting for anything or fighting against any of Obama’s unconstitutional actions. You can scratch your head until you draw blood and in the end, you’ll come up questioning why he’s in a leadership position at all, much less second in line for the presidency.

The same thing can be said for Mitch McConnell. It’s not so much that McConnell and Boehner are inept when it comes to fighting for free market principles and the Constitution; it’s that they just don’t care.

Paula Bolyard had an appropriate description of what Cruz is trying to do in an article in the PJ Tatler: “Cruz continues to pull back the curtain to expose how the rancid political sausage is made in Washington and he’s making a lot of people in the professional political class squirm like cockroaches under a flashlight. Yet they continue to scurry around, conducting business as usual as if they’re still working under the cover of darkness — as if there’s no YouTube, no C-SPAN, and no Open Secrets. It’s a system built on the assumption that the American people are ignorant and uninformed about how their government works.

When people like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and others try to expose the corruption and dysfunction, the establishment roaches screech and writhe and run from the light.”

I wonder: did Jonathon Gruber learn about the ignorance of the American public from congressional leaders, or did they learn it from him? It must be common knowledge since apparently everyone associated with our federal government thinks that the American people are stupid. And if we allow them to continue to treat us as if we are stupid, then they’re right, we are.

It’s only been a little over a month since the country’s voters gave Republicans a ringing mandate to go after Obama’s amnesty and Obamacare. The country doesn’t want either, but they’re especially against his immigration amnesty that will benefit 5 million or more illegal alien lawbreakers.  Yet when Cruz gave Republican senators an opportunity to reject Obama’s immigration amnesty, 20 Republican senators showed their true colors and voted to fund all of the federal government through the fiscal year-end, essentially approving the amnesty.

Instead of drafting a stopgap spending bill to fund the government until the Republicans take over the Senate in January, the 20 turncoats voted to give Obama his full fiscal year funding (except for the Department of Homeland Security whose funding runs out in February of 2015).

Would you like to guess which 20 Republican Senators voted to reject Cruz’s point of order, reject the Constitution, and give the go-ahead to Obama’s amnesty?

They’re the “usual suspects,” you’ll immediately recognize the names of most of them. They’re the RINOs, the establishment whores who will do anything to maintain the status quo. They’re the ones we need to replace; all of them.

Here they are: Lamar Alexander (Tenn.), Kelly Ayotte (N.H.), John Barrasso (Wyo.), Dan Coats (Ind.), Thad Cochran (Miss.), Susan Collins (Me.), Bob Corker (Tenn.), John Cornyn (Texas), Mike Enzi (Wyo.), Jeff Flake (Ariz.), Lindsey Graham (S.C.), Orrin Hatch (Utah), Dean Heller (Nev.), Ron Johnson (Wisc.), Mark Kirk (Ill.), John McCain (Ariz.), Mitch McConnell (Ky.), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Pat Toomey (Penn.), and Roger Wicker (Miss.).

The reason that they’re all upset with Cruz is that they didn’t want that vote, they didn’t want to go on the record as approving Obama’s amnesty, but by forcing the vote, Cruz exposed the establishment roaches to sunlight and just before they scattered, they were forced go on the record. Let’s see how they justify their vote now.

When Ted takes a principled stand like this one, as well as his 21 hour filibuster in an attempt to derail Obamacare, some have called him childish, idiotic, or insane. A lot of flak has been hurled his way and much of it has come from other Republicans. But most of the Republican condemnation has come from establishment RINOs, not from the conservative base.

In fact, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have led the assault on the instruments of Obama’s agenda to change the United States into a Europe-lite nation. He is fighting against the very things that conservatives want demolished. He is doing exactly what (speaking for myself) I want him to do.

Conservatives want an honest president (for a change), one who tells it as it is even the truth might be distasteful. We want a president who genuinely loves America and cherishes our Constitution and free market system. One who appreciates our friends and worries our enemies. One who has exhibited his courage in the face of censure from those who prefer the status quo.

We want a president who will protect our borders and who will maintain our military strength, who will work with Congress to enact laws to maintain our energy independence and create domestic jobs.

And, as much as anything else, we want a president who will roll back much of what Barack Obama has done to diminish the United States at home and abroad.

Can Ted Cruz do these things? I think he can.

Will Ted Cruz do these things? Given the chance, I think he will.

So how can it be made to happen?

Here’s what John Hinderaker had to say on his Powerline blog that I find interesting: “Polling data suggest that there are more conservatives in the U.S. than there are Republicans. There certainly are plenty of conservatives to put a Republican presidential candidate over the top. But they need a strong candidate to rally behind.”

He is absolutely right of course – the problem is that conservatives need to: 1) winnow down the field to a single viable conservative candidate and, 2) get behind that candidate 100%.

That’s much easier said than done.

Every presidential election we hear the same meme: “we’ve got to win the independents.” And this usually is interpreted to mean that a conservative can’t run as a conservative, he or she must move to the left to appeal to the so-called middle-of-the-road independents. He or she must water down conservative principles in order to appeal to independents.

However, here are some interesting facts: the candidate who won independents lost the popular vote in three of the past four presidential elections.

So, turnout is more important than winning independents and that is also borne out by recent midterm elections, where Republicans made big gains in large part because conservative voters turned out, and liberal voters did not.

Call me naive, but I believe that the traits most important to conservatives are also important to most Americans.

Traits like honesty and courage, character and integrity, a leader with proven intelligence, a leader who can communicate his or her ideas and concepts to the people and the people can accept his words, confident that they are true.

And most of all, we want a leader who will govern according to our Constitution and honor our Bill of Rights.

The American people deserve better than a proven liar in the White House.


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13 Responses to Ted Cruz disrupts “business as usual” in Washington

  1. tiretramp says:

    Thank GOD,we the people still have a few people like Cruz as our representatives.
    NEED 500 more.

  2. captbogus2 says:

    I’m sorry Krauthammer used the euphemism, “…how the game is played.”
    It’s time enlightened folks quit thinking that running the country is a FRIKKIN’ game!
    We need all the true conservatives to form their own caucus inside the GOP, and stand firm. Yeah, yeah. TEA Party aside.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Hallelujah! You’re preaching to the choir, capt! It rankles me when the term “game” is used too – it’s NOT a game, it’s as serious as a freakin’ heart attack! And what you propose is exactly what we must do to fight the establishment RINOs and return the country to a Constitutional Republic.

      It’s a damn shame that not only do we have to overcome the democrats, but we’ve got to fight the establishment Boehners and McConnells of the party too.

    • upaces88 says:

      Once they are elected, they get soooo tied up AND distracted in making the rules “they want”….regulations, deals on the side… they will make huge amounts of $ on as well as putting them in the “power play positions” while in office and when they retire wealthier than they were before they got into office!


  3. Kathy says:

    Cruz is the real deal – genuine and principled, two qualities the others could sorely use. I’m so sick of Cornyn and his go-along politics I could scream. He and those other 19 guys need to go away and take Boehner with them.

    • Garnet92 says:

      As proud as I am for Cruz being a Senator from Texas, I am equally ashamed that John Cornyn also “represents” us. He needs to go. I voted against him during the last election but was overcome by name recognition and low-info types who reelected him. He’s gonna be there for a while now, sad to say.

  4. CW says:

    As nice as it was to see Republicans prevail in the last election the fact is that this was also a victory for establishment republicans like Boehner and McConnell who have been emboldened since they’ve successfully pushed back against the Tea Party, so Ted Cruz is fighting a harder battle than ever before.

    John Hinderaker said: ”Polling data suggest that there are more conservatives in the U.S. than there are Republicans.”

    I suppose he’s talking about Independents but I don’t believe the polls. Lots of people out there call themselves “conservative” but they’re not conservative by my definition. Heck, politicians like John Boehner, Lindsey Graham and John McCain call themselves “conservatives,” which demonstrates how badly the label has been hijacked. And the last poll I saw for republican presidential hopefuls had Jeb Bush in the lead. That pretty much says it all. I agree with your assessment of what’s needed in this country, Garnet, but I have zero hope that we’ll get it.

  5. Hardnox says:

    Good post.

    Our country would do well with Cruz at the helm. Too bad he would rock the boat too hard. I admire Cruz very much. He understands the Constitution and thus he understands what our rights are. Americans would do well to send him to the WH.

    Reagan was a boat rocker too. Who knows, maybe Cruz might get that chance. Not likely since the media will pull every dirty trick to vilify him for the consumption of the sheep and the LIVs.