ISIS Attempted to Overrun Ein al-Asad Base


From RT & Daily Mail:

American forces were involved in their first ground battle with Islamic State fighters, according to Kurdish media outlet Shafaq News, near the Ain Al-Assad base in the Anbar province of Iraq early Sunday. The report could not be independently verified.

US forces allegedly came to the aid of tribal fighters and the Iraqi Army battling Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL) militants in the Al-Dolab area, 10 km (6.2 miles) from the Ein Al-Assad base, which is about 90 km (56 miles) west of Anbar’s capital, Ramadi.

ISIS militants (pictured) failed to overrun the large military base in western Iraq after US troops stationed at the base assisted the Iraqi Army to repel the extremists' attack

ISIS militants failed to overrun the large military base in western Iraq and appear to have recently returned from looting shoe stores in Ferguson, Missouri.

“US forces intervened because ISIS started to come near the base, which they are stationed in so out of self-defense, they responded,” said Sheikh Mahmud Nimrawi, a tribal leader in the area, according to Shafaq. The base hosts about 100 US military advisers, the report claimed.

An Iraqi Army field commander in Anbar said that “the US force equipped with light and medium weapons, supported by fighter force model F-18” was able to hit Islamic State targets, forcing them to retreat from Al-Dolab.

The clash with Islamic forces lasted for more than two hours, as American jets also hit several Islamic State fighters, according to Colonel Salam Nazim.

“We have made progress in Al-Dolab area, in which ISIS has withdrawn from to the villages beyond, after the battles which involved a private American force” that surprised Islamic State fighters, tribal leader Sheikh Mahmud Nimrawi said.

The American forces returned to Ein Al-Assad base after the mission, according to Nimrawi, who added that the “US promised to provide tribal fighters who are in that region exclusively with weapons.”

The Pentagon has not released information on any American involvement in ground fighting with Islamic State.

Since announcing US-led-coalition airstrikes against Islamic State in August, US President Barack Obama has repeatedly stated that he would not commit troops to another ground war in Iraq. Yet the Pentagon’s top brass have since said that the option remains on the table.

Ein al-Asad military airbase is located north-west of Baghdad (illustrated) and is a strategically important site for the Iraqi Army

Meanwhile, Iraqi Kurdish forces began Wednesday an operation to retake Sinjar, in northwestern Iraq, after US-led coalition airstrikes targeted Islamic State positions overnight, Kurdish security officials said, according to Reuters.

“At 8:00 this morning the ground offensive began to liberate Sinjar town,” said one official in the region’s Security Council, adding that coalition jets hit the area beforehand.

“There’s evidence that a lot of IS fighters abandoned their weapons and fled the area.”

Should the offensive prove successful, it could open a path to Sinjar mountain, where hundreds of Yazidis – an ethnic Kurdish minority – have been trapped by Islamic State since August.

Upon authorizing airstrikes in August, Obama said the action was necessary to protect American personnel and to offer humanitarian aid to the besieged Yazidis.

Kurdish forces have regained much ground lost to Islamic State in northern Iraq since the summer, according to Reuters.


Forcing them to retreat is better than nothing, but it would have been much better if many had been annihilated. The savages kill children, rape and kill women, behead Americans and burn Christians alive, only to turn and run when met with real soldiers. They don’t deserve to live, even in retreat.

Yet, back stateside, the very people who seek information from these and other terrorists are attacked by our own Senate for torturing the same kind of barbarians.

We’re expected to fight these monsters without boots on the ground and without procuring information. Impossible.


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5 Responses to ISIS Attempted to Overrun Ein al-Asad Base

  1. tiretramp says:

    What? No boots on the Ground,Zero’s famous words.

    Maybe they had Air NIKE Combat Boots, you know the ones that don’t touch the ground.::}}


  2. vonmesser says:

    There is a presidential memo re-defining boots as shoes, so there are “shoes on the ground” but no “boots on the ground”

  3. Hardnox says:

    Good for our guys. Thank God 100 could stop thousands. This chickeshit posturing by King Putt is absurd. Just wipe the troglodytes out and be done with them. Of course this is what a real president would do.