Pro 2A McSally Wins Giffords’ Seat

From Breitbart:

On December 17, pro-Second Amendment candidate Martha McSally (R) was officially declared the winner in the race for Arizona’s second congressional district over pro-gun control Representative Ron Barber (D-AZ-2.)

Arizona’s second district is gun control proponent Gabby Giffords’ former seat and the contest she campaigned hardest for during the months prior to the November 4 mid-term elections.

According to Roll Call, McSally won the election by “167 votes.” Barber released a statement congratulating her and “wishing her well in serving southern Arizonans.”

Breibart News previously reported that Barber was trying to get re-elected on a gun control platform, while McSally was running as a pro-Second Amendment candidate. On September 20, Breitbart News reported that Giffords ads against McSally were filled with such vitriol that The Arizona Republic described them as “base and vile,” and said Giffords was harming Barber and her own image more than she was hurting McSally.

McSally’s win gives the GOP a historic majority in the House.


Giffords seems to have been as a big a nuisance to the Dems as O has been for them. She and her space cadet husband have been in people’s faces for the past 2 years with their pro gun-control agenda, so that makes this win especially sweet.

Not that the House will put it to good use as long as RINO Boehner is in charge, but it’s still a victory for the Second Amendment.


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5 Responses to Pro 2A McSally Wins Giffords’ Seat

  1. tannngl says:

    I hadn’t read that yet, Kathy. Thanks! What good news! And against the Giffords! I didn’t think anyone could win against them.
    God bless America!

  2. CW says:

    What happened to Giffords was terrible but what’s worse is the leftists who have taken advantage of her mental impairment and used her to advance this cause.

    I’m glad McSally won.

  3. upaces88 says:

    After being shot, Gifford still doesn’t get it. She FEARS ALL guns.
    Has she ever had an auto accident? If she did, would she try to outlaw all cars?
    OR, if someone, by accident, someone hammers her hand while holding a nail secure…is she going to outlaw hammers?

    No! I am not being silly. This IS her mind set!

  4. Terry says:

    Here is one of the tear-jerker anti-McSally & anti-gun ads that ran.

    To me, it just proves how important it is for women to HAVE a weapon handy.
    But then, I have a brain.