Gov Rick Perry Slams Obama on Border Security


Washington Free Beacon:

Fox News correspondent Brett Baier traveled to Texas to follow Gov. Rick Perry (R., Texas) as he reviewed border security amid a wave of illegal immigrants entering the United States.

Baier joined Perry on a helicopter flight overlooking the Rio Grande, and spotted two men trying to swim across the river during that flight.

“So when you hear the president saying the border is secure?” Baier asked.

“I have no idea what he’s talking about,” Perry said. “He must have a totally different understanding of what a secure border is than I do.

“The numbers that we look at, I’m not satisfied that 1,700 apprehensions a week is security. And that’s down from 10,000-plus a week. We have made great progress, but the border is not secure yet.”


Governor Perry was being too kind to O when he said he had a different understanding, because he has no idea what a secure border is, nor does he care.

It’s interesting that so many from Washington and from news outlets have come to see for themselves, but O can’t make the time to pay us a personal visit.

Everyone sees this as a problem except our president who is building houses for them.


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5 Responses to Gov Rick Perry Slams Obama on Border Security

  1. tannngl says:

    Our president simply lies.
    Or just says what he’s told to say.
    Either way, the country is in horrible jeopardy

  2. CW says:

    Any illusions that Obama is acting on the same motivations that normal Americans act on is just that – an illusion. Everything he does only serves him.

  3. Rich B says:

    Those aren’t wetbacks swimming across the Rio Grand. They’re future democrats better known as votes.

    Where’s a hungry alligator when you need one?