What’s Killing the People of the World?

Came across this interesting set of charts the other day. It’s a map of death by disease of the most common killer diseases.

World Map

TB – AIDS – Diarrhea – Malaria lead the world.

In the US, death causes are:
Heart disease
Cancer (all combined)
Chronic lower respiratory disease
Alzheimer’s disease
Influenza and pneumonia
Kidney disease

So, it appears that we don’t have to worry (too much) about going away due to the simple stuff.  However it appears our friends in Islamo-land are having too much of the wrong kind of sex, or eating way too much of the wrong kind of food.  Whichever, maybe going in and out the wrong end appears dangerous to me.

Middle East



Central America & the Caribbean

South America




*A note from GlobalPost on how these maps are set up: The numbers in black boxes show how many thousands of people died from the dominant infectious disease in that country in 2012. Keep in mind that these are absolute numbers, so they’re not scaled to account for a country’s population. (You can find population numbers here.) They also don’t convey the total number of deaths from all infectious diseases in each country, just the number of deaths from the deadliest disease. You’ll also notice that many countries in the maps are grayed out (like the USA). That indicates the deadliest infectious disease wasn’t among the ones monitored by the WHO.

~ vonMesser

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Retired from the US Navy (21 years) and state (20 years). Recently remarried after being widowed for 5 years. 2 daughters, and a step-daughter, all functioning adults). Graduated from college after the Navy with BA in Education, psychology, Economics, History and Political Science. Teach Hunter Safety for Washington (since 1991) and do historical reenactments for Civil War, WW-1and WW-2.
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7 Responses to What’s Killing the People of the World?

  1. tiretramp says:

    When DDT was in use, Millions were saved from Malaria. Stopped DDT and millions are still dying and suffering the horrible side affects, but birds were saved.


  2. Kathy says:

    Interesting stuff, VM, and Skip makes a good point. You’d think they’d reinstate the use of DDT after seeing those numbers.

    Interesting too that we sent troops to fight Ebola, yet it’s not a speck on the map, while AIDS is rampant and we’re not fighting it. Some things just can’t be stopped, eh? Man doesn’t see that he’s his own worst enemy.

  3. Hardnox says:

    Good post. It appears that Ebola was no big deal when compared to the others.

  4. Blessed B. says:

    DUH me! Here I thought it was the STUPID virus and the deadly PC virus that was killing millions around the world, right along with Cranial Rectumitis!

    Nope…Malaria, Aids, TB and Diarrhea…..