Cavuto: Illegals Attending E.O. Workshops

We’re living in the Twilight Zone.

First it’s 5 million illegals.  Now it’s 20 million.  In the end it will be 50+ million.  Bet on it.

The left is bent on the planned destruction of this country whereas laws that they don’t like or feel unjust will be simply ignored.

~ Hardnox

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Constitutional Conservative that Lefties love to hate.
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3 Responses to Cavuto: Illegals Attending E.O. Workshops

  1. Terry says:

    E.O. = Everything Obama, Eventually Overrun, Evil One, Escalating Oblivion .

    How much are we going to take ?

  2. Kathy says:

    From the onset, we knew it would include all of them, because there’s no way to differentiate between one who’s been here 5 years and one who’s been here 5 minutes.

    Like all things spewed from O’s mouth, this is butt-deep in lies too. He says one (unconstitutional) thing and that’s just the beginning of the avalanche. He said we could keep our doctor, remember?

  3. tannngl says:

    This is just lovely.
    I’ve got to go now.
    *runs screaming from the room*