Global Warming Lunacy For Dec 14 2014

What to do with these morons? I have done a few posts lambasting George Monbiot, environmentalist writer for the U.K. Guardian, for his totally off the wall views.

He’s back, this time telling us SHIT will “save the planet”. Enjoy. From Michael Bastasch at The Daily


Claim: Use Whale Poo To Fight Global Warming

Environmentalist writer George Monbiot wrote in his blog for The Guardian that whale poop could help reverse global warming.

“Not only does nutrient-rich whale poo help reverse the effects of climate change – it’s a remarkable example that nothing in the natural world occurs in isolation,” Monbiot writes.

Monbiot’s article talks about how whale poo can be used as a tool to fight global temperature rises, but the real point of his post is to demonstrate “the remarkable connectivity, on this small and spherical planet, of living processes.” Monbiot even contends that whale recovery efforts could be “seen as a benign form of geoengineering.”

His ultimate point is that “[n]othing human beings do, and nothing that takes place in the natural world, occurs in isolation.” The natural world is so interconnected, according to Monbiot, that human interference can ultimately affect the climate in more ways than imaginable. Whale poo is just one example.

“Studies in the 1970s proposed that the great reduction in the large whales of the southern oceans would lead to an increase in the population of krill, their major prey,” wrote Monbiot. “It never materialised. Instead there has been a long-term decline. How could that be true? It now turns out that whales maintain the populations of their prey.”

Whales “often feed at depth, but they seldom defecate there,” according to Monbiot, “So they perform their ablutions when they come up to breathe. What they are doing, in other words, is transporting nutrients from the depths, including waters too dark for photosynthesis to occur, into the photic zone, where plants can live.”

Basically, these whale “poonamis” (as Monbiot calls them) fertilize plant plankton, which krill and fish depend on for food. Monbiot says recent research has supported this argument. One study found that plankton fertilized with pygmy blue whale poo had greater productivity, the richer the mix of fecal matter.

“The volume of plant plankton has declined across much of the world over the past century, probably as a result of rising global temperatures,” Monbiot wrote. “But the decline appears to have been been steepest where whales and seals have been most heavily hunted. The fishermen who have insisted that predators such as seals should be killed might have been reducing, not enhancing, their catch.”

“But it doesn’t end there,” Monbiot continued. “Plant plankton, when they die, slowly descend into the abyss, taking with them the carbon they have absorbed from the atmosphere. It is hard to quantify, but when they were at their historical populations, whales are likely to have made a small but significant contribution to the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.”


ALLRIGHTY then. Whale shit to save the day. Who knew Kool-Aid could be so toxic ?

There actually ARE studies to the effect of what Moonbiot is talking about, BUT, it seems to me the authors of the study were NOT looking for a global warming connection, rather looking to blame some kind of fish decline on…wait for it…. mankind.

Here are some links to this “research” :  Here is another :

I have got to tell you, these Klimate Klowns are literally lower than whale shit in their quest to curtail our ways of life. The oceans, as we ALL know, well, except maybe for moronic leftists, are VAST, and the whales’ range is ENORMOUS.

How the hell these people can say their estimates and “models” can be ANYWHERE close to accurate defies belief.

First off, the whale shit, or feces, if you prefer, is mostly LIQUID, which will RAPIDLY dilute in the waters of the oceans, then there’s the little problem of wave, tide and current actions which would further distribute the environmentalist brains around the vast seas. How the shit could stay around long enough to “fertilize” anything is beyond me. These “scientists” are working in a VERY limited range of the ocean. I see NOWHERE in their papers THAT little item.

To me, this article just reinforces my notion that a LOT of these “Klimate Klowns” such as Monbiot has shit for brains.


CLYDE. NOW I know what environmentalist “writers” have for brains. Always GOOD to learn new things.

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9 Responses to Global Warming Lunacy For Dec 14 2014

  1. Hardnox says:

    LMAO. 🙂

    The sheer insanity of the left is beyond description or comprehension.

    Shit for brains… indeed.

    Thanks for the morning laughs.

  2. Kathy says:

    Soooo…it’s come to this? Whale poo? And nothing happens in isolation? We’ve only known that for freaking ever.

    I must be having a reading comprehension problem this morning…I kept reading his name as Moonbot.

    • Clyde says:

      Nah, your comprehension is just fine. Can you believe it ? This is more proof liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • Blessed B. says:

      LOL! I thought I was the only one reading his name a moonbat! Glad it’s not my eyes that need to be fixed or my reading comprehension that needs help!

  3. tannngl says:

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. No more to be said.
    Except, WHAT A BUNCH OF WHALING MOONBATS!!!!! I mean wailing moon bats.

  4. upaces88 says:

    I usually don’t blog on articles about “Global Warming.”
    This one? This one takes the cake on total stupidity.

    Someone out there is sure making a lot of $$ off of the Global Warming crap!

  5. Blessed B. says:

    I couldn’t help but to start guffawing over this article! The sad part is they are fekkin’ serious!

    So..let’s get this straight…. whale poo is good but cow Poo isn’t? Both grow food…. one for the whales and one for us and other earth animals.

    Exactly who or what are they more interested in saving? Whales or the rest of the land creatures?

    I think they better put down the Bong and seek help for their addiction to stupidity!

    Beam me up Scotty!! There’s no intelligent life here.