America Needs a Patriotic President

From Canada Free Press

What America needs most is a Patriotic President, a president who puts love of country well above love of self.

America needs a president who, even before coming forward, has already shoved his ego into his back pocket;  one wise enough to ignore the pandering of the moment and one whose head is never turned by Mae West type publicity.

America needs a president who won’t try to hog the limelight with “I-sang-to-Chelsea” folklore when needing to steal attention from other celebrities like the Duchess of Cambridge, but one who will belt out the American anthem at the top of his/her lungs every chance they get.

It’s not lullabies to Chelsea but God Bless America that needs public airing.

The president who can turn an upside-down America right side up again is one who knows that ‘bipartisanship’ is only an imaginary tool, pulled out of the bottom of the trick bag,  by truth-ducking career politicians like Senator John McCain.

Go to the lavish lounges of any political chamber,  at any level of government, and see for yourself how the same politicians you saw on last night’s news hurling insults at each other,  are now glad-handing and back-slapping each other in absolute glee.

In public, politicians of all stripes make like they hate each other.  In private, politicians work in concert making deals that keep their nests well feathered.

Real leadership being more necessary than celebrity cult to return America back to a stable state, calls for a leader who will blow raspberries at blowhard protesters like Occupy Wall Street (OWS) ones who need someone to run their cafe lattés to them between sore throat chants.

Fellas and gals out protesting need their coffee breaks when doing “die-ins” in front of public buildings.

America needs the kind of firm leadership which will send scurrying like White House rats, the followers of a crazed,  sore-infested, living on the avails of their parents and rich friends, Marxist malcontent like Karl Marx,  whose brain was in worse shape than his boil-studded body.

New blood is needed in Washington to rid the White House of the still-living-in-the-1960s unelected czars that form the wavery ‘O’ in Obama’s over-exposed logo.  It’s time for the czars to be shifted from the White House to institutions for the aged where they can listen to recorded Obama and Jonathan Gruber speeches—hopefully in another country.

America needs a serious Commander in Chief who puts the comfort of war veterans ahead of that of Hollywood stars, who, like millions of others in the world, pays sincere respect to a military who made a peaceful life in the West possible;  a Commander in Chief who doesn’t cut and run from every threat from a group he exaggeratedly claims that he already rid the world of.

Even with the Karl Roves pushing yet another Bush on America, and the Dems harboring another Clinton, the presidency of the United States does not belong to either the Republican or Democrat Party.  It belongs, lock, stock and barrel to We the People.

Does a turnaround America need Dr. Ben Carsons as its next president?


The last thing being discussed about Ben Carson is his colour.  And that’s as it should be.

Carson is a giver not a taker.  He doesn’t just talk about the need to support underprivileged school children, he sets up ongoing bursaries for them.

The difference between a Barack Obama and a Ben Carson couldn’t possibly be more stark.  Obama feeds class warfare, fuels racial unrest and rails about growing up in America in a single parent home,  without ever bothering to thank an America that bestowed upon him a life of privilege.  Carson was goaded on to success by a mother whose motto is:  “Do your best and God will do the rest”.  In his poverty-challenged youth, with a mother who steadfastly refused victim status, Carson was reading books, not writing them.

Ben Carson personifies American exceptionalism.  Admiration for him is international because even with all odds stacked against him, Carson went on to turn poverty into celebrated success.

Does America need Mrs. Sonya Carson’s little boy, Benjamin Carson, as president?

If not him, then someone just like him!


I’m not sure if Ben Carson is tough enough to do the job. I’m thinking more Trey Gowdy for president. He doesn’t back off and play nicey-nice. Perhaps Ben would make a fine vice president. At least he has a brain in his skull which actually works. It would be a gigantic step up from Bite-me Biden that we have had to endure for eight years!

~Blessed B~

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12 Responses to America Needs a Patriotic President

  1. Foreston says:

    I don’t believe we have a shortage of Patriots and Dr. Carson is right up there with the best. Condi Rice and others who have served for love of country should not be dismissed. As we have seen it is a very tough political arena and political experience would serve a candidate well.

    • Blessed B. says:


      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Hope to see you around here often!

      I think there are many patriots also. The question though is…. how many will be tough enough to get through the election to the WH.

      Looking back on how the GOP has been picking the wimpiest of candidates to vote for during an election…. well, let’s just say the candidate is going to have to win many people over to their side……

      If Hitlery is selected as the Dems choice, the choice for the Repubs. needs to be very tough. Not giving an inch of territory to her!

  2. tiretramp says:

    Condi Rice for VP and Trey Gowdy for President. They would be a GOP and Democrat ASS kicking team FOR WE THE PEOPLE.


  3. Kathy says:

    This piece is accurate in the description of the kind of leader we need, but I’m not sure Ben Carson is the man for the job, although he could be the Reagan-like surprise that’s perfect for us.

    Are we coming to a point now where it will take a black man to fix this divide O’s created or can a white man do it? It shouldn’t but will color even matter?

    • Blessed B. says:

      I’m with you there on that thought…. I’m not sure if he’s tough enough for the job that will be handed to the next President. All the clean up of all the mess and division that has been perpetrated between groups of Americans…..

      A white man or woman could do it…..perhaps it would be better if the next President was white? Color will probably matter but it really shouldn’t…. The two bottom Presidents have been one of each…..

  4. Clyde says:

    Good post. What with the current crop of cretins on BOTH sides, it will be difficult to find that “right” person to attempt to fix what “hopey mc changey” has destroyed.

    • Blessed B. says:

      I agree! There will never be a perfect one…. but hopefully the one chosen will have a minimum of flaws, Loves America and will follow the Constitution.

  5. vonMesser says:

    Carson is good. But I don’t think he would make a good president. I’d much rather see him as Surgeon General or as Secretary of Health.

  6. CW says:

    I’m with you, BB. Gowdy is the type of man we need. Ben Carson is a decent man but I sense from listening to him that he suffers from that flaw that too many otherwise decent republicans do: he accepts socialism. Once someone accepts socialism they don’t see themselves as warriors against it but as managers just trying to soften the blow and make as many people happy as possible.

    • Blessed B. says:

      I agree CW! They don’t want to upset anyone and they start to appease. That’s what has led to this mess that we are witnessing now! Trying to make everyone happy just doesn’t work!

      There’s a time for diplomacy and a time to throw it in the fire and come out fighting. Does Carson have that fire in the belly that will be needed? Hmmmm…. I’m not confident that he does. Well have to see…..

      Gowdy though on the other hand has shown that he really doesn’t care if everyone likes him….. he’s after the truth and if that causes some feathers to get ruffled, then so be it!