” OOPS, Our Bad”. It Is Going To SUCK To Be Greenpeace.

During the climate change lunacy COP20 going on in Lima, Peru, that “GUARDIAN OF THE PLANET”, Greenpeace, stepped in a HUGE pile of llama shit.

My fondest wish is the Peruvian government does charge the “Rainbow Criminals” with malicious destruction. If THEY don’t, the GODS certainly WILL. Story from Michael Bastasch at The Daily Caller.com


Peru Pursues Criminal Charges Against Greenpeace For Desecrating Sacred Sites.

Greenpeace VANDALIZING ancient relics. I wonder if these stupid shits would get away with desecrating Mecca ?

May the Gods let MORE of this happen. Bastards.

Greenpeace’s environmental activism has gotten them into trouble once again — this time from the Peruvian government for desecrating a world heritage site considered sacred to the people of Peru.

Peruvian officials have condemned Greenpeace for displaying anti-fossil fuel banners at sacred sites around the country, including the Machu Picchu and the sacred Nazca lines. But what Greenpeace thought would be a way to sound the alarm on global warming while United Nations delegates meet in Lima has only angered Peruvians.

“It’s a true slap in the face at everything Peruvians consider sacred,” exclaimed Peru’s Deputy Culture Minister Luis Jaime Castillo.

Peruvian officials said they would pursue criminal charges against the group, preventing activists from leaving the country while prosecutors “file charges of attacking archaeological monuments, a crime punishable by up to six years in prison,” The Guardian reports.

The Nazca lines are ancient geoglyphs depicting hundreds of figures from monkeys to spiders to lizards in southern Peru. Nazca has been declared a world heritage site by Unesco and Peruvians consider the lines to be a sacred site.

Greenpeace activists unfurled giant banners next to one of Nazca’s massive geoglyphs saying “Time For Change! The Future Is Renewable.” Officials say Greenpeace activists damaged the historical site with their banners. Needless to say, Peruvians were not pleased.

“This has been done without any respect for our laws. It was done in the middle of the night. They went ahead and stepped on our hummingbird, and looking at the pictures we can see there’s very severe damage,” said Castillo. “Nobody can go on these lines without permission — not even the president of Peru!”

That’s not all. Greenpeace activists were also criticized for projecting a sign saying “Act For The Climate! Go Solar!” over Machu Picchu, the ancient stronghold of the Incan empire. The ancient city is also a Unesco world heritage site and carries a deep historical significance for Peruvians.

“No it’s wrong, you cannot use Machu Picchu for that kind of thing,” a Peruvian woman told the free-market group CFACT in a video interview.

“They don’t respect what our ancestors left us,” echoed another Peruvian woman. “These ruins were left to us by our Incan ancestors and they should respect that.”

Greenpeace has apologized for their actions, but Peruvian officials don’t seem to be accepting the apologies.

“We took every care we could to try and avoid any damage. We have 40 years of experience of doing peaceful protests,” Greenpeace spokesman Kyle Ash told The Guardian. “The surprise to us was that this resulted in some kind of moral offense. We definitely regret that and we want to figure out a way to resolve it. We are very remorseful for any offense that we’ve caused and we’re very remorseful for that.”

“Disrespecting humanity’s cultural heritage — I don’t think that’s the message this summit or Greenpeace is trying to spread to the world! Most of us in the cultural sector agree with the message. But the means don’t justify the ends,” Castillo countered.

Greenpeace is currently working with the Peruvian government to right any wrongs and said it takes “full responsibility” for any damage done to the historical sites. But critics are saying that irreparable damage has already been done to the sites.

“It’s not a matter of money. The destruction is irreparable,” Ana Maria Cogorno, president of the Maria Reiche Association, told the Guardian.

Greenpeace’s publicity stunt was done while UN delegates met in Lima to further discuss a successor treaty to the Kyoto Protocol. Already the conference looks as if delegates will once again walk away without making any real progress, according to observers.


I’ve always believed Greenpeace was NOTHING about “green”, except money, and CERTAINLY not about “peace”. How many times have we read about the assholes targeting LEGAL fishing in the oceans, or disrupting MAJOR projects with their juvenile “protests” ?  I KNOW for sure if I had been the captain of a whaling vessel working LEGALLY, I would have sent the “Rainbow Warrior”, and ALL aboard to Davy Jones Locker.

This time, the assholes have REALLY done it. Desecrating ANCIENT sites is a HUGE no-no, especially in a region where they take these relics VERY seriously. I have watched several documentaries on the Nazca Lines, what a unique and strangely beautiful sight. For Greenpeace’s asshats to go tromping around in there and damaging objects that MAY NOT be repairable is beyond the pale. Not to mention just how STUPID these walking assmunches REALLY are. What, they didn’t KNOW where they were AT ?

Let us hope the Peruvians prosecute these bastards to the FULLEST extent of the law. AND, maybe find some of the “ancient” people there who were rumored to do human sacrifices to the Gods. Let THEM punish the moonbats. Greenpeace’s assholes have ALREADY worn out their welcome in India, and several other nations, I got a hunch Peru MAY be the next one.

After all, it is NOT GOOD to piss off the Gods. Nor screw with their “handiwork”.


CLYDE. Thinking it is too bad desecrating relics is not a capital offense.

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12 Responses to ” OOPS, Our Bad”. It Is Going To SUCK To Be Greenpeace.

  1. Saltwater says:

    Vandalizing ancient geoglyphs on the Nazcza plateau in their childish political stunt was not enough for the turd burglars of Greenpeace. They just had to pick the most pristine and valued image for desecration.
    As noted in the referenced article at The Guardian:

    “It’s not a matter of money. The destruction is irreparable,” Ana Maria Cogorno, President of the Maria Reiche Association named after the German archaeologist whose groundbreaking research on the Nazca Lines from 1940 onwards saw them gain recognition and protection, told the Guardian.
    The hummingbird etching on which the Greenpeace stunt was laid was the “only one of the lines which was completely untouched and perfectly conserved”, she said. “It’s one of the symbols of Peru,” she added.

    • Clyde says:

      Yep, Salty, some “concern and caring” on the part of Greenpeace. If there are any descendants left of the ancient Incas, things COULD get a bit dicey for the ecoloons. They did NOT screw around, and they DAMN sure would NOT let what the assholes did go unpunished. Thanks for checking in.

  2. Kathy says:

    They can’t be so stupid as to have not known about this. I don’t buy their BS apology. This looks like it was done on purpose with the intent to apologize afterward, then walk away laughing.

  3. CW says:

    It is sadly typical of leftists like the ones who run Greenpeace to be hypocritically callous towards the rights and property of others, because they are the only ones who matter. That’s just how children think.

    The Wikileaks founder didn’t like it when HIS own personal info was leaked and his privacy and safety were ignored. Protesters for the rights of Michael Brown didn’t care about the rights of the innocent business owners whose property they destroyed. Protesters in NY didn’t care about the rights of other citizens when they blocked traffic and refused to let people have the freedom to drive. It’s only THEIR rights that matter.

    I have to disagree with Kathy. I believe these people are so self-absorbed and live in such a bubble that it never occurred to them that the people of Peru might object to having their national treasures damaged and trampled on so that the Greenies could have their fun. They do the same thing when they gather at our national monuments and parks. That’s just how they are.

  4. Grouchy says:

    Great post, Clyde. I’m another one who watches the documentaries on the Peruvian sites, and reads all he can find on the Nazca Plateau.

    Greenpeace long ago left the principles upon which it was founded. Now, all it is, is organized thuggery. In my mind, and I’m not Buddhist, but in my mind, this is on a par with the islamic destruction of the Buddhist statuary in Afghanistan, and the desecration of the museums of Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood cretins.

    I would hope that all the Greenpeace activists that did this are jailed for the maximum allowed under Peruvian Law, and then placed in the general population of the prisons. Even criminals have a deep respect for their ancient culture~!

    Patrick Moore, one of the co-founders of Greenpeace, left the organization because of its unscientific extremism. A very good article on that is here:


    And that, Kind Sir, can be more “grist for your mill”.

  5. Rich B says:

    The nitwits of Greenpeace would probably leave graffiti spray painted on the Pyramids or the Sphinx just to make one of their worthless points. What’s next – blood on the Mona Lisa to protest the use of canvas?

    As far as the protesting of fossil fuels, I’m sure all the assholes of Greenpeace walked or jogged down to Peru instead of flying and driving. They’re no different than the muslim pukes who blew up the ancient Buddha a few years back.

    Just wishful thinking, but where’s a couple of hungry Peruvian Panthers or Jaguars when you need one?

    • Clyde says:

      Good comments, Rich B. You know damn well NONE of them walked there. Assholes are NOTHING more than hypocrites of the worst order. THEY fly around on some the OLDEST, most polluting jets that are still allowed to fly, their ships are a bunch of junk that SHOULD have been scrapped. Good point as well about the panthers and jaguars. I’d buy them Cokes to wash them down, and Rolaids after they devoured the moonbats.

  6. Hardnox says:

    Good post.

    With any luck these asshats will rot in a Peruvian prison for a long time. If we’re luckier, they’ll be room temperature sooner.