Obama’s Anti-Gun Pick for Surgeon General Resurfaces

From Greg Campbell at TPNN:

Mar. 26, 2012: Dr. Vivek Murthy stands among other bystanders during the first day of legal arguments over the Affordable Care Act outside the Supreme Court.Reuters

Mar. 26, 2012: Dr. Vivek Murthy stands among other bystanders during the first day of legal arguments over the Affordable Care Act outside the Supreme Court.Reuters

You may remember this guy from my post in March about the guy O wants for Surgeon General. He’s only 36 years old and is about as anti-gun/2A as anyone could be. Scuttlebutt says his appointment could be voted on during this lame duck session and with the simple majority ‘nuclear option’ that Harry Reid put in place, he could be the new gun Nazi for O.


For over a year, the United States has not had an official Surgeon General. While Democrats point the blame at Republicans for daring to not rubberstamp any and all of President Obama’s nominees, the fact is that in keeping with the typical policy decisions of the Obama Administration, the top choice for Surgeon General pushed by Democrats is the incredibly-radical Dr. Vivek Murthy, a man who threatens our civil liberties by asserting that gun ownership is a public health issue and should be treated as such.

Under the rules crafted by current Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid designed to stifle minority opinions, Murthy would only need a simple majority for his confirmation in the Senate. However, considering that the full weight of the NRA is against the doctor who views it as government’s responsibility to “cure” gun violence by tasking the healthcare community to get involved in the private affairs of gun owners, even Democrats should fear what their vote would spell-out to voters who, just weeks ago, sent a resounding message to Democrats and swung a whopping nine seats in the Senate back to Republicans.

In March, TPNN reported on Dr. Murthy’s prospective confirmation:

Dr. Vivek Hallegere Murthy is the president and co-founder of Doctors for America, a liberal group whose crusades for anti-Second Amendment measures are predicated on the erroneous notion that gun ownership is an issue between doctor and patient.
In a letter to Vice-President Joe Biden, Dr. Murthy clearly outlines his group’s proposals for helping curb gun violence. The first, a predictable one, is to eliminate what he calls “military-style guns and ammunition” from the private sector. He writes,
“Medications and medical devices are pulled from the market when their risks outweigh their benefits. So should we rethink the weapons that we allow on our streets.”
The letter also calls for strengthening government oversight on gun ownership, stating,
“Pharmacies track and limit the purchase of pseudoephedrine to prevent the manufacture of crystalline methamphetamine. Every state requires a driver’s license and car registration in order to drive, and physicians certify those who should no longer drive because they would be a grave danger to themselves and others. We should approach the purchase, transfer, and operation of guns and ammunition with similar rigor.”
Dr. Murthy’s group also wants doctors to play the role of nannies by eliminating the barrier between doctors and their patients with regards to gun ownership. The letter advocates:
– Prohibit laws preventing physicians from discussing gun safety with patients.
– Remove the provision in the Affordable Care Act and other federal policies that prohibit physicians from documenting gun ownership.
– Invest in improving access to mental health resources
The underlying assumption upon which Dr. Murthy’s laughable positions are based is that gun ownership is not a protected right, but a privilege that should be afforded to those who hunt (so long as the government says it’s okay.)
Like cigarettes and alcohol, the radical Surgeon General nominee seeks to make firearm ownership a personal and public health issue- the surest way to set the stage for gun control as a means of medical practices. But unlike cigarettes and alcohol, firearm ownership saves lives every day in America and, more importantly, firearm ownership is a guaranteed right afforded to citizens.
It’s simply perverse that a doctor would use his position as a respected medical professional to try and weasel his way between citizens and their Second Amendment rights.
It is equally inappropriate that our president would nominate for Surgeon General a doctor who engages in such political arm-twisting that masquerades as legitimate medicine.
This is the new face of gun control in America. While Democrats still cross their fingers and eagerly await the next horrific tragedy to gruesomely pounce on victims in a macabre attempt to enact federal gun control legislation, they are actively pursuing a parallel course to infringe upon our Second Amendment rights. 

I said then as I say now: the new face of gun control is a reframing of the discussion to make gun ownership a “public health issue” and, by extension, an issue controlled by government.


This is simply another end run from O’s regime to try and take away our 2A rights – one of his goals since his first day squatting in our White House. They’re already making it a mental issue and if they can get the rest of the medical community on board it gives them a bigger coalition to beat us down.

O and his cohorts are trying to make people see gun ownership as a health issue when it has little effect on people’s health (unless one is in the wrong place at the wrong time) when he just brought in thousands more illegal immigrants with unknown diseases and authorized Ebola patients to be flown here for treatment. To top it off he just unloaded the worst healthcare program on us to ever come down the pike. Guns can’t hold a candle to these concerns.

Instead of it being scuttlebutt, let’s hope the butts in DC scuttle this.


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6 Responses to Obama’s Anti-Gun Pick for Surgeon General Resurfaces

  1. Hardnox says:

    All part of the plan.

    I have zero hope that Congress will stop this appointment.

    • Kathy says:

      I’m still holding out a little hope since the Dems are running scared after the butt-whippin’ they just got, but you could be right.

      • upaces88 says:

        I just read an article that even Peliosi said they were being black-mailed.
        We have been saying for a long time that something evil is happening in D.C. for all of those people to go off the reservation like they have…
        EVEN FOR POLITICIANS…they were betraying everyone who voted them in.
        “Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.”

        Haile Selassie

        Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/h/haileselas540912.html#YxjVx2GMQ563HB3h.99

  2. CW says:

    Great points in your commentary, Kathy! If Obama were sincerely interested in the health issues facing Americans his decisions would reflect that and be quite different. As with every single thing he does this appointment is politically motivated to advance a certain agenda. Republicans should defund this office as soon as they are in power. Let the states keep their money and oversee their own health problems.

    • Kathy says:

      Everything they do is driven by an alternative agenda, as is the timing, I believe. The more they talk about healthcare, the less it’s really about healthcare. Hopefully, Congress gets this right – if for no other reason than his age.

      Was that age discrimination?? My bad.

  3. clyde says:

    The damned Senate, McConnell, or not, IS going to give the n _ _ _ _r everything he wants. ESPECIALLY if it harms the nation. Also painfully obvious, Murthy has NO CLUE about what the Constitution ACTUALLY says.