From The “BWAHAHAHAHA” File For Dec 8 2014

When doing a poll, one MUST be VERY careful to word it to get the result they WANT to see. Since the U-frigging-N can do NOTHING right, the results of this poll come as no surprise.

So, with that being said, what do YOU think will happen first ? The lamestream media reporting on it, or the U-frigging -N burying it like a cat turd in a litter box ? Story from Willis Eschenbach at

Climate Change … Who Cares?

I guess Ban-Ki-Moonbat hasn’t read his OWN POLL. But, you can bet the farm it’ll be disappeared by the time YOU read this.

Thanks to the blog of the irrepressible Hilary Ostrov, a long-time WUWT commenter, I found out about a poll gone either horribly wrong or totally predictably depending on your point of view. It’s a global poll done by the United Nations, with over six million responses from all over the planet, and guess what?

UN global poll

The revealed truth is that of the sixteen choices given to people regarding what they think are the important issues in their lives, climate change is dead last. Not only that, but in every sub-category, by age, by sex, by education, by country grouping, it’s right down at the bottom of the list. NOBODY thinks it’s important.

Now, people are always saying how the US is some kind of outlier in this regard, because polls in the US always put climate change down at the bottom, whereas polls in Europe generally rate it somewhat higher. But this is a global poll, with people chiming in from all over the planet. The top fifteen countries, in order of the number of people voting, were Mexico, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Philippines, Thailand, Cameroon, United States, Ghana, Rwanda, Brazil, Jordan, and Morocco … so this appears to be truly representative of the world, which is mostly non-industrialized nations.

So the next time someone tries to claim that climate change is “the most important challenge facing the world” … point them to the website of the study, and gently inform them that the rest of the world doesn’t buy that kind of alarmist hogwash for one minute. People are not as stupid as their leaders think, folks know what’s important and what’s trivial in their lives, and trying to control the climate is definitely in the latter group.

The poll will be open until 2015, so you can register your own priorities … Here is MY “priority” :

Making damn sure THIS becomes REALITY.


Time after time, we see MOST people, and as this poll bears out, no matter WHERE they live, simply DO NOT believe the U-frigging-N’s own IPCC and their DIRE warnings of doom and gloom, nor the Fraudacle, Michael Mann, James Hansen, nor any of the myriad climate clowns out there.

The U-frigging-N would be better off just shutting DOWN the damnable IPCC. Their OWN POLL proves NO ONE much gives a shit about climate change. Neither, in reality, does the U-frigging-N. All THEY care about is wealth distribution, from the U.S. Treasury, mainly. And, as much of THAT as THEY can get their filthy lunch hooks on.

Ban-Ki-Moonbat, NOW would be a GREAT time to pull the plug. Just think, NO global warming in over 18 YEARS now, think of the GLORY you and your merry band of dictatorial thieves could claim, just by U-frigging-N edict. YOU could claim YOU, and the damnable U-frigging-N stopped THE major scourge of our lifetime.

We ALL know that will NEVER happen. So long as the U-frigging-N, along with the rest of the Klimate Klowns , believe there is a buck to be scammed, or free peoples of the world to be put under the U-frigging-N’s shit-encrusted thumbs, they will persist in fomenting the myth.

One more thing, U-frigging-N : Next time you want to commission a poll, give ME a call. I’ll fix you up right GOOD. For HALF the money.


CLYDE. Enjoying watching the U-frigging-N make fools of themselves.


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7 Responses to From The “BWAHAHAHAHA” File For Dec 8 2014

  1. Kathy says:

    The question now is a) will they pay attention and reprioritize their efforts accordingly, or b) carry on business as usual. Of course the answer is b) since the other issues don’t generate the cash flow that the global warming fable does.

  2. upaces88 says:

    This subject matter always seems to be in the headlines…..yet? Yet, they are never able to provide scientific data!!
    Texas had ice two years ago — Global Warming? Gimme a break!

    • Clyde says:

      Oh, they have “scientific” data alright, upaces. Problem is, the VAST majority of it are computer models, when compared against real-world observations, the shine comes off their turd. We HAVE, indeed, had global warming. If NOT, most of the nation would still be under a few thousand feet of ICE. Which was, for the most part, GONE before the first SUV’s, or coal fired power plants were built.

  3. Hardnox says:

    Good post Clyde. It seems that WE are not alone in our understanding of this fraud. In the end it will take a massive rebuke by people the world over to kill off this sham.

  4. I.R. Wayright says:

    I live in Pennsylvania. I’m not worrying about the climate until I see either polar bears or palm trees, right here in my back yard. On the other hand, if the UN building should spontaneously combust, I might raise an eyebrow.