General: Border Crisis Threatens US Existence

From WND:

America’s porous southern border and the recent surge in illegal immigration is more than just a “humanitarian crisis,” claims the top U.S. general in charge of Central and South America, it’s a threat to the United States’ very existence.

general john kelly

Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly is commander of the U.S. Southern Command, or SOUTHCOM, charged with responsibility for the Caribbean Sea and all lands south of Mexico.

Particularly in regards to the drug trade, murder rates and terrorist activity brewing in Central America, Kelly says, the waves of Latin Americans sweeping through Mexico and illegally into Texas presents a threat to the U.S. every bit as serious as Iran or North Korea.

“In comparison to other global threats, the near collapse of societies in this hemisphere with the associated drug and illegal immigrant flow are frequently viewed to be of low importance,” Kelly said in an interview with Defense One. “Many argue these threats are not existential and do not challenge our national security. I disagree.”

It isn’t the first time Kelly has sounded the alarm. In testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee in March, Kelly complained that budget cuts in recent years have handcuffed the military’s ability to shut down many drug and human trafficking corridors.

“Last year, we had to cancel more than 200 very effective engagement activities and numerous multilateral exercises,” Kelly said, explaining that a full 74 percent of “actionable illicit trafficking events” simply go unanswered, because he doesn’t have the funds or resources to do anything about it.

“I simply sit and watch it go by,” he continued. “And because of service cuts, I don’t expect to get any immediate relief, in terms of assets, to work with in this region of the world.”

Worse yet, he continued, with smuggling routes wide open for business, it’s far more than cocaine or children seeking a better life getting a free pass across the border.

“Clearly, criminal networks can move just about anything on these smuggling pipelines,” Kelly said in testimony before the House Armed Services Committee in February. “Terrorist organizations could seek to leverage those same smuggling routes to move operatives with intent to cause grave harm to our citizens or even quite easily bring weapons of mass destruction into the United States.”

SOUTHCOM’s intelligence assets reveal the possibility is far more than just crying wolf.

“Supporters and sympathizers of Lebanese Hezbollah are involved in both licit and illicit activities in the region,” Kelly told Congress. “Members, supporters, and adherents of Islamic extremist groups are present in Latin America. Islamic extremists visit the region to proselytize, recruit, establish business venues to generate funds, and expand their radical networks. Some Muslim communities in the Caribbean and South America are exhibiting increasingly extremist ideology and activities, mostly as a result from ideologues’ activities and external influence from the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. Mr. Chairman, we take all these activities seriously.”

Threat spreads through U.S.

central americaAs America’s top military eye on Central America, Kelly is also warning that the recent spike in illegal immigrants moving from countries like Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras across the U.S. border presents another level of threat. Those three countries, he noted, are all among the Top 5 nations worldwide in homicide rates, in part because of their rampant gang activity.

“Although there are a number of other countries I work with in Latin America and the Caribbean that are going in the same direction,” Kelly told Defense One, “the so-called Northern Triangle (Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras) is far and away the worst off.”

Since October, tens of thousands of migrants have made the dangerous journey north from Latin America to the United States border. Many are children, and statistics show the vast majority of the immigrants in the recent influx are unaccompanied minors who have traveled from Central America’s “Northern Triangle.”

And between rampant drug trafficking and human trafficking of Central American youngsters, Kelly warned Congress, cartels and gangs that have already spread throughout the U.S. will only grow more dangerous.

“Chairman, gone are the days of the ‘cocaine cowboys,’” Kelly testified. “Instead, we and our partners are confronted with cocaine corporations that have franchises all over the world, including 1,200 American cities, as well as criminal enterprises like the violent transnational gang Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, that specialize in extortion and human trafficking.

“The FBI has warned that MS-13 has a significant presence in California, North Carolina, New York, and northern Virginia, and is expanding into new areas of the United States, including Indian reservations in South Dakota,” he concluded. ms13

Roger Noriega, an American Enterprise Institute fellow and former assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs during the George W. Bush administration, was quoted last month in the Washington Free Beacon putting a fine point on how gang activity and arms smuggling could create problems not just along the border, but anywhere in the country.

“There’s going to be a time when MS-13 fires an RPG into an Alexandria police car, and Americans are going to say, ‘What the hell happened?’” Noriega said.

Kelly concluded his appeal before the House Armed Services Committee by arguing the U.S. needs to call upon and equip the military to protect our southern border, now more than ever.

“Some of my counterparts perceive that the United States is disengaging from the region and from the world in general,” Kelly said. “We should remember that our friends and allies are not the only ones watching our actions closely. … And in the meantime, drug traffickers, criminal networks, and other actors, unburdened by budget cuts, cancelled activities, and employee furloughs, will have the opportunity to exploit the partnership vacuum left by reduced U.S. military engagement.”


The General’s counterparts are perceiving correctly in that the US, or at least its so-called leader, is disengaging from the world. He seems to have taken on the attitude of running out the clock, even though that’s normally a tactic used by the winning team, not the losers. It’s as if he’s set the plan in motion and now he’ll sit back and watch the implosion while he campaigns and plays golf. That is, after he intentionally forced budget cuts in our military, all the while bumping up the aid to Middle Eastern countries and Central America.

I think the General held back remarks in his statement to the committee. He could have elaborated for these near-comatose people so they get the whole picture, and that is we have horrible gangs as well as terrorists coming across our border. Along with the drugs, they also bring with them rape, murder, beheadings and hangings, so there’s much more here to be concerned about than diseased children.

When does the tipping point become the breaking point??


(In case you’re interested in who serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee, here’s a link that will take you to the list of members.)

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7 Responses to General: Border Crisis Threatens US Existence

  1. captbogus2 says:

    It’s an invasion..

  2. CW says:

    Wow – what a powerful piece, Kathy. I think you’re right about Obama waiting out the clock and just allowing the implosion to happen. He’s betting that will happen under the next presidency, making people long for the good ol’ days when he was president because that’s about as deep as American thinking goes any more thanks to liberals.

    • Janyk says:

      You echo my opinion, CW, and you’re quite correct. People WILL long for a remedy and he’ll certainly provide “one”. Only, it won’t be what we expect.

      He’ll announce he has a plan but won’t say what it is, leaving folks to “speculate” that it’s what “they” want.

      That’s when the hammer falls. He’ll claim that, in order to fix this, he’ll need full dictatorial powers (temporary, of course) to accomplish these and promise to surrender them once the mission is complete.

      Anyone ever watch “Star Wars” – where the galactic council hands power to the emperor, under a similar pretext, and all cheer? It’s an eerie parallel to what I foresee…..

  3. Hardnox says:

    I am surprised that Gen. Kelly still has a job. Zero does not tolerate dissent.

    An RPG fired into a police car is the least of our problems. There are a lot of bad characters that have come over our borders since ’09. When a city gets wiped out by a WMD, then what?

    Don’t forget that Zero canceled blimp surveillance because the company donated to Romney. What virtual fence?

    The policies of this administration has thrown out the welcome mat to bad characters.

  4. Clyde says:

    This shit is ALL by design. IF not, WHY was Rasputina Jarrett ( thanks, GunnyG) in Guatemala 6 TIMES in the past 8 months ? This manufactured “crisis” has her shithook prints ALL over it.

    • Janyk says:

      Right, Clyde. And how can these people conceivably pay the $5000.00 to a coyote when they’re allegedly destitute? Where did THAT money come from? What’s missing from our coffers? Where’s that money the treasury lost track of a while back? Wasn’t that in the billions of dollars? Why no congressional investigation of that?

  5. captbogus2 says:

    Right, Janyk. Heck I don’t have 5 G’s just laying around… How do folks making a couple grand a year come up with it?
    Methinks something is Rotten in Denma… un … in D.C.