What You Should Know About Trey Gowdy

So far, he’s squeaky clean, but the left-wing destruction machine isn’t in full nuclear attack mode yet. They will be soon and we’ll learn that Gowdy is an awful person. He’s a racist – why? Because he married a white woman (a female of no-color). He’s homophobic because he married a woman (weren’t there any men around?), and he’s anti-feminist because he has children (OMG, why didn’t he just abort them?). And he’s a (gasp) Southern Baptist so he’s got to be a religious nutcase. And that’s just for starters, they’ll scour the earth to find something, anything to attack him over.

Even though I’m not a fan of Speaker Boehner, tan John finally did something right. And he had some words of wisdom that the democrats might take to heart, “Trey Gowdy is as dogged, focused, and serious-minded as they come,” the speaker said in a statement Monday. “His background as a federal prosecutor and his zeal for the truth make him the ideal person to lead this panel.” Even if his hair looks funny and he wears Rush ties.

We’ll see … stay tuned …



Trey Gowdy 3

Harold Watson “Trey” Gowdy III was born on August 22, 1964 in Greenville, SC to Novalene (née Evans) and Dr. Harold Watson “Hal” Gowdy, Jr.

Trey graduated from Spartanburg High School in 1982. He earned a B.A. in history from Baylor University in 1986. He was a member of Kappa Omega Tau, a service/social Fraternity while at Baylor University. He earned a J.D. degree from the University of South Carolina School of Law in 1989. In law school, he was a member of the scholastic honor society “Wig and Robe.”

Following law school, he clerked for the late John P. Gardner on the South Carolina Court of Appeals and United States District Court Judge Ross Anderson. He then went into private practice before becoming a federal prosecutor with the U.S. Attorney for the District of South Carolina.

During his six years as a federal prosecutor, Trey prosecuted the full range of federal crimes including narcotics trafficking rings, bank robberies, child pornography cases, and the murder of a federal witness. In April 1994, he was awarded the Postal Inspector’s Award for the successful prosecution of J. Mark Allen, one of “America’s Most Wanted” suspects. He also received the highest performance rating a federal prosecutor can receive – two years in a row.

In February 2000, he left the United States Attorney’s Office to run for 7th Circuit Solicitor. The 7th Circuit Solicitor’s Office is essentially the District Attorney for the state of South Carolina’s 7th Circuit in criminal cases.He defeated incumbent Solicitor Holman Gossett in the Republican primary. No other party even put up a candidate, ensuring his election in November.

He twice won reelection, in 2004 and 2008, to the office of county solicitor for the state’s seventh judicial circuit, where he sought the death penalty in seven cases and won them all, according to the National Journal.


Trey Gowdy pointing fingerAs 7th Circuit Solicitor, Trey led an office of 25 attorneys and 65 total employees. During his tenure, he started a Violence Against Women Task Force and a Worthless Check Program, enhanced and expanded Drug Court, and implemented a Drug Mother Protocol designed to assist expectant mothers break the cycle of addiction.

He was recognized statewide for his commitment to victim’s rights and drunken driving enforcement and nationally for excellence in death penalty prosecutions.

Representative Gowdy, who rode the conservative tea party wave into Congress in 2010, prefers to call himself “a prosecutor not a politician.”

Trey Gowdy entered Congress with a resolute commitment to the conservative principles that have guided him throughout his years in public service. At the core of those principles lies a firm belief in a limited government that inspires trust and demands accountability.

Representing South Carolina’s 4th District, Representative Gowdy serves on the House Committees on Education and the Workforce, Ethics, Judiciary, and Oversight and Government Reform. He also serves as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security for the Judiciary Committee. In these capacities, Representative Gowdy has fought to highlight facts, uphold the Constitution, rein in the ever-expanding scope of the federal government, and restore America’s trust with a renewed spirit of honesty, fairness and reason.

Trey Gowdy family

Trey is married to Terri Dillard Gowdy, and they have two children: Watson and Abigail. Terri works for the Spartanburg School District as a teacher’s aide. She is a former Miss Spartanburg and finalist for Miss South Carolina.

Watson is a sophomore at Clemson University and Abigail is a rising 10th grader at Spartanburg High School.

The Gowdy family also includes three dogs: “Judge”, “Jury” and “Bailiff.” So he’s got a sense of humor too!


OK, so he’s supposed to be a conservative. Is he? Make up your own mind. Even though he’s not running for national office (yet), I thought that knowing more about his positions on national issues could help flesh out who the man is – and how he is likely to perceive things brought out during the Benghazi investigation. So, following are a few of Gowdy’s positions on various issues – from On The Issues. More detail on each item is available on the website.


  • Pro-life plus: revisit Roe v. Wade & incentivize adoption. (Nov 2010)
  • Voted YES on banning federal health coverage that includes abortion. (May 2011)
  • Ban abortions for sex selection or race selection. (Dec 2011)
  • Prohibit federal funding for abortion. (May 2011)
  • Prohibit federal funding to groups like Planned Parenthood. (Jan 2011)
  • No family planning assistance that includes abortion. (Jan 2013)

Budget & Economy

  • Demand a Balanced Budget amendment. (Jul 2010)
  • Proposing a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution. (Jan 2011)
  • Apply all remaining stimulus funds to budget deficit. (Feb 2011)
  • Supports the Cut-Cap-and-Balance Pledge. (Jan 2012)
  • Disapprove of increasing the debt limit. (Jan 2012)
  • Audit the Federal Reserve & its actions on mortgage loans. (Jan 2013)

Energy & Oil

  • Voted YES on opening Outer Continental Shelf to oil drilling. (May 2011)
  • Voted YES on barring EPA from regulating greenhouse gases. (Apr 2011)
  • Signed the No Climate Tax Pledge by AFP. (Nov 2010)
  • Cap-and-trade has no impact on global temperatures. (Jul 2010)
  • Explore proven energy reserves & keep energy prices low. (Jul 2010)


  • The “takings clause” should not allow governments to take private property for non-public purposes.
  • Rated 13% by HSLF, indicating an anti-animal welfare voting record. (Jan 2012)
  • Energy taxes like “cap and trade” or other “carbon taxes” will further penalize American industry and drive more jobs overseas.

Foreign Policy

  • Rated -3 by AAI, indicating an anti-Arab anti-Palestine voting record. (May 2012)

Government Reform

  • Read the 9th and 10th Amendments; stick to enumerated powers. (Aug 2010)
  • Identify constitutionality in every new congressional bill. (Jul 2010)
  • Audit federal agencies, to reform or eliminate them. (Jul 2010)
  • Moratorium on all earmarks until budget is balanced. (Jul 2010)
  • Ban stock trading based on Congressional insider knowledge. (Nov 2011)
  • No recess appointments without Congressional approval. (Jan 2012)

Gun Control

  • Sufficient federal gun laws in place already. (Nov 2010)
  • Strongly favors absolute right to gun ownership

Health Care

  • Threat of a national takeover is looming. (Nov 2010)
  • Voted YES on the Ryan Budget: Medicare choice, tax & spending cuts. (Apr 2011)
  • Voted YES on repealing the “Prevention and Public Health” slush fund. (Apr 2011)
  • Defund, repeal, & replace federal care with free market. (Jul 2010)
  • Repeal any federal health care takeover. (Jul 2010)


  • Secure the border; it’s respect for the rule of law. (Aug 2010)
  • Congress has repeatedly dropped the ball on immigration reform. We must secure the border, enforce existing laws, and have an immigration policy that is fair, compassionate toward the politically persecuted but above all enforced.

Tax Reform

  • Taxpayer Protection Pledge: no new taxes. (Aug 2010)
  • Adopt a single-rate tax system. (Jul 2010)
  • Repeal tax hikes in capital gains and death taxes. (Jul 2010)
  • Supports the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. (Jan 2012)

Welfare & Poverty

  • Voted YES on maintaining work requirement for welfare recipients. (Mar 2013)


Benghazi LiarsSo, now that you know a little more about Trey Gowdy, what do you think that his chances are of getting to the bottom of the Benghazi incident?

I know for sure that I wouldn’t want him prosecuting me.

I’ve got some advice to Obama, Biden, Hillary, Rice, and Carney … be afraid … be very afraid.


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42 Responses to What You Should Know About Trey Gowdy

  1. Kathy says:

    Wow, squeaky clean is right – he truly is one of the good guys and those are few and far between. I want him for president. Can’t you just hear him talking to world leaders and getting them in line?

    The only thing I see you didn’t touch on was money, and that may be because there’s nothing to report. As clean as he is, it’s not likely there’s anyone stuffing money in his pockets for special favors.

    Great piece, Garnet, excellent work in putting all that info together. Be afraid is good advice.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Thanks Kathy. He does appear to be the real thing. My Google was smoking from so many searches for his name + other stuff. Of course, he’s been under the left’s radar on the national stage up until now, so there weren’t any negative articles that I found – YET. As far as money, there is information on his campaign activity and how much he raised and spent – none of that appeared to be negative either. He does appear to be a real conservative and a dogged prosecutor.

  2. Buck says:

    Well, they’ll find out he gave a haircut to some underclassman or put his pet dog in a cage on top of the station wagon or even, (gasp) thought “Midnight Cowboy” was a drag of a movie….
    Then they’ll fill the airwaves with it.

    • Garnet92 says:

      You know them well Buck. Even if they can’t find anything, they’ll manufacture some dastardly activity that he participated in 30 years ago.

  3. Rich B says:

    Garnet – you just cited all the qualities we want in our next Presidential candidate. Finally, someone in politics I can look up to.

    I’ve been aware of Trey Gowdy for the last few years due to his numerous appearances on Greta Van Susteren. He’s always been a favorite of mine. Too bad the rest of Congress isn’t the same. Look for a much bigger future for him. And yeah, his hair is a mess. Sometimes it’s slicked back and sometimes it looks like he’s been wrestling with a blow-dryer.

    I can’t wait for the hearings to begin. Omama and Hillary are teflon so I have my doubts that they will be held accountable. But at least the inconvenient facts will help get rid of some of the liberal trash in congress. They will be exposed as the complicit garbage they are.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Agreed Rich, I was thinking the same thing. If he is successful in bringing out some real smoking gun evidence, he’ll become the darling of the House – at least for a while. All he has to do is convince a sizeable group of independents and perhaps some conservative democrats that Obama/Hillary really DID screw up Benghazi and attempted to cover it up and he’ll be elevated to sainthood and talked about as a possible POTUS candidate (a little early for that).

      And don’t worry, bad hair apparently doesn’t disqualify someone from national politics – just look at Debbie Wasserman Schultz!

  4. CW says:

    Wow – good work, Garnet! Thanks for educating us on Gowdy’s background.

    Gowdy was a great choice for heading up the special committee. I’d give Boehner credit but I think he knew Gowdy was the obvious choice and it would have raised eyebrows for him to choose anyone else.

    Aside from his “yes” vote for the Paul Ryan budget I’m a big fan. One of the things I like best about Gowdy is that he is a rarity: a non-apologetic conservative republican. He doesn’t mince words. He doesn’t wring his hands. He doesn’t bend over backwards trying to be politically correct. We need a lot more like him.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Amen CW – we need another hundred just like him in the House and another 20 or 30 in the Senate and they can right the ship of state.

  5. shycommenter says:

    Sounds like a Keeper!!! And keep that Cummings (is that how you spell it?) guy off that panel. He’s has got to be involved in the IRS Scandal too. He has protected the IRS like a Momma Chicken protecting her chicks.

  6. Garnet92 says:

    Thanks for dropping by shyperson! It wouldn’t surprise me in the least that if the dems DO decide to participate, that Cummings would be named – he has been a major thorn in the side of Issa’s committee investigation – and he can play the race card too, if need be. You could probably show a confrontation between Cummings and Gowdy on pay-per-view and make a fortune!

  7. bullright says:

    Good write-up. No doubt they’ll all be in full demonize mode. A guy who cares about the victims, that’s something really despicable to libs.(they empathize with criminals) Oh and time for full-conspiracy mode, again, by the Left. Vast Left-wing conspiracy anyone?

    • Garnet92 says:

      Thanks Bull, now we get to see how creative they can be when they demonize him. We ought to start a pool and put up a buck or two – winner takes all if he/she comes closest to forecasting the most heinous thing they try to hang around his neck.

  8. Hardnox says:

    Good post Garnet. Thanks for the research. You know all too well that I have been a big fan of Gowdy since he hit my radar several years ago.

    If anyone can get to the bottom of this scandal it will be Gowdy.

    • Garnet92 says:

      I agree Nox. I think that Gowdy has earned the respect of most everyone here with his take no prisoners attitude and apparently he’s got the history to back it up too.

  9. SMH says:

    I believe that he is snowing everyone and one day we will wish that we never knew his name. Hating is so easy and that is all he had shown he can do.

    • Hardnox says:

      Who are you talking about? Gowdy or Obama?

    • garnet92 says:

      Damn – sorry, don’t know how I missed responding to SMH?

      Au contraire, SMH, all he has shown he can do is confront people with FACTS and expose liars for what they are. Please enlighten us of his hate-filled statements or anything that he said that has proven untrue?

      Again, sorry for the very late response – likely won’t get any rebuttal from SMH.

    • Blessed B. says:

      Another hit and run commenter…. no substance but a lot of hot air!

  10. B.Chadwick says:

    Some people are born to be worthless degenerates, and others are born to be good, honest, GOD fearing, and live a correct and just life under GOD’S law. Mr. Gowdy obviously is the good,honest,GOD fearing man, living a correct and just life under GOD’S law. We know who the worthless degenerates are don’t we. Mr. Gowdy also knows who they are. Get the drift.

  11. I.R. Wayright says:

    I bestow upon him the title of “Honorary Wayright.”

  12. Dennis J Psoras says:

    Trey Gowdy , Sir , you have my respect . Keep up the good fight , legions will follow you for your honesty , integrity and dedication to preserving our great country .
    I am in my 85th year , veteran of the Korean War , and hope to live a little bit longer so I can vote for you in a presidential election .
    God bless and protect you and yours .
    Dennis J Psoras

  13. Gina fitzgerald says:

    this is a man i can get behind for president……enough said thank you.

  14. kathie o'brien says:

    What are his views on gay rights? If he ever runs for president, he’s got my vote!

    • Dennis J Psoras says:

      Been following Trey Gowdy and his disecting and ravaging of the liars on the left side of the aisle . Trey can handle these smug and corrupt ninnies . Watch them as they squirm under his incisive cross examinations .
      I am an 85 year old Korean War Veteran recovering from open heart surgery with one request from our God in Heaven , I pray that He gives me sufficient time on earth to cast my vote for our future president , Trey Gowdy .
      He is a combination of Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan . We are blessed to have him in leadership . What a promising and refreshing contrast from the great pretender community organizer who has brought us Change — Small Change that is ..

  15. garnet92 says:

    Dennis, thank you for your service and I pray that God answers your prayers that one day you can vote for Rep. Gowdy. Since you are a follower of Rep. Gowdy, if you haven’t seen his questioning of the IRS Commissioner, Mr. Koskinen, I’m including a link to the video here. It shows Gowdy at his best:


    Thanks for visiting and for your comment.

  16. BarleyWheets says:

    Where was he born? Was his parents American citizens prior to his birth? We don’t want any more non eligible running for office that are not Real Americans!

  17. Diane taylor says:

    We need a hero! Trey 2016. 🙂

    • Dennis J Psoras says:

      He has the vote of me and my family . Get his name out to the masses .recognition is the name of the game .

      • Garnet92 says:

        You’re right Dennis – and if you visit N&F often you know that we LOVE Trey! We’ll do our part to expose Trey’s honest, forthright battle for the truth – something that most politicians avoid like Dracula avoids sunlight. Trey’s the MAN!

  18. Dennis J Psoras says:

    Trey Gowdy will uncover the lies and scandals of this most corrupt administration . However with a sycophant and complicit mass news media these revelations will not gain traction as much as the most disgraceful act ever perpetrated in any administration by a vice president . Lest you forget the media of the left repeatedly let the world know and not forget that VP Dan Quale misspelled ” potato “. And President George Bush failed to admonish him .

    • Garnet92 says:

      Again, great comment Dennis. Knowing the corrupt media, they’ll probably question Gowdy’s spelling of “sassafras” or something like that and do their best to crucify him for misspelling it (whether he does or not).

  19. I’m also on board with the idea to nominate Trey Gowdy as our next President on the Republican ticket for 2016. I’m from Ohio (I wish I lived in South Carolina !!!), but we can only hope that Trey will accept the nomination from the Floor of the Republican Convention in Cleveland in 2016 to be our next President. Trey doesn’t seem to want the office of the Presidency since he seems a rather modest man with no ambition. But I hope that Trey will see the light and accept our nudge to run and become our next President of our USA !!!

  20. Garnet92 says:

    Sue! Thanks for stopping by! I too love me some Trey Gowdy, but I think that it’s a little premature to elevate him to that status … just yet. Let’s see how the Benghazi hearings go. If he is able to crucify Hillary and/or Obama with real evidence, the country will get behind him, at least we conservatives will, and a “draft Gowdy” movement will spring up. Let’s give him a couple of months to see how he can impact the mid-terms with his committee. Great thoughts, btw.

  21. R. D. Hill says:

    Trey Gowdy as Attorney General. He’d be the J Edgar Hoover nightmare for crooked politicians.

    • garnet92 says:

      Thanks for visiting R.D.! You’re right, I just saw him grilling the Secret Service head yesterday and he chopped her into little pieces (she just resigned). He is just what we need to clean out the vermin infesting too many departments in government.

    • Dennis J Psoras says:

      I pray for Trey Gowdy’s continued good health . A reincarnated Harry Truman with the values of the founding fathers looming on the horizon as the nemeses of the lying democrats . He will teach them what ” is is ” . Decisive , incisive and honest , Wow , give ’em hell Trey !

  22. sadieapple1 says:

    After all that we have been through the last few years, I’ve become so disheartened watching what has become of our country and our government. I’m not alone, everyone is talking in a way I’ve never heard before. My WWII vet father, age 90, devastated me by saying he was glad he’d be passing on soon and not have to watch anymore of what Obama was doing to America. He came to this country from Norway, legally, when he was 2 years old and lost his only brother in the war.

    All 3 of my brothers served in Vietnam, proudly, and unlike what the media would have us believe, were white college students who did not try to find a way out of serving. I grew up proud of my country, my state (NY), my neighborhood, my parents/brothers, my tiny little Lutheran church, my school and myself. The Star Spangled Banner gets me choked up because I remember the story behind it that was taught to us in 3rd grade. We said the Pledge of Allegiance everyday, sang My Country Tis of Thee in Kindergarten, and so on and so on. I always thought my beliefs were unshakeable, until now. We’ve fallen into a dark hole. We are racists if we question this administration, keeping many people silent.

    Trey Gowdy is a breath of fresh air blowing like a hurricane, a light shining on a festering wound that we’ve been kept from attending to. He is proof that there is some hope left for those of us in the middle class who feel like we are only here to pay the bills for an out of control greedy teenager who has no sense of right or wrong, morals or decency. How can we get this man to run for President???? At the very least, whoever the Republican nominee is, there should be a real quick decision to make him the Attorney General. But I believe we need him and more like him or we will be lost forever….

    Broken hearted but hopeful.

  23. Garnet92 says:

    Thanks for visiting and commenting Sadie (love that name). As you may have surmised, I also love Trey Gowdy, as do most of the other N&F writers. He is, as you say a breath of fresh air among the stench that is our current administration.

    We’re all awaiting his completion of the Benghazi investigation and finally – the truth about what happened and who impeded the rescue (or at least the attempt at rescue) of our four citizens. I fully expect that there will be plenty of blame to go around – to Obama, to Hillary, and others. He will finally, after the previous whitewashes, expose the truth.

    Thanks again for stopping by, and don’t be a stranger. You’ll find kindred spirits here at N&F.

  24. plp27 says:

    If Trey Gowdy runs for president, we will see Hillary’s health become an issue, again. She would never hold up to a debate with Gowdy, and she knows that. I pray he runs and God help us all if he doesn’t. It really is just that serious today. We cannot afford another placed politician. We need a man elected for his honesty, knowledge, love of country and God, grit and one that doesn’t bow! I have a feeling John Wayne and Ronald Reagan would love Trey Gowdy.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Welcome to N&F plp27! I wish I thought that there would be a debate between Gowdy and Hillary, but that’ll never happen. She’s too savvy for that. She knows that he’d slice and dice her like a Veg-o-matic. I’m looking forward to him calling her before his investigative committee on Benghazi – that COULD happen, but I’ll bet that she will pull every trick in the book to keep from appearing. She, and indeed every other lying bureaucrat, is shaking in their boots – afraid of being questioned by Gowdy.

      I also don’t think that he’ll run for president – at least not for 2016. If he is successful in bringing some of our “leaders” down for screwing up Benghazi, he will be highly regarded enough to make a run for the 2020 race. I’d vote for him in a heartbeat.