Are Terrorists Training in Your Back Yard?

From Ryan Mauro at the Clarion Project:


A senior official of the Muslims of the Americas/Jamaat ul-Fuqra (MOA), a terror-linked group, said during a deposition that it has a “community” outside Anchorage, Alaska. Officials also confirmed the existence of three communes in New York, California and Michigan that have yet to be publicly pinpointed.

The comments came during depositions of three senior MOA officials after the group sued two critics, Martin Mawyer and Patti Pierucci, for $30 million for their book about MOA titled Twilight in America. The judge dismissed the lawsuit last week. Astonishingly, MOA Deputy Director Hussein Adams, the son of terrorist Barry Adams, admitted he had no information to show that the defendants lacked a reasonable basis for their claims

The MOA officials repeatedly denied being a terrorist organization, but would not provide basic details about the group. Adams was especially secretive, claiming that the group had virtually no records and that he didn’t even know the names of those on Islamberg’s town council or who was paying the bills.

MOA says it has 22 “Islamic villages” around the country, including the one named “Mahmoudberg” in Sweeny, Texas that was identified by the Clarion Project. 

Other pinpointed communes include Islamberg in Hancock, NY; Holy Islamville in York County, South Carolina;  Islamville in Dover, Tennessee; Hasanville in Barry’s Bay, Ontario, Canada; Madinah Village near Commerce, Georgia; Aliville in Odum, Georgia; Ahmadabad West in Red House, Virginia and one with an unknown name in Meherrin, Virginia.

Islamville SC

Islamville, SC (credit Clarion Project)

Deputy Director Hussein Adams said that MOA has a “community” near Anchorage, Alaska. This is the first time that a MOA enclave has been reported in the state.

He also spoke of “Mariaville” located “just down the street” of Islamberg, New York. There is documentation of a village in Deposit, New York. Adams mentioned another site outside Los Angeles, substantiating reports of a village at Oak Hill, California. Another MOA official, Muhammed Hasib Abdul-Haqq, confirmed the existence of a site in Coldwater, Michigan. 

There are likely more to be found. During his deposition, Adams claimed that only three villages (Islamberg, Mariaville and Holy Islamville) are “officially” part of his group. Another nine that he mentioned were “unofficial.” When confronted with how MOA says on its DVDs that it has 22 villages, he replied, “Well, maybe there were other locations included.”

The officials maintained that the group never engages in jihad training and downplayed the significance of two videos showing that the MOA network in the U.S. is used for guerilla training. The first shows Gilani saying that Muslims interested in such training should contact his offices in the U.S. The second tape shows women training inside Islamberg.

Adams said that he was not aware of any training like what’s seen in the Clarion tape since he arrived in Islamberg from Canada in 2000. He said there are no weapons storages in Islamberg, but “if there is, you’re referring to individuals’ personal firearms.” The interviewer then asked, “So there may be [weapons], but they would be individuals’ personal firearms?” He replied, “Correct.”

Abdul-Haqq said he had seen parts of the Clarion tape but had not seen “any actual training like that.” “I know that they were doing things. They were going out there and marching and carrying on with some wooden sticks. Yeah, I know about that,” he said.

The third official to be deposed, Khadijah Smith, said she saw the footage released by Clarion and was asked whether she saw training like that taking place. She responded, “Self—we have self-defense classes, yes.” The interviewer then commented that it looked more like military-type training. She answered: “That’s in reference—that’s basically personal opinion, but I know that I’ve actually taken self-defense classes, as well as all the other ladies did.”

Smith compared the instruction to the type of self-defense classes that many women take. However, she then admitted she “briefly” got firearms instruction at Islamberg, but “I don’t know a whole lot about guns. I know how to shoot a rifle, not even a handgun.”

The level of advancement of MOA training is not the point. The point is that MOA is a secretive organization that, in the words of declassified FBI report from 2007, “possesses an infrastructure capable of planning and mounting terrorist campaigns overseas and within the U.S.” and “extols membership to pursue a policy of jihad or holy war against individuals or groups it considers enemies of Islam, which includes the U.S. Government.”

In a documentary titled Grand Deception, former FBI agent and Special Assistant U.S. Attorney Nathan Garrett explains, “We’re not talking about a gun. We’re talking about the man holding the gun. How do you build him?”

Getting the gun is the easy part. Producing the extremist that uses the gun is the hard part. That’s what MOA and other Islamist indoctrinators are doing.


They are perfectly capable of ‘building’ those people, as we’ve witnessed over the years with incidents like the USS Cole, the attacks of 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing. The problem is that now they’re building those types of people on American soil, and with the full cooperation of our bowing muslim president. He has welcomed them into powerful positions within our very own government and he’s paid special homage to them while barely observing our National Day of Prayer.

To have this many Islamic ‘villages’ is disturbing and to make matters worse they seem to be the recipients of special tax exemption when buying property on American soil. Thanks to one of our readers for doing some research and finding this little tidbit about the Sweeney, Tx location:

Just for the heck of it I searched and found the compound located on CR3 near Sweeny, Texas. The property ID 158927 has the owner listed as Horace Panton but then the address is Amina Karim-Zeabain Joseph.  The exemptions on this property are as follows:  Very Interesting.





11.111 Public property for housing indigent persons


11.181 Improving property for housing with volunteer labor


11.182 Community Housing Development Organizations


Finally, there’s this compilation of reports that’s also alarming.

It’s hard to say if we should be more concerned about the muslims, the Chinese, the Russians or the illegal aliens, but one thing is certain. America is getting creepier every day and looking less and less like the country we used to know.


(h/t to Janyk and Hardnox)

Side note: Ryan Mauro is the’s National Security Analyst, a fellow with the Clarion Project and is frequently interviewed on top-tier TV stations as an expert on counterterrorism and Islamic extremism.

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10 Responses to Are Terrorists Training in Your Back Yard?

  1. vonmesser says:

    Is (or at least was) one of these outside Vader Washington. About 50 miles south of where I live.

  2. CW says:

    Thanks for this educational experience, Kathy. You’ve done great work. The video in particular was an eye-popper.

    Aside from educating the famously ignorant American public, the one and only answer to stopping the cancerous spread of Islam in this nation and around the globe is to get the Left out of our government. Without doing that all of the warnings and exposés will make no difference whatsoever. The leftists are the people who make it possible for the Islamists to establish roots and operate here, just as they were the ones who made it possible for communists to establish roots and operate here during the Cold War. The willingness to embrace and protect the enemies of this nation is part of their DNA. Liberals NEED to demonstrate their intellectual superiority, precisely as teenagers NEED to prove they are smarter than the adults. No matter what the threat is and the logic behind the concerns, the leftists will adopt a stance that is the opposite and no amount of evidence or reason will dissuade them because they can’t see themselves as special unless they can distinguish themselves this way.

    • Kathy says:

      Thanks, CW. I agree with you on getting rid of the liberals – I just wish we knew how to accomplish that before the idiots get us all killed. You’d think after 9/11 even the libs would have a different attitude. Wait..they’d have to have logic first, never mind.

      At least by letting the rest of the American population know, they can be more alert to their actions and hopefully semi prepared.

  3. Garnet92 says:

    So call me paranoid, but I wonder if anyone has looked into what “targets” might be located within 3-4 hours from their “training sites”? I’m thinking that if I was planning a multi-location strike on America’s infrastructure, it’d be handy if my soldiers were in proximity to those targets. I mean, why did they locate their facilities where they did? Cheap price, availability of secluded acreage, happenstance? I doubt it.

    • bullright says:

      I’d say there are plenty of targets of opportunity but they don’t have to be proximately located. If they can also conduct international acts from here. Something even like reservoirs supplying water are surely on there list as well as transit.

    • Kathy says:

      Good question, Garnet, and from some quick research, it appears that most of them are close to large cities. One of the locations in Georgia is close to Atlanta and the other one is near Savannah. The one in California is near Los Angeles and the 2 in Virginia aren’t that far from DC and Richmond.

      The one in Hancock, NY is in timber and mining country, and if I remember right from the Freeport post the one in Texas is near a nuclear plant and then there’s the refineries nearby. I don’t know what industries are near the other sites, but maybe some of our readers can add to that.

      • bullright says:

        Good info I thought about those in Virginia which seem pretty large, not that far from DC. They also draw from the resources of the prison system for recruitment. I believe that factors into location. I know they’ve had success in NY and the North East.

  4. bullright says:

    The simple answer the question: Probably. And they label some of them universities, which is another insult.. Gilani has infiltrated. It is chilling they could carry out both domestic and international operations from here. So theoretically terrorism can be traced back to America.

    • Kathy says:

      Chilling is right, Bull, and it would be one thing if the government didn’t know about them, but they do and they allow it anyway. At some point in our past, we needed to stop with the ‘give me your tired & hungry’ thinking and start protecting our own.