Obama Issues Sanctions Against Putin’s Top Advisors

From Townhall:

putin & zero

Speaking from the White House Monday morning President Obama announced a new set of sanctions targeting assets belonging to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s top advisors.

“Today’s actions send a strong message to the Russian government that there are consequences for their actions that violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, including their actions supporting the illegal referendum for Crimean separation. The United States, together with international partners, will continue to stand by the Ukrainian government to ensure that costs are imposed on Crimean separatists and their Russian backers,” a statement from the White House says. “Today’s actions also serve as notice to Russia that unless it abides by its international obligations and returns its military forces to their original bases and respects Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, the United States is prepared to take additional steps to impose further political and economic costs.”

The sanctions come after an overwhelming majority voted in Crimea to secede from Ukraine.

 With thousands of heavily armed Russian troops occupying this perennially embattled peninsula, an overwhelming majority of Crimeans voted on Sunday to secede from Ukraine and join Russia, resolutely carrying out a public referendum that Western leaders had declared illegal and vowed to punish with economic sanctions.

The outcome, in a region that shares a language and centuries of history with Russia, was a foregone conclusion even before exit polls showed more than 93 percent of voters favoring secession.

On Fox News shortly after the announcement, KT McFarland, who served as President Ronald Reagan’s Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, said the Russian officials being targeted took billions of dollars in assets out of banks a week ago in anticipation of sanctions, rendering them close to worthless.


Big deal.  Another worthless line in the sand.  In the meantime, the Euro-weenies won’t do anything since 1) they were behind the coup as was the USA; and 2) they get most of their natural gas and oil from Russia.  

Notice that there are no sanctions against Russia itself, just a dozen or so top players.

The only thing this accomplished was to make Zero and Kerry look more like schmucks than they already were.  I didn’t know that was possible.  Well played Vlad.

~ Hardnox

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4 Responses to Obama Issues Sanctions Against Putin’s Top Advisors

  1. Kathy says:

    My thoughts too, Hardnox, when I first saw this – another red line that will turn pink and mean nothing. I noticed that he didn’t name names of those international partners who are on our side. Could it be that there aren’t any?

    What I’m left wondering is will Putin stop with Crimea or does he want the whole thing? If he does, then what? Does O keep on until he pushes Putin into killing the dollar?

    • Hardnox says:

      There is a list if you click on the link above. They are Putin’s cronies. Funny how he didn’t sanction Russia. In the end I bet Putin gets Eastern Ukraine if not the whole enchilada. He’s got another year and a half to do it before we’re done with O.

      Btw, the Russian stock exchange soared today.

      Somewhere Zero’s cronies are profiting from this. Bet on it. More later.

  2. Terry says:

    Way to show ’em , Barry !
    Maybe you can un-fire some of the top commanders you shit-canned, and they can lead the rainbow flag waving girly soldiers into battle wearing their drag-queen show costumes and make-up !

  3. Mrs AL says:

    For a Community Organizer, the Resident sure doesn’t stray far from what he knows, eh? Gotta’ give him credit, he is consistent.