Tatted Ted Cruzes L.A.

According to Breitbart, mysterious posters of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) with his face photoshopped onto a tattooed body were plastered around various locations in Los Angeles, like the Beverly Hilton Hotel, late Thursday night.

The poster goes on to say, “TED CRUZ’S SO – CAL BLACKLISTED & LOVING IT TOUR.”


Undaunted, Sen. Cruz tweeted the following :


Ted Cruz 2


But how much do we know about Ted Cruz, really? 
According to The Peoples Cube, Ted Cruz is actually a twin brother of Chuck Norris, and his powers extend beyond the realm of what can be grasped by mere mortals.
It’s known for a fact that… 

– When Al Gore invented the Internet, his inbox already contained three unread emails from Ted Cruz.

– Ted Cruz has a quadruple citizenship in the U.S., Canada, Middle-earth and Westeros.

– If you superimpose Ted Cruz’s fingerprints, the resulting image will be the Seal of the President of the United States.

– When Ted Cruz got bit by a rattle snake, the snake had to sign up for Obamacare but couldn’t get through the login screen and died after a week of pain and agony in front of the computer.

– Ted Cruz has already won the presidential election in 2016 with a roundhouse kick in the polls; the pollsters just haven’t developed the technology to look that far into the future.

Of course, the left has a hardened he-man of their own :


obama sissy





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6 Responses to Tatted Ted Cruzes L.A.

  1. Janyk says:


  2. Kathy says:

    Love his reaction – I don’t smoke. LOL. That’s how you handle this sort of situation – be cool and don’t ban posters and suppress the media.

  3. garnet92 says:

    I didn’t have anything worthwhile to add to the image of Ted’s tats, but if you haven’t gone to The Peoples Cube site, you’re missing some really clever merchandise – I’m tempted to buy me some stuff – check it out!