The Late, Great, Walt Disney World ~~R.I.P.


Mickey, Donald, Goofy….Alas, I Knew Them Well

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Is Now…

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Walt Disney World has decided to drop a Florida Boy Scouts Council as a recognized charity for its employees. The policy change, announced months after the national scouting organization said it would accept openly gay Scouts but preserve a ban on gay adult leaders, means Walt Disney World will not recognize the volunteer hours its 60,000-plus employees give the Central Florida Council of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

The corporate giant — whose Orlando park is a major destination for “Gay Day” events in early June — will also no longer offer the council or its units grant funding, apparently a signal that the BSA decision, by keeping the adult ban, did not go far enough.

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Now this comes as no surprise, considering Mickey Mouse has an openly

CEO Kalogridis : Pirate....Or Booty Bandit ?

CEO Kalogridis : Pirate….Or Booty Bandit ?

homo boss now.

George Kalogridis has been in charge of the Magic Kingdoms since 2013. Like most LGBTs, he is not happy with winning a small concession. He (and they) wants the whole enchilada. It’s not enough that little sissy boys (and butchy girls) have to be openly welcomed by troops that JUST want to learn scouting and morals without worrying about who is sharing their tent.

NO. Old George wants to shove openly queer Scoutmasters down their throats, too. ( gross pun intended). And he doesn’t mind that it harms the good work of the employee volunteers that give of their time to help a once great organizaton.

When will these militant perverts stop placing their agenda above their businesses ? When will they realize that less than 3% (and I’m being generous here) of the population can’t fill their establishments ? Or eat all of their foods (yeah, I’m talkin’ to YOU, General Mills ) or drink all of their lattes ?

I love(d) Disney. I have been to DisneyWorld 4 times. DisneyLand twice. It was always a

Yeah...Making the Kingdom 'Magical'

Yeah…Making the Kingdom ‘Magical’

fun, clean, wholesome experience. But it has been a while. Not since the ‘Gay Days’ and homo CEOs have taken over,and I won’t be going back. Shame. I really was looking forward to taking my grandkids. Hell, I wouldn’t have minded going a 7th time myself. A little known personal fact…I LOVE the Country Bear Jamboree ! Can’t see it enough.


But at the rate it’s going, that will soon be replaced by dragqueen review. An old western-style  ‘Can Can’ in the can-can, if you catch

Expect to see more of this...

Expect to see more of this…

my drift.

Now, when I see Girl Scouts selling cookies, or Boy Scouts soliciting donations, I have to tell them “No. Sorry”. Then, out of earshot of the little nippers, I explain to their accompanying adult just WHY I won’t cough up some bucks, even though I could eat every box of Thin Mints on their table.

Not surprisingly, most have no idea what I’m talking about. They don’t even know that the GSA is supporting LGBTs and planned parenthood. And they don’t realize the BSA is trying to sneak perverts into their sons’ tents at night.disney 5 It’s a shame they don’t keep up with the Left’s agenda to corrupt their precious children. Many use the organizations as babysitters, thinking they are in the hands of good, wholesome adults, not the politically energized left-wing whoremongers.

Quite a few have taken my remarks as eye-openers, and have promised to “Look into the matter “

Others, you know, the type with ozero bumper stickers on their green cars, are quite rude, insinuating that I am the uninformed, old geezer that needs to step into the 21st century.

Well they can’t blame me when Little Mary grows up and aborts their grandkids. Or when Little Johnny appears on ‘Queer Eye For The Straight Guy’ show. (is that still around ?).

Sorry Walt,but I think it’s time to return DisneyLand and DisneyWorld to the orange disney 9groves that they sprung from.

And they can take the new ‘Homo Wedding’ themed Rose Parade along with them.



I guess I’ll stop now. All this is making me F***ing Goofy !

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13 Responses to The Late, Great, Walt Disney World ~~R.I.P.

  1. Kathy says:

    You ever notice how they have ‘gay day’ and in New Orleans they have a whole week of ‘gayness’, but they never have a ‘straight day’? When do we get our special day where only straight people are allowed? Should we demand equal rights?

    Would Walt have approved this? Looks like I’ve visited Disney for my last time too.

  2. tannngl says:

    These idiot perverted people are stealing the fun in our culture and trying to remove our bedrock of life: morals, faith, family.

  3. garnet92 says:

    It’s obvious that we need to return our schools to teaching the 3 R’s about gays and lesbians: Repellant, Repulsive, and Revolting.

  4. Mrs AL says:

    Good job, Terry ! At the same time, really sad that our culture has been reduced to the lowest denominator (and not a common one).

  5. Hardnox says:

    The homos are ruining every American institution faster than they can be built.

  6. JenZ says:

    I have wanted to take my kids to Disney for some time but was waiting until the youngest was old enough to at least remember a little bit, but the “gay days” had put me off anyway, and now this means there is no way that we will be going. I too had enjoyed Disneyworld and had been a couple of times as a child and another 3 as an adult. We’ll just go to Sea World or Silver Dollar City or something – and the kids will enjoy it just as much (maybe more since the drive is shorter and the cost lower so we can do more activities!).

    • Terry says:

      JenZ…it’s such a shame that the magic of Disney that we all knew as kids has been sucked up in the PC atmosphere, and the wrong side of it at that.
      Add to that, I just heard they jacked-up their price to $100 per single day.
      It just ain’t THAT magical anymore.

    • Kathy says:

      We went to Orlando about 6 years ago and they charged us regular price even though half of the attractions were closed down. Huge rip off and equally disappointing for my first time visitor friend. They’ll get no more of my money.