Russian Military Permitted to Enter Ukraine

From Fox News: (The Associated Press and Reuters contributed to this report.


The Russian parliament unanimously voted Saturday to grant President Vladimir Putin permission to mobilize the country’s military in Ukraine and asked that the country’s ambassador in Washington be recalled after earlier statements by President Obama.

Putin says the move is needed to protect ethnic Russians and the personnel of a Russian military base in Ukraine’s strategic region of Crimea. But the request came a day after Obama warned Moscow that “there will be costs” if it intervenes militarily in Ukraine.

“I’m submitting a request for using the armed forces of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine pending the normalization of the socio-political situation in that country,” Putin said before the vote.

Putin’s call came as pro-Russian demonstrations broke out in Ukraine’s Russian-speaking east, where protesters raised Russian flags and beat up supporters of the new Ukrainian government.

Russia’s move sharply raised the stakes in the conflict following the ouster of Ukraine’s pro-Russian president last week by a protest movement aimed at turning Ukraine toward the European Union and away from Russia. Ukraine has accused Russia of a “military invasion and occupation” — a claim that brought an alarming new dimension to the crisis, and raised fears that Moscow is moving to intervene on the strategic peninsula where Russia’s Black Sea fleet is based.

The move also appears to formalize what Ukrainian officials described as an ongoing deployment of Russian troops in the strategic region of Crimea. His motion loosely refers to the “territory of Ukraine” rather than specifically to Crimea, raising the possibility that Moscow could use military force in other Russian-speaking provinces in eastern and southern Ukraine where many oppose the new authorities in Kiev.

In Crimea, the pro-Russian regional prime minister had earlier claimed control of the military and police there and asked Putin for help in keeping peace, sharpening the discord between the two neighboring Slavic countries.

Sergei Aksenov, the head of the main pro-Russia party on the peninsula, said in a statement reported by local and Russian news agencies that he appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin “for assistance in guaranteeing peace and calmness on the territory of the autonomous republic of Crimea.”

Aksenov declared that the armed forces, the police, the national security service and border guards will answer only to his orders. He said any commanders who don’t agree should leave their posts.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry, meanwhile, said unidentified gunmen sent by Kiev had attempted overnight to seize the Crimea region’s Interior Ministry offices and that people had been wounded in the “treacherous provocation,” Reuters reported.

Ukrainian border guard vessels were put on combat alert in the Crimea region on Saturday and were leaving port to prevent the capture of military bases and ships, Interfax news agency quoted the border guard service as saying, according to Reuters.

Russian troops moved into Crimea Friday, U.S. officials told Fox News, prompting Ukraine to accuse Russia of an “armed invasion.”

Ukraine’s defense minister said on Saturday Russia had “recently” brought 6,000 additional personnel into Ukraine and that the Ukrainian military were on high alert in the Crimea region, Reuters reported.

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Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk opened a cabinet meeting by calling on Russia not to provoke discord in Crimea.

“We call on the government and authorities of Russia to recall their forces, and to return them to their stations,” Yatsenyuk was quoted as saying by the Interfax news agency. “Russian partners, stop provoking civil and military resistance in Ukraine.”

At the White House, President Obama said the U.S. government is “deeply concerned” by reports of Russian “military movements” and warned any violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty would be “deeply destabilizing.”

U.S. officials told Fox News they see “evidence of air and maritime movement into and out of Crimea by Russian forces” although the Pentagon declined to officially “characterize” the movement.

Earlier Friday, Agence France Press quoted a top Ukrainian official as saying Russian aircraft carrying nearly 2,000 suspected troops have landed at a military air base near the regional capital of the restive Crimean peninsula.

A spokesman for the Ukrainian border service said eight Russian transport planes have landed in Crimea with unknown cargo.

Serhiy Astakhov told The Associated Press that the Il-76 planes arrived unexpectedly Friday and were given permission to land, one after the other, at Gvardeiskoye air base, north of the regional capital, Simferopol.

Astakhov said the people in the planes refused to identify themselves and waved off customs officials, saying they didn’t require their services.

Earlier in the day, Russian armored vehicles rumbled across Crimea and reports surfaced of troops being deployed at airports and a coast guard base – signs of a more heavy-handed approach to the crisis from Moscow.


Obviously Putin wasn’t overly concerned about Obama’s ‘stern condemnation’ of moving forces into Ukraine.

Things could start to get really ugly over there now, and I hope sending US troops is not the government’s response to Putin’s move. Our watered down military is spread pretty thin as it is, and this is not our fight. Although O has never let that get in his way. After all, he is the president and can do whatever he wants.


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5 Responses to Russian Military Permitted to Enter Ukraine

  1. Hardnox says:

    Putin is laughing his ass off at zero. At least Putin asked his Parliament for permission to send troops… according to their constitution and such.

    • Kathy says:

      Yes, he is. O is standing on the playground with a line in the sand in front of him..problem is, recess is over and he’s the only one on the playground.

  2. Blessed B. says:

    In Crimea, Russia has Nuclear Silos, which Putin is going in to protect from the rebels that are causing problems there.

    He doesn’t want that part of the country but to keep control over those nuclear weapons!

    Obama may not care whose hands they fall into but Putin sure does!

    Obama’s threat is an empty one! Russian sailors are saying “Bring It” …when your Aircraft carrier sails over top…we’ll sink it! Then throw bunker oil and a flare over top to make sure there are no survivors!

    17 of Russia’s Nuclear Subs have disappeared from the Berring Sea…. I bet you can figure out where they are sitting on the bottom waiting! Pretty hard to run from torpedoes… Aircraft carriers don’t maneuver that well and it’s hard to get out of the way when they are coming up from the bottom towards you!

    Putin did get the go ahead… so, it’s legal. It’s not an invasion!

    If Obama thinks he’ll be able to just send the military into Russia…he’s dumber than a sack of hair!

    • Kathy says:

      Wonder if O even knows about them, considering that outside of Mecca, he knows very little of what’s going on in the world.

      Dumber than a sack of hair?? Good one. That might even be dumber than a box of rocks.

      • Blessed B. says:

        odumshit probably does know about them but he was hoping to be able to help the one’s causing the trouble, which want to go back to the way things were in the older times. BTW…those missiles are programmed to hit America! Odumshit doesn’t care!

        Don’t be fooled into thinking that the folks who are saying they want their freedom are meaning freedom in the same sense as you or I would think of freedom….

        Also…have you ever known odumshit to pick the right side to fight for? He was wanting to back the Syrian rebels against the Syrian Gov’t….. he went into Libya and helped the rebels bring down that Gov’t….. now he’s wanting to back the one’s protesting in Ukraine…. gotta wonder and ask why?

        Most of the news I have been reading about this are not aware of what is really happening there. Propaganda is really piling up! I thank God that I have a source for info. that I can ask questions to about all this, otherwise I’d be hoping that the rebels would win!

        Oh and…. yes , a sack of hair is dumber than a box of rocks! LOL!