FBI Document Identifying Sweeny Texas Muslim Training Center

There is a simple reason that we haven’t included a direct link to the FBI document. There is some technical reason that it won’t allow the URL to be picked up – it looks like a .pdf, but can’t be linked like a .pdf. So what I’ve done is, using a “snipping tool,” I picked up an image of the first page of the FBI document – what you would have seen if you exerted the 14 seconds (I timed it) it took to display the document. I also snipped most of page 14 of the same 17 page document that directly states that it has identified the MOA Islamic village outside of Sweeny, Tx.

Note that the document is heavily redacted and has been declassified, but you can still get enough information to verify that there really are MOA members in a compound in Sweeny, Texas. You may also note that they all appear to be blacks who are Muslim converts.

Here’s an .jpg image of page one:

Snip of FBI doc - page 1

Click to enlarge FBI document – page 1

And the snipped .jpg image of page 14:

Snip of FBI doc - page 14

Click to enlarge page 14 of FBI document

So, to sum up, there is some technical reason that we couldn’t provide a direct link to the FBI document – not because we didn’t want to or because the document didn’t exist. We’ve gone overboard to provide our readers with true, accurate information. All we ask it that you approach our posts in the same spirit.

As I indicated earlier, I timed how long it took the 17 page FBI document to display. From the time that I clicked on CW’s link:


and then clicked the link on the Clarion Project page, it took 14 SECONDS for the FBI document to display. Once there, you’ve got access to all 17 pages.

Now anyone who is too lazy to expend the energy it takes to click twice and wait 14 seconds isn’t someone who is really interested in seeing the truth, it’s just some immature troll playing at being obstinate.

If you’re still not convinced that there IS an FBI document that identifies a compound in Sweeny, TX as a Muslim of the Americas (MOA), you’re beyond help and just refuse to accept what you apparently don’t want to hear. And on top of that, you’re a dumbass.



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27 Responses to FBI Document Identifying Sweeny Texas Muslim Training Center

  1. Truth Seeker says:

    So if this is legit why isn’t Fox News covering it?

    • Hardnox says:

      Why don’t you call them and ask.

    • Garnet92 says:

      So the inference here is that if Fox News isn’t covering it, it’s not legit? I imagine if a raid on the compound raised the “newsworthiness” value, Fox would – in the meantime, isn’t it informative to know that such an entity exists?

  2. Terry says:

    Read it to me.

    Dumbass lazy troll from Kathy’s Freeport TX article.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Bingo! It seems that Kathy’s article brought out the Dumbass Lazy Troll (DLT) detachment to poke and prod her while not bothering to spend a quarter of a minute to view the FBI doc – how f’ing lazy can someone get?

  3. Terry says:

    Outstanding job, Garnet !

    • Garnet92 says:

      Thanx Terry. I was torn as to whether to spend the 15 minutes it took to add this post or just tell the DLTs to F off. I finally decided to show that we were not hiding anything – it was a technical issue, but the DLTs still won’t be convinced – at least those who were genuinely interested will see that we were the truth tellers – not the complaining DLTs.

  4. Mrs AL says:

    I wonder why folks don’t research on their own? I don’t understand that. Good grief!

    Great job here, Garnet.

    • Garnet92 says:

      I think that it’s because it would eliminate their talking point: that they “caught” us in a lie and that shows how smart they are. If they had just taken the 14 seconds to see the doc, there wouldn’t have been the opportunity to bitch about Kathy’s post. Thanks Mrs!

  5. Buck says:

    Texas is a hotbed of muslim extremists. Before I left the state there were several closings of businesses and charitable organizations funding terrorist activities. In Fort Worth a convenience store I frequented was suddenly one day closed. I was surprised to learn the store was supporting Hmas in a big way…
    Besides which. When infiltrating the Southern Border, Texas is right there…

    • Anne says:

      I have to wonder about the Muslim center down the road where l live in TX that is tucked into the side of an abandoned building and they scraped their sign off the door. Most residents here have no idea it exists. I know that my church doesn’t try to hide its existence, so what are they up to?

      • Good question, Anne.
        Maybe someone ought to be taking pictures and writing down plates n times, (just for parking concerns, of course)

      • JenZ says:

        Muslims have overrun an area of suburban Dallas, starting with a nearly inconspicuous muslim gathering place and now continuing with a huge mosque and a neighborhood called Medina Villas (or something like that). I have friends who have seen muslim women smacking their daughters in the grocery store parking lot for not properly walking behind them. They are driving in head coverings that make it impossible to drive safely. This has all happened in the last 5-7 years in this area, starting when a smaller suburb denied their petition to build a mosque in that town but they have located so close to that suburb that it’s nearly indestinguishable from the place they initially wanted to build (and the incidences I noted about the grocery and driving were both in that small suburb).

        • Garnet92 says:

          Well JenZ, that was news to me, but you are correct. There is indeed an “East Plano Islamic Center” in East Plano and near by a subdivision called “Medina Villas.”

          Looking at the area via Google Earth and Zillow, there is only one home listed for sale, at $425,000 although in the subdivision layout there are 45 lots and only 6 show to be unsold.

          It does appear to be very different from the Sweeny compound in that the images of activity in the Islamic Center appears to be all middle eastern types rather than black Muslims as in Sweeny. There also doesn’t appear to be any “training” areas since it’s across the street from an apartment complex and a golf course. It is certainly worth keeping an eye on though – and thanks for waking me up to what was otherwise unknown (at least to me).

          • JenZ says:

            You’re right – it is quite different from the place in Sweeny. My point in commenting was just to point out that muslims are creating enclaves all over the place, even where you wouldn’t necessarily expect them (or wouldn’t have expected them in previous time).

    • Garnet92 says:

      You know Buck, I can’t remember when I bought something at a convenience store (any one) and there wasn’t some middle eastern dude at the checkout – EVERY SINGLE ONE. For some reason, they have completely taken over the convenience store segment of our economy. I hardly stop at those anymore – partly for that reason.

      • That’s because, though they’re very good at running small businesses, they have a hard time managing their inbred-urge to molest kids and goats, rape whatever has legs and behead anything with a pulse. They NEED access to a “cooler” (for the milk, of course)

  6. Great job, Garnet! it’s truly sad, however, that a small group, like this, is one of the few sources of this kind of information. The MSM wouldn’t dare report something like this for fear of reprisal from “foreign entities”. Talk about abdication of truth and professionalism……..spineless bastards!!!

    • Garnet92 says:

      Thanks HEA, but we can’t be saying anything bad about our Muslim population, can we? I have lost any regard for the “good” lawful and peaceful Muslims since they have not spoken out against the bad guys. I know they’re probably scared, but if they won’t help us against the evil ones, what good are they? They have made a choice to remain silent and it positions them right in with the bad guys.

  7. Kathy says:

    Garnet, thank you very much for posting this and finally putting the issue to rest. I probably should have added it to the post, but with the links there, I said screw ’em.

    Like you said, most of those guys were more interested in the argument than the message in the post.

  8. Garnet92 says:

    I can dig it Kathy. How much time can we afford to spend replying to someone who simply refuses to take 14 seconds to see the doc? Screw ’em if they can’t take a joke, right? Congrats on your posting, it certainly generated a lot of traffic!

  9. Terry says:

    It sure got quiet around here all of a sudden .
    Could it be……the TRUTH ?
    Say it ain’t so, Joe !

    • Kathy says:

      I noticed that too. Funny how that happens when you smack ’em with facts, even if you have to spoon feed it to them.

  10. tannngl says:

    Amazing, Garnett. Thank you.