Freeport, Tx Cop is Member of Muslims of America

This excerpt is a follow up to my post on terrorist training camp in Sweeny, Texas.

Written by Pamela Geller and published at WND:

author-imageThe Texas compound is called “Mahmoudberg,” located in south Texas’ Brazoria County on County Road 3 near the town of Sweeny, which has a population of about 4,000. Jamaat ul-Fuqra was the jihad terrorist organization that murdered journalist Daniel Pearl, who had gone to try to interview its leader. According to an informed source, one of Pearl’s murderers now lives at Mahmoudberg.

I have discovered that a member of the MOA compound in Sweeny is a police officer for the nearby city of Freeport; his name is Hussein Jones. Informed and well-placed sources have told me that a few years ago, there was a shooting on the compound. County officers were called, as well as EMS. However, when they arrived, they faced hostile members of the compound who would not allow them inside.

A police officer who was at the scene said that as this confrontation was going on, a constable of the neighboring Fort Bend County came speeding up in his car and began angrily rebuking the police officers who were there. He also tried to prevent the officers and EMS technicians and paramedics from gaining access to the compound. This constable also turned out to be a member of the MOA compound. However, as a result of his behavior during this incident, he was fired from his position as constable, and county officials were ultimately able to get inside the compound, although Brazoria County police are still not allowed in.

My sources tell me also that the compound is made up of mobile buildings that the group regularly rearranges, always positioning them in a way so that if law enforcement had to storm the compound, they would be sitting ducks with a sure tactical disadvantage.

Police officials say there are no laws to stop this group from what they are doing, and they cannot do anything until they break some kind of law.

It is astonishing to me that these jihadists can so easily place themselves in positions of power right under our noses. How could law enforcement agencies in two different Texas counties have hired these two members of the MOA, even after vetting them – or did they vet them? Were they afraid of charges of “Islamophobia”? How can Hussein Jones still be employed by the Freeport Police Department?

These are essentially America’s no-go Shariah zones, where even police maintain a hands-off policy. Mahmoudberg’s sister terror compound in New York, Islamberg, contains a campus of “The International Quranic Open University,” at which students get training from manuals written by Jamaat ul-Fuqra leader Mubarak al-Gilani, who teaches them that the Muslim’s “foremost duty” is to “wage jihad” against the “enemies” of Islam. The students are also treated to Gilani’s poetic tirades against Western civilization and his jihad jingles, such as this marching song:

“Come join my troops and army,” Says our Sheikh Gilani. “Prepare to sacrifice your head. “A true believer is never dead. “Say ‘Victory is in the air,’ “The kafir’s blood will not be spared.”

Gilani boasts: “We give students specialized training in guerilla warfare. We are at present establishing training camps. You can easily reach us at Open Quranic offices in upstate New York or in Canada or in South Carolina or in Pakistan.”

And Sweeny, Texas. Where are the law enforcement officials who aren’t members of this compound? Too busy hunting for “right-wing extremists”?


This area of Texas is predominantly liberal, and with islamophobia running rampant, it’s likely the vetting process is slack.  It’s probably done by the same people that vet presidential candidates.

Since Pamela gave us more detail on the physical location than we had in my original post, I decided to pay them a visit. I stopped by the Sweeny Chamber of Commerce and picked up this map.

Screenshot (44)

Courtesy of Google Earth, I flew over the place and took some pictures of it.

Screenshot (41)

Pictures and links I found at the website confirmed that it is indeed the place. A commenter on the site, Saltwater Buck who lives in Brazoria County, posted much the same picture I did and had this to say,

“Yes this is it. And the sheriff’s office told me that they have one working in the nuclear plant, and Harris County constable, and an ER nurse, 2 at Phillips and at least 1 at the port of Houston.”

compound near Sweeny


Not only are they on the police force, they’re in other fields too, including a nuclear plant. These could be key positions and this location was likely not a random choice. With unsealed borders we are powerless to stop this. At least for now.


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177 Responses to Freeport, Tx Cop is Member of Muslims of America

  1. CW says:

    This is good work, Kathy. The more the word gets around the harder it will be for these people to hide what they’re doing and for people to ignore it.

    I looked at the website for the city of Sweeney and there was an article in the middle of the front page about this, so clearly they have concerns. It’s up to all Americans to be watchful.

  2. jayzee2000 says:

    If Texas will tolerate this (liberal area or not), is there anyplace that won’t? Even conservative areas are being infiltrated with progressives and muslims. God help us!

    • Kathy says:

      It’s more of that incrementalism, jayzee, they come in a few at a time, peaceful for years so the people get used to seeing them. After a while folks don’t notice that there’s lots more of them and in those wooded areas they couldn’t see a training camp. Likely it just looks like junk.

      • Infidel #7589839 says:

        The handy situation about the way they operate is that they DO commune together. While it makes it easier for them to plot against us, it also makes them easier to target. We are fools for having allowed this to get to this point but it’s high time to raise civil disobedience h*ll about it.

        How is this different than the Branch Davidian complex in Waco? Oh, that’s right… our GOVERNMENT favors the slimy muslims over the people who elected them. Oh, wait, that’s wrong too, there were too many red flags for the 08 and 12 elections to have been clean.

        Lock and load, folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  3. Mrs AL says:

    These folks occupy so many areas of the country it’s not funny.

    Here’s just one report from August of 2012:

    I don’t know that any State is not affected.

    Great post, Kathy. Thorough and scary to boot!

  4. Garnet92 says:

    Outstanding follow-up Kathy! At least they’re no longer totally under the radar. I imagine that some neighborhood “good old boys” are keeping an eye on them – at least I hope so. I’d sure want to know it if muzzies were creating a training camp in my back yard. Thanks for keeping this front an center.

    • Kathy says:

      It makes you wonder how many of us actually live close to them without realizing it. The infiltration has been slow and steady because like the commies, they are patient but determined.

      Like you, I’d never discount those ‘good ol’ boys’ – this is Texas after all.

  5. Hardnox says:

    We’ve got them in Virginia too. Three locations. The crazy part is that the DOJ is blocking any investigation into these groups simply because they have not been designated as “terrorists” by the State Dept. That is insane.

    At the same time, conservatives of any stripe are labeled domestic terrorists as a matter of policy.

  6. Clyde says:

    This is just P.C. insanity run amok. Sure hope the muslims start with beheading leftists. Maybe THEN the fookin’ morons will “get it”.

  7. Kathy says:

    Huge apologies to HEA and Hardnox – I forgot the hat tip. So sorry – blonde moment I guess.

  8. Terry says:

    Good post Kathy. I am beyond speechless and bewildered at what is being allowed to happen right under our noses.
    Will nobody stop this giveaway of our country ?

  9. Sherry says:

    They are gone. No, most people in the area were not aware. Liberal? That is the Dumbest comment you had. Brazoria County residents are NOT liberal, this is the land of Dr. Ron Paul

    • Kathy says:

      Who are gone, Sherry? The muzzies?

      No offense intended by the liberal remark because you are surrounded by them. Brazoria county and maybe a few others are the exception while more of them move into our state every day.

    • Lisa says:

      I was going to say the same thing about the liberal comment. Totally wrong. In the 2012 election, about 70% of the county voted Republican. It was probably higher than that if you just look at Southern Brazoria County (remove Pearland). Surrounding counties are also quite conservative, other than those with high minority makeup, which typically vote Democrat, but not your extreme Liberal. Based on that and some incorrect “facts”, I wrote off the entire article.

  10. Huie Harkey says:

    Sherry-“They are gone.”??? How do you know? Where did they go?

  11. Terri M says:

    shame on you for printing that officer’s name. He is a good man and is not a terrorist. you people are fear mongers. I’m totally disgusted!

    • Kathy says:

      Terri, if that’s all you got out of this post then I would kindly suggest you re-read it. Only this time take the blinders off so you can see the larger picture. He is a member of the MOA, backed by terrorists who specialize in guerilla training. This has been going on for years.

      You’re right to be disgusted but you’re aiming it the wrong direction. There are stories all over the internet that state these guys are just waiting for ‘the word.’

      Sure he’s a good man. For now.

      • Shari says:

        I’m sure Hitler was “just a nice feller”, who coffee klatched with his neighbors, right ? And, Attila the Hun would never miss a PRA meeting……..uh hunh. Terrorists are allowed to infiltrate our counties, cities and job places, because the American people are so complacent, and, sadly, have, for the most part, forgotten how to kill their own snakes-they figure it looks “more hospitable and friendly” if they depend on someone else to do the stuff like protect the country. The officer is a “good guy”…..really ? Has he denied that he’s part of that scene ? Part of the potential problem ? Or is he so good at the shuck and jive game, that the people who think they know him, don’t know him at all…..

        • Kathy says:

          Great observations, Shari, thanks for dropping in. Complacency is a big problem in this country. A lot of people never stop to think that if these guys really wanted to blend in and be part of society, they wouldn’t live in compounds, communes, whatever. They would buy or rent a house in a neighborhood like the rest of us do.

    • Justice says:

      Shame on who ?!! No we the people of the United States have the right to know who are all our corrupted officers who we need to watch !!!

  12. TYH says:

    Thank you so much for the informative article.

  13. betsy says:

    Is this legit. There are some many plants in this area. Why hasn’t the FBI been involved yet. I have way to much family here and will be moving back to my hometown in July. Something needs to be done.

    • Kathy says:

      Betsy, welcome to N&F. Yes, it’s legit, I’m sorry to say. They haven’t broken any laws, so the authorities have no reason to intervene.

      Pamela Geller has been reporting on Islam & muslim activity for a long time and is a very reliable source.

      Here’s a link to her website if you’re interested. Also on the right side of this page we list other sites of interest. Bare Naked Islam is another one with tons of info.

  14. pamela jester says:

    Scared to death because I live in West Columbia and was not aware of this but have always expected it to be in our area. I have a question though, why does everything have to be about political preference, they have infiltrated every sector and there is no stopping them. It is because of our own ignorance that this is happening. Start being nosy and getting to know your neighbors. I have always said 20+yrs ago that this would happen because they were taking over all of our gas stations here, I would notice they would bring them in for training then they would disappear after the training, kinda got my attention and I told several people I was worried about it, seemed strange to me. Not only that, they would steal my change from me and not give it to me, so it made me feel some sort of hate towards me. I am not someone who hates or is prejudice, I have friends of all nationalities, political preferences, and gender and they are all wonderful friends!! Some of the best hearted people I have ever known. As I always say.. it IS what’s in the heart not on the outside. My only prayer can be hopefully everyone will come together instead of labeling each other. We ARE the human race and need to stick together no matter what I preferences are or the enemies will take us all down. Now I want to move from there because of the Nuclear Plant! I bet they have been digging tunnels all the way to the Nuclear plant from Sweeney. God help us all!

    • Kathy says:

      That wouldn’t surprise me in the least, Pamela, and thanks for the visit. You’re right, we are all the human race, but with very different goals.

  15. Terri M says:

    You are full of crap. this is nothing but an article to stir up the uninformed base. this is not accurate at all. the local authorities have addressed this. they have NEVER been denied access. The part where you say a ft. bend officer just happened on the scene. that is impossible because this area is 50 miles from the ft. bend county line so would like to know how and why he was in the south side of brazoria county then. we have federal officers all over this area and make sure we are protected. to put this out here to rile up rednecks who now want to go show these AMERICAN CITIZENS what for is disgusting. And yes they are AMERICAN CITIZENS BORN AND RAISED HERE. This officer you name is an excellent officer. I know him. I know he doesn’t live in sweeney. but go ahead and promote your lies and hate!!! Shame you !

    • Kathy says:

      Terri, if you have a problem with this story you can take it up with the author at

      Hasan, another nice guy, was in the Army for over 12 years before he killed 12 people and wounded even more at Ft. Hood. Then there’s the story about the muslim police officer in Idaho who killed a guy’s dog because it passed his prayer path. Those young men in Boston were probably nice for a long time too before they blasted people to smithereens. And those guys who took flying lessons prior to 9/11…

      You probably get my drift.

    • bob barker says:

      Terri, since you know them so well, please tell me who Horace Panton is and his wife Aisha? What were they doing back in Hesperia, California and why did they move here to Texas? Who is Nuh Abdullah and why does he have direct connections to New York?
      Kathy, pay attention here. I gave Pamela this information and apparently she didn’t find it worth investigating.
      Look into these characters:
      Mohammed Aftabodeen, Bibi Hussain, – what’s there connection to Lynbrook NY, Jamaica, NY and South Richmond, NY?
      Muhammad Nurriddin, Worrell Hawa, Hortencia Munoz, Majano, Aminn Karim-Zeabain Joseph
      Also look into these two characters:
      Mark Howard out of Sweeny and Walter Henderson from West Columbia.

    • Ken Barber says:

      Terri M, The devil always has his defenders. You will probably be the first they rape and behead! Muslims are bound to Jihad. It is not a preference nor something only “radical Islam” does. Islam is under Global Jihad!
      In this article: “Life has become unbearable for our church members who have survived these attacks, and they are making worship services impossible.” But remember: the real problem is “Islamophobia.”

      Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

    • Terry says:

      @Terri M. Would that ‘M’ happen to stand for ‘Mohammad’ ?
      You are either one of them, or you are woefully uninformed and ignorant.

    • Kathy T says:

      Everyone is overreacting. It is none of our business what happens on PRIVATE PROPERTY.

      • gpront says:

        You’re kidding, right? If indeed it is true that that it is a Jihadi training camp, then how is it not EVERYBODY’S business?! Criminal conspiracy isn’t allowed even on private property! This compound has the earmarks of being a clear and present danger to national security. Let’s hope that the authorities are gathering evidence behind the scenes for a proper search warrant. Meanwhile, thank God someone is paying attention and sounding a sensible warning!

        • Kathy says:

          Appreciate the comments, sir, as I was just about to say that everything going on in our country, especially in this regard, is most certainly our business. If you’re ignoring issues on private property, then you are part of the problem, and it could very well blow up in your face. Literally.

      • Mark Allen says:

        Just like it was none of our business that a bunch of Saudi nationals were taking flight training in 2000 & 2001. You are an idiot. I, for one, will not allow your stupidity to cost the life of me or mine.

        • Kathy says:

          Agreed Mark, this thread is full of idiots. Personally, I do care what happens on private property and I think it’s something we should all be concerned about, especially when it’s in our own back yard.

          Kathy T is one of those people who won’t ‘get it’ until the SHTF, then she’ll ask ‘why didn’t somebody tell me?’

    • CRC says:

      uh… don’t even know how to spell Sweeny. Who are you?

    • I cannot find a copy of the “FBI report” that says this “compound” is a terrorist training site. The people on here also don’t know the difference between a American Black Muslims and extremists.

      • Hardnox says:

        You won’t. That is the purview of the State Dept. The FBI is controlled by the Dept. of Justice headed by Eric Holder.

      • Mrs AL says:

        Frederum. what is the difference? May sound like a silly question, but maybe it would be of help in the discussion here.

        I am Always Learning.

        • Yes it does matter because supposedly this whole story is based on a supposed FBI Report that the Clarion Report got their hands on. All I am hearing on this whole story is conjecture and no evidence and a bunch of hysterics with nothing to backup the story.

          • Mrs AL says:

            I did not make myself clear, Frederum, I was asking what’s the difference between “American Black Muslims and extremists.” I am asking for a sentence or two defining that difference. While I could make comment about it, my preference is hearing it from you given you made the statement.

            Thanx in advance.

      • Terry says:

        @Frederum : If they are true muslims, there IS NO difference. A muzzie is a muzzie is a muzzie. If they practice the muslim ideology,(notice I did not say religion) they are sworn to kill infidels. And, unless you are also a muzzie, that includes YOU. Doesn’t matter what color they are.

        You morons better wake up out there.

      • Terry says:

        @Frederum…Well look what I found when I clicked on your name. It explains a lot of your blind ignorance.


        So you are an Obama lover and a homo too. Who could have guessed ?

        • Terry says:

          Hmmm…sorry that didn’t come out right, so I’ll paraphrase what Frederum stated :

          Dated 2012:
          “Don’t tell my conservative friends, but I have developed a crush on Obama, and I hope he wins re-election.”

          If you click on his name, you can see it for yourself.

          • Sarcasm is way beyond your intellectual capability to grasp Terry.

            • Terry says:

              ….and apparently the fact that muzzies intent on taking over this country and exterminating infidels (including you) have infiltrated every part of this once great nation. is beyond YOUR mental capability.

              Seems you are more focused on defending your area, than defending Our Nation. You have gained nothing, nor offered anything, to this conversation.

    • Byron says:

      Teri M, you have no clue what you are saying. I am in law enforcement and happened to be working the night the incident occurred and your an idiot to think it’s not happening. Byron

  16. pamela jester says:

    To the ones that are saying he is a good do u know?? I have met several terrorist/everyday people that I thought were good men only to find out later they were not. They are masters of manipulation and can fool you so easy into thinking that. BEWARE!

  17. Terri M says:

    And I’m pretty sure you are ruining this man’s life for nothing but a scare tactic!

  18. I have lived in this area most of my life. (growing up just a few miles from this compound.) I must correct you on one thing – this area is PREDOMINATELY Conservative. The second most conservative area of the state outside of Dallas, nearly six hours away. The most disconcerting part of this report is not the obvious xenophobia and intolerance for anyone with the Muslim faith, of which I am not a part, but the inaccuracy contained in it. The named officer is not a resident of Sweeny, the police have never been denied access and the trailers are not regularly rearranged, That would take thousands of dollars and permits filed with the county — of which could be found with the FoIA if you cared to follow good journalistic practices — but if you had you would come up empty as again it is untrue. This kind of propaganda and hunger for hits is disingenuous, deceitful, and unethical. You should be ashamed.

  19. John says:

    Which precinct/office of Harris county constable?

  20. cv says:

    Katy, Thank u & I hope u continue to scope out things like this for us that can’t see what going on behind closed doors, but ask u do they know of any more names that u know of. And I pray for u & for Texas & for Brazoria county. I work in the Dow plant it’s kind of scary, but I stand on God’s word of protection. God bless u.

  21. SRF says:

    Good man? Then why did he change his god given name to Hussein? People don’t generally change their names because of their religion.

  22. gpront says:

    As a premillennial Christian, I have been interested in Israel, and in Jewish history for most of my 67 years. As part of that interest, I have also been keenly interested in Muslim history, current events in the Middle East, and terrorist methods and motivation. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Islamic groups like this are extremely dangerous and should be distrusted and closely watched. Yes, there are many “moderate Muslims” in America, but those people, like many Christians, simply don’t understand their own religion and their holy books. I have read the Qur’an. It does not describe a “peaceful religion.” Even more, the Hadiths, which are more or less to Islam what the Talmuds are to Judaism, foster nothing but hatred for Christians and Jews. Promoting coexistence and tolerance with Islam is a death wish. People associated with communities like the one you describe here are by definition NOT “nice people”! Thanks for your diligence, Kathy!

    • pamela jester says:

      AMEN! It is up to us to keep our eyes and ears open and know what goes on around us.

    • Kathy says:

      Thanks for the comments and the visit, gpront. Too many folks equate laying low with being good people. How many times, after a tragedy, have we heard stuff like ‘Wow, I didn’t see that coming.’ or ‘He was such a good boy.’? Too many times, especially the past few years.

    • Mrs AL says:

      Great comment, Ron.

  23. Ok, if they are training people for “jihad” and there are known terrorist there and they are using books, etc, by known terrorists, then this has to be some sort of law breaking. We need to get these people out of our country and shut down any form of Sharia law before it begins to take over areas like it has in so many other countries. We only have one law of the land, and we need to make sure that it is abided by.

  24. Aaron says:

    hahaha to the woman that meets terrorist on a daily basis…

  25. Terry says:

    @Aaron…Though your last comment was deleted, I saw it.

    You are a rude, disgusting little asshole. The comments you made about Kathy are WAY out of line, punk.

    Kathy has more wisdom and class than you could EVER hope to achieve. She does her homework. I suggest you do yours.

    • Then why is she spreading a story that does not have any evidence to back it up? That is far from having class or wisdom. Its nutjobs like you and your ilk that make the Republican party look bad and one of the reasons we lost the last election and have four more years of Obama.

      • Terry says:

        You have been supplied with links to the info you demand. Does someone need to read it to you ?

        And I’d say that statements from RINO’s such as yourself that say :
        ” I have secretly developed a mancrush on Obama, and I hope he wins the 2012 election ” ….may be the reason we lost the last 2 elections. You show all traits of being a 2 faced libtard, and I suspect you are actually a squirmy little troll. Slither on over to HuffPo where you will be welcomed.

  26. Hardnox says:

    What is disturbing about many of the comments on this thread is that many are pissed about the lib label but are not worried about the jihadis in their midst.

    I don’t get it.

    Further, some attack Kathy as the author of the piece when in fact it was Pam Geller who wrote it.

    Reading comprehension is a lost skill these days.

    • Lisa says:

      Hardnox, Kathy wrote the comment about the area being predominantly liberal, which is totally false. That one, easy to research, comment proves her lack of intelligence and lack of journalistic skills.

      • Kathy says:

        Lisa, have you looked around you? Your area is surrounded by blue. I may be off about your particular county, but there is a lot of blue in south Texas.

        I find it ridiculous that many of you got stuck on that one statement and completely miss the point of the post. Hardnox is right – comprehension is a lost skill.

    • Well Kathy is help spreading the story and yall are the ones that don’t have reading comprehension. I have been researching this story for several days and nowhere is there posted a copy of the FBI report that states that THERE IS A TERRORIST COMPOUND IN SWEENEY, BRAZORIA COUNTY, TEXAS. There is no hard evidence to back up her story and you are all morons for believing it without demanding docuemenation to backup the story.

  27. Rick mahan says:

    The reason groups can slide in and take a foot hold is obvious. Kathy, you said it yourself,liberal , the politicians have successfully divided this country and idiots like you have jumped on the band wagon, and you wonder what has happened? Until we quit this us versus them mentality we will never grow as a country. Both parties are responsible for this whole mess!

    • Hardnox says:

      How’s that Rick? Who’s the idiot?

      What do you propose? Should we not choose sides if one side has already embraced idiocy?

      You are quite right that both parties have caused much of our problems but it sure as hell isn’t conservatives. Attacking the messenger isn’t the answer either. These days a person needs to chose a side. Silence is consent. Silence is what has caused so much of the problems today.

      • pamela jester says:

        @Hardnox I choose the side of truth!! Exactly why I have done over 40 yrs worth of research on politicians, just because they say it doesn’t mean it is true and they count on the lazy Americans to not research and sadly most don’t. Thank God for college.

    • Mrs AL says:

      Rick … Your base assessment is spot-on, “liberal, the politicians.”

      I don’t agree with the characterization of Kathy or her post.

      The “us versus them” mentality is, IMO, a part of life. It’s a constant.

      I also agree with you that “both parties are responsible for this whole mess.”

      And finally, I agree with Hardnox that “silence” is not golden in this context.

    • Kathy says:

      Rick, I didn’t create the us versus them situation, but I did pick a side I can believe in and support.

      Get out of the middle of the road or you’ll get run over from both directions.

    • pamela jester says:

      AMEN Rick! Everyone is to blame, even us!

    • pamela jester says:

      Kathy, how do I stop these comments from coming to my email? Driving me crazy! Anyone who thinks this County is predominately liberal hasn’t lived here all of their life and hasn’t known lots of people. This area IS predominately conservative! I am so sick of the blame game when we are ALL to blame.

    • CW says:

      I’m having trouble following some of the comments here with respect to “blame” and “divisiveness,” etc. The U.S. was attacked on 9/11 and on other occasions by Muslim extremists who had lived among us and pretended to assimilate while plotting attacks against us. Thousands of Americans have been killed. Those who are paying attention have also been watching as around the world countries are struggling with Muslims who move into their countries and often bring violence, cultural upheaval and terrorist-breeding programs with them. Humans are given eyes, ears and brains for a reason, that being that they can pay attention and protect themselves, which is precisely what people are trying to do when they WISELY bring attention to anything that could potentially be an indication of the problems I cited above. It’s what we teach our children to do when we warn them to be wary of strangers, even though we know not all strangers are bad. It’s called self-protection and it’s not only the smart thing to do it’s a natural part of the human instinct until people become diseased with liberalism and forego their natural instincts in order to prove to us how “tolerant” they are.

      Reasonable Muslims who are sincerely here to assimilate and embrace the U.S. will understand and do what they can to re-assure the people around them, just like reasonable men understand why women might be cautious around them until they know them better.

      The blame for the distrust between Americans and Muslims or Christians and Muslims belongs with those Muslims who’ve committed horrific acts against Americans and Christians and those Muslims whose silence implies approval. If you want to vent some anger, why not direct it at them?

      • Kathy says:

        Thanks for adding that, CW, you said it very well. Some will get it and some will stay stuck on ‘why can’t we all just get along?’ even though you just explained the reason.

  28. GDL says:

    This area of Texas is predominately liberal??? This is Ron Paul’s old district.

  29. gpront says:

    Hmm, I dropped by here again to respond to some points made by “Aaron”, but they seem to be gone.

    “you think the US army would allow armies to form if this was true police wouldn’t be storming the land the US Army would…they can sneak into another country and kill a man in a fort but cant wipe out a group off in the forest some where? common sense says something doesn’t add up with her accusations”

    See, the thing is that one man’s common sense is often the other man’s ignorance. These days our government seems very schizophrenic overseas. Obama has his drone program, and occasionally he’s willing to go out on a limb and allow the military to launch some daring operation like the Bin Laden attack, but mostly he sits on his thumbs and makes empty threats and promises nobody believes any more. On domestic soil, his policy is appeasement and looking the other way. In this case, Homeland Security SHOULD be on point, utilizing both federal and local resources. If there ever were a raid, I would expect a joint force of FBI, ATF, and the county sheriff’s office. Probably the Texas Rangers as well, and maybe others. Certainly NOT the Army! Unfortunately, whether anything gets done or not will NOT be ruled by common sense, but by what Obama perceives to be most politically advantageous.

    “american soldiers are over in other countries soil killing them but somehow they are not terrorist, ask the ppl over there see if they don’t think they are, its not wrong for anyone to train to protect the integrity of their beliefs isn’t that what america is SUPPOSED to represent and fight for?”

    That quote begs the question: Is Aaron bending truth in defense of his own religion, or is he simply ignorant of what that religion teaches? Among other things: The entire planet MUST be brought under subjection to Shariah Law; any tactic is permissible in that endeavor, including lies, propaganda, and of course murder; all infidels are inferior beasts and should be enslaved and treated as such; it is not only okay, but laudable, to kill Christians and Jews (in fact, in the Last Days, the “prophet” Jesus will return to Earth to do expressly that); and so on. Kathy, it is BOTH an ideology and a religion. Insofar as our military intention is to weed out and kill violent Jihadis, it is self-defense and pure justice.Sticking around to build democracies is misguided and doomed to failure. You can’t make a democratic society where the overwhelming sentiment of the nations activists is theocratic. And negotiations with “radical” Muslim governments makes as much sense as the police negotiating with serial killers.

    “you said they are taught to fight the enemies of Islam meaning (peace) so are you yourself a enemy of Islam? you don’t even know what Islam is you watch tv and agree because your too stupid to ascertain facts.”

    Back at you, Aaron! Read the Qur’an for yourself and you’ll see how “peace” is defined by Islam. Any American who is not an enemy of Islam, should be! Unfortunately, no American administration, Republican or Democrat, has advisers who are qualified to understand that, or the history of the Middle East.

    My final comment to Aaron is that the typical left-wing debate style of trashing opponents with belittling and offensive personal attacks is a tacit admission that your stance is basically indefensible, and is a demonstration of a woeful lack of character.

    Sorry for being so long-winded…

    • Kathy says:

      Never apologize for being long winded – words are all we have at this point.
      Very well spoken, sir. I agree completely especially on the topic of trashing opponents with personal attacks. It’s quite common for lefties to do since they have nothing solid to defend.

      And that is why Aaron is gone. He ignored the comment policy and that gets people booted off here.

      Thanks for the comments and the visit.

  30. Dap says:

    Deport them all for terroristic threat to our country

  31. shanay says:

    Thank you for informing people.. obviously sweeny police are in on it since they.don’t want to.inform anyone.. you can’t assume everyone’s knows about this I’ve lived here 22 years and am just hearing this is sickens me.. especially ex cop Kasey Kennedy he seems to think its a joke!! Bet he s part of it!!!!!

    • Kathy says:

      It’s understandable that you wouldn’t know about it because they’re prone to keeping a low profile. I’m not familiar with this Kennedy guy you mentioned, but one of the other commenters mentioned a few names too that you might know. If you have the time, scroll up to the beginning of the thread and look at bob barker’s comments. Some of those names might mean something to you. It might help you put some of the pieces together.

      Thanks for the visit and your input, shanay.

  32. jlgerman1223 says:

    What I love is, you put a comment “they” don’t like……and it gets deleted! Kind of remind you of Natzi German? They are all Muslims, let’s kill them all for our kind? Nice. Bet your parents are proud.

    • Kathy says:

      That’s not entirely accurate – I don’t like you already but I let you through. So, knock yourself out, genius. The floor’s all yours. First though, save yourself some embarrassment – there’s no T in Nazi.

      • jlgerman1223 says:

        Personally, I really don’t give a Damn what you think. You don’t even know me, most people LOVE me! But, what I do know is I DO live in the area mentioned in this article and it IS mis-represented. I just think it is a dangerous thing if we start pointing fingers at people because of their religious/political affiliations. I mean, where are all the pointy words for Timothy McVeigh. He was an AMERICAN, a veteran at that! Where is all the hate for “his kind”? Where is all the hate for race on race crime? Or does that not count because you are white and it doesn’t effect you as much? As for calling me out for mis-spelling one word, if that’s how you get your kicks, then right on! Let your FREAK FLAG FLY!!!!!!

        • Kathy says:

          jlgerman, I can certainly see how you’d be easy to love (cough, cough) but so far as I know it’s still a free country and we can point fingers wherever we want to and that includes your neighbors.

          You hear that twig snap just about the time you’re dozing off? Sweet dreams, bubba.

    • Terry says:

      @jlgerman…you said “let’s kill them all for our kind?” in a sarcastic manner. But guess what…if they are a true muzzie, that’s EXACTLY what they have planned for us infidels. And unless you are one of them, that includes YOU !

  33. figtreetx says:

    There are no friendly Muslims in that their religion forbids association with infidels and people of the book meaning Christians. Their whole purpose is to dominate the world by force or stealth and they are doing a good job of it. Until Americans realize that Muslims all of them will never be our friends and stop trying to be politically correct and stop bending backwards for them and realize that they are and always will be our enemies and guard against them. Here in the west we are civilized and are ruled by laws unlike Muslim lands who openly kill non believers are taking advantage of our laws! Islam is a demonic religion straight from hell.

    • I have friends that are devout practicing Muslims and spend time with them quite often and in their homes. You are misinformed.

    • Kathy says:

      figtreetx, thanks for the input and the visit. I too am sick of the PC crap and the bending over backwards to this plague of locusts. We’re to a point where we’re accommodating everyone except the residents.

      If their ‘religion’ and way of life is so good why are they not content to stay at home?

  34. Barry says:

    First, you misspelled Detective Jones’ first name. Second, he’s obviously never been convicted of any type of serious criminal act, as he is still eligible to have a valid Peace Officer license in the state of Texas. Third, Brazoria County (and ESPECIALLY that area!) is anything but “predominantly liberal”.

    I’m sorry, Ms. Gellar, but three hajjis in a trailer house does not a terror compound make.

    Last I checked, this was America, and Americans are allowed to practice any religion they choose…even if they want to wear pasta colanders on their heads and pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    I was baptized in a church belonging to the Southern Baptist Convention, and have spent 95% of my life right here in Brazoria County. I have family living right down the road from these people you are accusing as “terrorists”.

    Could it be that they possibly choose to live in trailer houses in the woods because of backward and bigoted individuals who scream “terrorist!” every time they encounter someone with brown skin and a funny accent?

    Please do me a favor and stay out of Brazoria County if you’re going to do nothing but slander our residents.

    Registered Republican, conservative, English-speaking, Texan, and neighbor to those you are spreading lies about.

    • It seems to me if she is spreading this story that she would want to have a look at the actual evidence which nobody seems to be able to provide. Im still waiting for someone to show me the copy of the FBI report that states that this is a terrorist compound.

      • Hardnox says:

        Don’t you get tired of asking the same questions when the answers have already been provided?

        • Barry says:

          I’ve also yet to see these so-called “FBI documents” specifically mentioning investigations into persons living in Brazoria County. To date, every link I’ve tracked to its bitter end has shown nothing but a very ominous and evil-looking phone bill.

          • Kathy says:

            You’re starting to bore me. Contact your namesake there at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, he’s got all the documents you’d ever want to see.

            • Barry says:

              Oh, does the truth bore you?

              Somehow, I’m not surprised…

              • CW says:

                Barry: >>”I’ve also yet to see these so-called “FBI documents” specifically mentioning investigations into persons living in Brazoria County.”

                Here’s an article that contains a link to the FBI docs (First line of 4th paragraph):

                Took me all of two minutes to find it, and it mentions more than phone numbers. The report is a far cry from your “three hajjis in a trailer house” characterization.

                • Barry says:

                  Instead of sharing a link to the websites you’re cribbing from, howsabout you share a link to the actual documentation you’re referring to that says people living in Brazoria County are terrorists?

                  • CW says:

                    I started to use the link to the FBI docs but when I tested it it didn’t seem to work right so to be safe I directed you to where to find it. Should take you all of 10 seconds if you’re as sincerely interested as you claim to be.

                    And howsabout you drop the attitude.

                  • Kathy says:

                    Barry, you know what your problem is? You’re actually a democrat. You attack our information, but you don’t do your own research. Instead of demanding information from us, how about you go talk to your neighbors and decide for yourself if you can trust them. You can read, right?

                    You want more information?? Go look it up for yourself if you really care because we don’t work for you.

                    If you don’t have a problem with those guys living in your back yard, we sure as hell don’t either. Happy 4th of July, buddy.

                    • garnet92 says:

                      TO ALL WHO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE ABSENCE OF AN FBI DOCUMENT: There IS one. If you were really intellectually interested in the truth, you’d go to the link that CW (and others) provided above and within that article is a reference to “A 2007 FBI record.” That’s another link and that one WILL take you to the (heavily redacted) FBI document that verifies that the FBI did identify the Sweeny, Texas compound as an MOA compound.

                      I was able to see all seventeen pages of the document. Unfortunately, this editor does not support imbedding an image within a comment or I would have posted a “snipped” portion just to validate that it is there. Am I so much smarter than you deniers? Or do you prefer to bitch rather than learn the truth?

                      You can see the FBI document in 10-15 seconds if you just try.

                    • Kathy says:

                      Garnet, thanks for adding that information, although it’s likely lost on this bunch. Most of them seem to rant and rage, then move on to the next topic of their ire, without hanging around long enough to actually learn anything.

                    • Barry says:


                      Don’t tell me “go look it up, it’s in the article” or any of that nonsense. The actual hyperlink to the actual document is what we want to see.

                      It takes more time to comment on this article than it does to copy and paste a URL, so just do it and save everyone the time and effort.

                      A flat-out refusal to do this makes you look like a moron.

                      Do it, and I’ll apologize. Hell, I’ll not only apologize for doubting you, but I’ll give you a ride and supply the ammo if you can show me a link saying the FBI says we have people involved in a terrorist organization living in Brazoria County.

                      If you’re unwilling to do that, stop acting as if we’re being lazy, unpatriotic, or “democrat”, and admit that you’re just blowing smoke.

                    • Kathy says:

                      Barry, last time I looked I didn’t see you on my list of dependents, so it’s not up to us to spoon feed you. In the time it took you to type that verbal vomit, you could have already been there. You sound like a 6 year old throwing a temper tantrum because somebody didn’t shove a cookie in your face the moment you demanded it.

                      It’s obvious you’re not really here for answers, you just want to fight. Well, the fight for you is right down the road…just wait for it. They’ve got all the documents you’ll ever need. It’s called the Quran and if you ask real nice, they’ll read it to you.

        • Zareck says:

          I have researched this story extensively as well. Nowhere is there a link or copy of the FBI report that states the residence in Sweeney is a terrorist training compound.

          • Hardnox says:

            As I have written before. You won’t.

            The State Dept. is the only agency that has the ability to label any group.

            Therefore, the FBI will not have that group on the list.

            • Zareck says:

              Well according to the origin of this story which is the Clarion Project there was an FBI report that substaniates the fact that the “compound” in Sweeney is a terrorist training camp. Therefore your statement makes no sense since the whole basis and origin of this story is that there is an FBI report about this compound. The evidence does not add up.

              • Hardnox says:

                Zareck, you’re a bit on the dense side.

                1. there was a complaint by locals.
                2. The cops checked it out and deferred to the FBI.
                3. The FBI can’t do shit about it since the State Dept HAS NOT added this group to the known terrorist list… for unknown reasons even though the members are linked to jihadi groups.

                GOT IT.

                If you have a beef with this article I recommend that you contact Pam Geller, the author.

                In the meantime, keep telling yourself that all is well with those peaceful jihadis while you are singing kumbaya and arguing about bullshit semantics.

  35. Ron Jones says:

    Border security and stricter immigration laws are the problem. The most powerful country in the world is letting vermin slither into our country in every way imaginable. We are being invaded from every direction. I have no problem with people wanting a better life, but if you come to the USA, leave your previous life behind and retrain yourself to the American way. Sneak into numerous other countries around the world and you won’t just get a free ride back across the border. We are fighting wars in foreign countries to preempt destruction on our own soil, rebuilding the countries we tear down,and supplying them with weapons and technology, to only be setting ourselves up for attack from the inside as the decoy for a massive external attack from our new friends we have torn down and rebuilt. Hope and pray our military, police, and various other law enforcement stand up to the oath they swore to disobey any orders given that violate the US Constitution and the people they are here to protect. Mention of Shariah Law earlier in the comments isn’t a huge step from Martial Law, just my POV. Lock and load, stock up on ammo, learn some basic survival skills, and be a part of the solution and not part of the problem. History will repeat itself. Please forgive me if I have misspelled anything.

  36. Texas John says:

    I have seen them selling stuff a few miles away at Walmart in West Columbia. I told a guy that worked for walmart that I would never buy any of their stuff. What else could I have done?

  37. Garnet92 says:

    TO ALL WHO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE ABSENCE OF AN FBI DOCUMENT: like Barry, for instance. Here’s a link that explains it all:
    Click on that one.

    • Barry says:

      HERE’S WHY YOU FAIL. See? I also know how to use that capslock button!

      1. MOA has lots of members. Evidence arises that alleges certain members have committed criminal acts. This does not indicate that all members are criminals, nor does it indicate that the organization itself is of a criminal nature, any more than an entire police department or even the US military are “criminal organizations” based upon the actions of a slight minority of their membership.

      2. The FBI document states only that MOA members live in Sweeny, not that any members of MOA living in Sweeny are “terrorists” or have engaged in any sort of criminal activity. All are US citizens, having been born right here in America, and are afforded the same constitutional protections as you and I…including but not limited to freedom of religion, freedom from unwarranted searches, and right of due process.

      3. The shooting that took place at this alleged “terror compound”, according to your very own “uncovered FBI document”, suggests that the member known as Terrance Davis III (or Salaminma Dawood) was shot accidentally as the members were lawfully exerting deadly force by RETURNING unlawful gunfire in their direction by persons attempting to either harass or murder them. Texas ain’t New York City…if someone starts shooting at you while you stand in your own front yard, you don’t go to prison for shooting back. Even if you are a Muslim.

      So far, you’ve yet to link any FBI documents showing that anyone responsible for any “terrorist activities” (or for that matter, any other criminal activity) is located at this so-called “compound”…unless, of course, you believe that exercising a right guaranteed by the United States Constitution is now a “crime”.

      And to think, the message in your link suggests that I am a “dumbass”, when you can’t even prove your own arguments with your own so-called evidence.

      That’s why you suck at the internet and fail at life.

      • Terry says:

        Barry (Soetero ?)
        ….”MOA has lots of members”…. Doesn’t that alone frighten you ?
        That they are ” ….afforded freedom of religion, freedom from unwarranted searches, and right of due process….”, which is exactly what they will take from you and me as their numbers grow. Unless you are also a muzzie (which I am suspecting), do you not realize you will be slaughtered right along with the rest of us ‘infidels’ ?

        Indeed they are entitled to their privacy, but why would they need it. If they want to be Americans, why don’t they assimilate and become part of this great nation, instead of having a clandestine compound ?
        Do you REALLY think they are there planning ways to further nurture our American ways, and how to “exercise rights guaranteed by the constitution”?

        Is your rejection of this whole idea based on your loyalty to the area in question, or your loyalty to the murderous ideology that muslims embrace ?

        If it’s the latter, then you suck at being intelligent, and fail at being an American .

        • Barry says:

          Yes, that’s really going to earn you some Brownie Points around here! Call my pasty-white Southern Baptist ass a “muzzie”. Lulz. As for being “slaughtered with the rest of the infidels”, I’m about as worried of that as I am of chemtrails, FEMA camps, and the HAARP machine…which is to say, not really that worried.

          Why would they need privacy? I’m guessing for the same reasons you don’t want random people rummaging through all of your stuff and I don’t want people rummaging through mine. Exactly what are YOU doing to “nurture our American ways”, specifically? Agreeing with the other posters on this forum that American citizens should be hunted down and killed on the mere basis of their religion?

          My “rejection of this whole idea” is based on loyalty not to a geographic area, nor a religion I am not a part of, but rather a loyalty to sanity and common sense.

          I’m not denying that there are some straight-up crazy mofos on this planet that hate us…but I’m not stupid enough (or for that matter, paranoid enough) to think everyone that prays to a different invisible man in the sky is out to kill me and everything I love. Sorry, I’m just not that crazy…

      • Kathy says:

        Ahhh, Barry, I see you didn’t forget us, you just needed a couple of days to gather your thought (singular). It’s nice to know where you stand for when the SHTF. I’m sure your friends will have your back.

        • Barry says:

          Nope, just needed a couple of days off work. Some of us have one of those things called a “job”…and if you had any knowledge of this area whatsoever, you’d know that most grown men work in some form of industrial plant that includes long shifts that are occasionally on nights and/or weekends.

          Sorry if you feel that arguing with mindless bigots on the internet is somehow more important than making sure my family gets to enjoy luxuries such as eating, staying warm, and utilizing running water…but I seriously doubt my woman and kids would feel that way.

          As far as the feces making contact with that proverbial oscillator, I sure as hell don’t plan on being dependent upon people like you. I prefer to stick to my own kind…you know, good decent honest people who aren’t outright racists and practitioners of paranoid delusion.

          • Terry says:

            “…my own kind…you know, good decent honest people who aren’t outright racists and practitioners of paranoid delusion…”

            We refer to those as LIV morons, Barry Soetero Jr. (hmmm…’B.S. Jr.’….perfect !)

      • garnet92 says:

        Oh damn, now I’ve pissed off Barry. Barry has deemed me to “suck at the Internet (FYI, Internet is capitalized, Barry) and fail at life.” Partner, you’ve got some real problems, you ought to seek out your school nurse or perhaps a school psychologist for help.

        Did you even read the entire FBI document? That’s not apparent from your statements. Why do you think that the FBI was investigating the MOA compound in Sweeny? Do you think that the FBI is overstepping their bounds by looking into the innocent Sweeny enclave?

        You say I suck at the Internet, well let’s compare what I’ve done to your portfolio. What have you done to exhibit your excellence is using the Internet? Where’s your website, or your blog? Where are your followers, your readers? C’mon Barry, dazzle us with your qualifications
        And I “fail at life.” Wow, what a put-down. I’ll compare my accomplishments with yours any day, in fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if my IQ wasn’t twice yours, or close to it.

        You’ve done nothing but complain, bitch, and rant against those of us who are actually doing something; digging, researching, investigating, writing and publishing to the public. And what is Barry doing? Being obstinate (look it up) and throwing a temper tantrum.

        I’m not going to waste any more time on an immature juvenile like you. Go back to playing with your games, or yourself, whichever gives you the most satisfaction.

        • Barry says:

          Accusations, name-calling, and trying to get into an on-line pissing contest are tools of people who have no valid rebuttal. All you’ve got to offer are insults and conjecture, and you’re the one calling others “immature”.

          If you have a legitimate argument against what I’ve said, feel free to quote your FBI report instead of merely asking me repeatedly if I’ve read it. Of course, I’ve read it. That’s how I knew it spoke of MOA members exercising their lawful right of self-defense against people who were shooting at them.

          Question is, have YOU read it? Can you provide a single solitary quote from that document stating that the MOA is considered to be a criminal organization? Or that members of this “terror compound” are suspected of having committed terrorist acts? Nope, didn’t think so.

          That’s why you call names, suggest I’m mentally retarded, and then run away. You’re just upset because I called you on your BS and you’ve got no way to back yourself up.


          • garnet92 says:

            Barry, against my better judgment, I’m going to respond one more time just to correct your many incorrect statements. You say that all I’ve offered were insults and conjecture. Yes, I have insulted you because you deserved it. Now where is that conjecture that you refer to?

            Firstly, you answered NONE of my questions about your internet expertise that qualifies you to tell me that I “suck at the Internet.” Or, for that matter, what qualifies you to tell me that I “fail at life.” That’s immature. I’m treating you as an immature brat because that’s the way you’re acting.

            You say that you read the FBI report, but you could have picked the info about the shooting from the image of page 14 that I posted.

            Then you’re saying that if there are no quotes or statements in the report that the MOA is a “criminal organization” or that members are suspected of “having committed terrorist acts” that we posted was BS. That’s BS.

            I never said either of those things and you’re trying to call me on words that I never used to describe the MOA or the occupants of the compound? That’s a straw man argument (look it up). You’re “calling me” on words and descriptions that I never used. I never used the term “terror compound” either, yet you quoted it as if I had – another straw man. If you’re so sure that the MOA occupants of Sweeny are so innocent, why do you think that the FBI is keeping an eye on them?

            BTW, Wikipedia is not the best source on the Internet to back up your internet spelling argument; I suggest you rely on someone else especially when it concerns word usage. When the term is “the Internet,” it is capitalized. When talking about “an internet,” it is not. The following agree with that statement:,, The Free Dictionary, Oxford Dictionaries, Chicago Manual of Style, New York Times, Grammar Girl, etc.

            And since you were so adamant about posting a direct URL link, now that you’ve been to the document and read it, you should have no trouble posting that link just to show me up – please post the URL and show me to be the moron as you called me in your 2/28 9:12 comment. I dare you.

            • Barry says:

              Ooooh, you’re gonna respond just this one last time! Okay?

              First, even though I’ve likely forgotten more about the use of a computer than a mortal man should ever know in the first place, my ability to use one properly is completely and totally irrelevant to my qualification of being able to utilize common sense and/or make a simple observation. You still suck at the internet and fail at life.

              Moving right along, if this isn’t a “terror compound”, and the MOA isn’t a “criminal organization”, and none of the inhabitants of this place are accused of committing terrorist or other criminal acts, WHAT IN THE FLYING **** DO YOU CARE ABOUT IT? See, now? This is that nifty little thing we refer to commonly as “conjecture”. You make a huge issue about acts of one person or group of persons, connect them to a second person or group of persons, and do so in a manner that would lead a reasonable person to assume that the first and second group are both responsible for the same actions.

              By the way, if you’d bothered to actually read that link (isn’t that what you keep insisting I’m doing? Not reading the links you’ve posted as “evidence”?), you’d know that the common usage of “internet” has repeatedly increased since it became available for public use. Maybe it’s my “immaturity”, but when Wired Magazine adopted the lowercase spelling, so did I. Ten years ago.


              • Mark Allen says:

                What we care about, moron, is that the MOA, an organisation funded by the Muslim Brotherhood, a known financier of terror organisations is setting up facilities in the US. I do not give a rats ass what you suicidal libtard fools think. These people are affiliated with a known terrorist organisation and are financed by a known financier of terrorists. That is all we need to know to keep a watch on them. If they make one little step out of line, the whole damn rat nest needs to be burned to the ground.

                It is idiots like you, with your heads up your asses, who allowed 9/11/2001 to happen. If we listen to suicidal jackasses like you, we will all be dead.

            • CW says:

              Garnet, et al: You’ve got to wonder about the priorities of a guy who directs this much energy and anger towards those who want to make sure Americans stay vigilant and keep their eyes open. He seems to think it’s outrageous to suggest that perhaps our police shouldn’t be connected to groups that are associated with terrorism. Just because there’s evidence of terrorist ties and criminal behavior (on the order of murder) within the MOA (per the FBI) “This does not indicate that all members are criminals,…” he whines. Well that’s true. I suppose just because someone lives in a Ku Klux Klan compound doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve committed criminal acts either but do we want such people on our police forces? Can’t we be a bit more discriminating than that or are we so hard up for policemen that we can’t find people who aren’t associated in any way with groups linked to radicals?

              I didn’t know anything about MOA before reading this post but being a curious person I did some looking on my own. Wikipedia, which isn’t known for its rightwing orientation, describes MOA as a “front group” for Jamaat al-Fuqra, and says Jamaat al-Fuqra “was listed as a terrorist organization in the 1999 Patterns of Global Terrorism report by the U.S. State Department.” Even Newsweek, also not a rightwing publication, states: “Federal investigators know Muslims of the Americas by another name: ‘Al-Fuqra,’ Arabic for ‘the impoverished.’ Once written off as an inconsequential splinter group, Al-Fuqra is now considered perhaps the most dangerous fundamentalist sect operating in the United States. Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, alleged to be the spiritual inspiration for the World Trade Center bombing, may be the most notorious Islamic cleric on American soil. But Al-Fuqra and its Pakistani founder, Sheik Mubarak Shah Jilani, have perpetrated far more havoc.” I read several reports that refer to Jilani as the “spiritual leader of MOA” while at the same time describing him to be a terrorist.


              In a rational world people are judged by their associations, and rightly so, but of course we don’t live in a rational world any more. We live in a world full of Barry-Buckwheats, whose need to see themselves as superior in their tolerance (tolerance only applies to our potential enemies, btw) requires that they ridicule others for having reasonable concerns. See how superior he is? Ironically his protests have precisely the opposite effect he purports to want. When Barry-Buckwheat insists that people must ignore their reasonable concerns in the name of “tolerance” and demands that we stick our heads in the sand with him, that only fuels resentment towards the object of our concern.

              You don’t hang with the KKK without excusing what they do even if you aren’t an active participant, and the same is true for the MOA (BTW, haven’t Obama’s past associations proven to be an excellent barometer of the type of leader many of us knew he would be?). Use your common sense, Buckwheat.

              Personally I think the Buckwheats of the world are far more dangerous than radical Muslims, because they are the enablers. Nothing short of willful blindness and prostration at the feet of the Muslims will appease them.

              • Terry says:

                Beautifully stated, CW. Kudos.

                • garnet92 says:

                  Echo Terry’s comment, you about summed it up CW. I should know better than to waste my time playing chess with a pigeon … the pigeon knocks over all the pieces, craps on the board and then struts around like it won the game.

              • Kathy says:

                Ditto what Terry & Garnet said, CW. You stated it well and it doesn’t get much plainer than that. If he persists, I will boot his buckwheat butt out of here. Enough of the pigeon poop already.

              • Cletus says:

                So whats the evidence that this officer is linked with the MOA? Any actual evidence or is it from an “unnamed reliable source”?

                • Kathy says:

                  Cletus, since this is a repost of information, done in an attempt to make people aware that the muslims are scattered throughout our states, and since it’s based on the findings of journalist Pamela Geller, who has done extensive work in this field, I’d say you’d have to take that up with her. Many of her sources are kept anonymous simply due to the nature of the subject matter.

                  Ms. Geller has been shedding light on this issue for a number of years and is known to be accurate and factual in her reports. She can be reached at and you can also find more information here:

                  Thanks for the visit.

                  • Cletus says:

                    So you just repost stories without worrying about without questioning whether they are factual or not? What exactly are you basing your statement on that she “is known to be accurate and factual in her reports” on?

                    • Hardnox says:

                      Don’t be a pill Cletus. Obviously you’re not familiar with Pam Geller. You would do well to check her out.

                    • Terry says:

                      Cletus…are you related to Frederum, Aaron, and Terri M. ?
                      Didn’t they teach any of you to read ?
                      How about you show some evidence that this is NOT factual, instead of running your mouth like your inbred siblings.

  38. bailey hughes says:

    Texas legislators like Muslims apparently, as they have established a Islamic Court in Texas for them!

    • Kathy says:

      Thanks for the link, Bailey, that’s pretty creepy stuff, so I went searching for more info. I didn’t find much except repeats of the same post, although one commenter had this to say…

      “I had to sign a binding arbitration agreement to get care at the hospital. This is similar, a court enforcing a private contract, freely entered into by both parties.

      This is of course a fundamental basis of American law, the ability of individuals to enter into private contracts that may be enforced by the courts. Without it, private property rights are threatened.

      So the Texas Islamic Court is a misnomer – it’s not a court at all, it is an arbitration agency without legal standing except as granted by the contracts entered into by individuals.

      And individuals who entered into marriage with ideas about what it entails, informed by family tradition and culture, might appreciate arbitration by an agency which is aware of those traditions and understandings.”

      I hope he’s right, but I will keep looking anyway.

  39. gpront says:

    Here is a link to an article which I think illustrates the huge gap in understanding that I have been seeing here.

    It’s about a debate between an honest Muslim academic and a typical politically correct, non-Muslim, coexistence-at-any-cost journalist. After decades of studying Muslims in the Middle East and around the world, and after reading the Qur’an and parts of the Hadiths for myself, I would only disagree with the Muslim here in one respect: the Islamic movement is both religious and political, because it is about a theocratic politic.

    • CW says:

      Thanks for sharing that link, gpront. I think the debate is an excellent illustration of what we’re up against, and the Muslim professor did a great job characterizing the situation.

  40. Cole Kcco Mitchell says:

    I’m from this area, and I can tell you we are far from liberal. We are a very conservative area. We’ve just been strong armed into letting these people stay where they are.

    • Kathy says:

      Cole, welcome to N&F. I understand that a bunch of you guys are conservatives, but a large part of your area is ‘blue’ and has allowed this to happen in your back yard. Strong armed is right. Stay tough out there!

  41. don says:

    Hi Kathy…new to your site and I can tell that you are a true Patriot.

    • Kathy says:

      Don, thanks for the visit! Yes, everyone here is a conservative patriot. We love our country and hate the mess it’s in right now. In spite of the mess O is making, it’s still the best!

  42. cannvan says:

    Kathy I like big mouthed conservatives that libs hate 🙂 I had heard of a compound in TN. Yep its there, but 30 some? Holy Lady Liberty!! Americans don’t like feeling I am getting READY to ride this out. Canada used to be 5.00 behind our dollar, not anymore. We are now neck and neck with Canada. That is not a good sign. I saw it on Glenn Beck…anyway to check that out for me. If that is true, I gotta hurry!!

    • Kathy says:

      Cannvan, appreciate the visit!! But I’m a LOUD mouth conservative, not a big mouth, ok? 🙂 Well, maybe both, lol.

      You’re not alone in making preparations to ride it out – many patriots are right there with you. On the other hand, there’s a bunch of people who aren’t paying a bit of attention to what’s going on around them, and they’ll be coming after our stuff. We’ll have to be ready for that too. Desperation changes people.

  43. rednecksarewatching says:

    That area is not liberal! Not sure where you got that info.

    • Kathy says:

      As I explained to the other 490 commenters who were more concerned about the political persuasion of the town/county than they were about a muslim training camp in their midst, the larger areas around it like Houston, Austin and much of the San Antonio area are blue, so pardon the generalization.

      The important information in this post, as well as others, tells us that muslims are training right here in our back yards, and guess what? They don’t care if we’re red or blue.

      Thanks for the visit.

  44. JudgeReinhold says:

    I know him very well, I live I Freeport, and there is nothing good about him. I don’t know about the jihad crap, but I have seen him be VERY abusive and he is well known for it around here. So Terri, you are either related o him or have an ulterior motive.

    • Kathy says:

      Thanks for the visit and the input, Judge. For some, abuse is a big part of their lives – just ask their wives and daughters.

      I think Terri was one of those one-hit-wonders who pronounced his judgment on us and drove on down to the next blog. Fine by me.

  45. JLH says:

    If I were Hussein Jones of Freeport, I would sue you for libel. This area of Texas is far from liberal – I’ve lived here my entire life and it’s populated with fearful conservatives. Honestly, Ms. Geller…you’re making a claim that according to your sources that one of Daniel Pearl’s murderers are hiding inside this camp? Either you’re can’t think beyond the tip of your keyboard or you’re assuming that all who reads this aren’t capable of critical thinking. If YOU knew that one of DP’s murderers were hiding there….uh….don’t you think the FBI would have glommed onto to that tiny (sarcastic) tidbit long before you? There’s NOT A SINGLE CREDIBLE SOURCE ONLINE OR OTHERWISE TYING MUSLIMS OF AMERICAN WITH JAMAAT ul FUQRA – only fear based, online conservatives repeating your garbage….there is NO credible source to back up your claims. Your claims could cost Mr. Jones his livelihood and ability to obtain and retain employment – it’s why people like you should and DO get sued!

    • Kathy says:

      Hello JLH, aka bigkahuna. Gotta tell ya, your email addy gave me a much needed laugh today. Kahuna is another name for the big cheese or the big enchilada – a macho man. It’s good to know that the Big Kahuna lives in Texas!

      Before you begin your critical thinking and overload your circuits, maybe you should do some critical reading. The FBI is aware of them and throughout the comments, there are several links to the FBI document which contains their statement on the facility. And for the umpteenth time on this post, it is up to the State Dept, not the FBI to add them to the list of terrorists.

      Obviously you don’t spend much time doing your own research or you would know that Pamela Geller IS a reliable source and she goes to great lengths to protect her sources.

      As I stated in an earlier comment, Hasan, like Jones, another guy just trying to make a living, was in the Army for over 12 years before he killed 12 people and wounded even more at Ft. Hood. Then there’s the story about the muslim police officer in Idaho who killed a guy’s dog because it passed his prayer path. Those young men in Boston were probably nice for a long time too before they blasted people to smithereens. And those guys who took flying lessons prior to 9/11… you getting’ my drift??

      I find that I’m constantly repeating myself because you brainiacs jump in here with your comments about the area being conservative and don’t bother to read any of the earlier conversation. So, because you’re too lazy to scroll up, I will say this one more time, only this time I’ll type slower so you can understand it. Ready?

      As I explained to the other 490 commenters who were more concerned about the political persuasion of the town/county than they were about a muslim training camp in their midst, the larger areas around it like Houston, Austin and much of the San Antonio area are blue, so pardon the generalization.

      The important information in this post, as well as other posts, tells us that muslims are training right here in our back yards, and guess what? They don’t care if we’re red or blue.

      • Terry says:

        Well done, Kathy. But I have a feeling you are going to have to explain it to commenters # 492, 493, 494, ….etc.
        It’s sometimes tough having a brain. It’s the price we pay.

        • Kathy says:

          Thanks, Terry, but I think I’m done explaining it to the DLTs. It’s becoming obvious that most of them suffer from some sort of head trauma because they keep repeating themselves and not one of them has an original thought.

          “we’re not liberal” “Let’s file a law suit” “You don’t know what you’re talking about but I do because I live here, although I had no clue the muzzies lived here too”

          Maybe it’s time to close the comments, eh?

      • CW says:

        As we’ve learned, Kathy, the average liberal will always feel the need to prove how much more tolerant he is, no matter what the cost is to anyone else. When conservatives in Europe warned against Muslim immigration and their failure to assimilate, genius liberals like bigkahuna opened their big mouths to denounce and ridicule them as fear-mongering racists, and look at the result. Does bigkahuna even know? Probably not.

        If bigkahuna saw a large group of young, white men with shaved heads, army boots and swastika tattoos or a group of young black men with hoodies, gang colors and gold front teeth coming towards him down the street he’d be the first to listen to that little inner voice that says, “Cross the street,” because all liberals are terrible hypocrites. Hypocrisy is what naturally occurs when people pretend to motivated by one thing (“tolerance”) when in reality they are motivated by something much different (the need to be seen as superior).

        When things look suspicious, as they do in this case, the way to put peoples’ fears to rest is through transparency. If the report is wrong it would be a very easy thing to prove. The officer in question could simply demonstrate that he does not live (and has not lived) in the compound, or if he does live there he could invite the press in and answer their questions. If he’s unwilling to do that in a post 9-11 world than he gets no sympathy from me.

        • Kathy says:

          You make a good point too, CW, as you always do. Perhaps Big Kahuna should change his address to ‘littleshrimpwhocrossesthestreettoavoidabutt-whoopin’.

          I think this bothers other people much more than it bothers Hussein Jones since he’s not gone to the trouble to dispel any of the stories about where he stands.