Outrageous Sex-Ed in Our Schools

By Rebecca Hagelin:

Culture Challenge of the Week: Sex Propaganda in Schools

Imagine your sweet daughter, barely into puberty, coming home from school and showing you a photograph she took with her phone of a sex poster at school; a poster that lists the many ways people “express their sexual feelings,” including “grinding,” “anal sex”, “oral sex”, and just about everything else you can think of. And imagine, even further, that the school district representative, when asked about the poster, shrugs and says it is part of a health and science curriculum that “aligns with national standards” of sexuality education.

You’d be right to be mad.  poster sex ed

Only this isn’t a thought experiment. This is real life “sex ed” in the heartland of America.

Mark Ellis, a dad whose daughter attends a public middle school within the Shawnee Mission School District in Kansas hit the news when he found out the truth about what goes on in America’s schools these days. He was shocked at the explicit nature of the school-authorized poster and perplexed by the school’s claim that the school’s sexual education curriculum is meant to promote abstinence. “This has nothing to do with abstinence or sexual reproduction,” he observed.

He’s right. But, sadly, many of our nation’s public schools teach the lurid propaganda every day.

Most sexuality education curriculum materials are designed not to promote abstinence but to encourage children to experiment with sex. Any kind of sex. Programs like the one Mr. Ellis protested present all types of sexual activity as equal and perfectly normal for the youngest of children to engage in, from male-female intercourse to masturbation to homosexual practices.

The reason is quite simple.

For the left, children have a “right” to have sex with no guilt, no consequences, and no commitments. And they are going to teach them how to do it, by golly.

Educators, school boards, and school districts have been snowed by “sex education” experts who peddle the claim that “comprehensive” sex education programs are designed to promote abstinence as much as “safer sex.” They are not. Sprinkling a few words about abstinence into a curriculum loaded with explicit “how to” information is simply a subterfuge. The real agenda is to expose innocent children to sexual practices that they couldn’t even imagine at their tender ages without some adult planting the idea into their heads.

It’s deplorable. And it’s time for parents to wake up and fight back, just as Mr. Ellis did in Kansas.

How to Save Your Family: Know and Say No

It’s impossible to protect your child from an explicit or inappropriate curriculum if you don’t know what’s in it. Don’t expect educators to invite you to take sex-ed materials home and read them at your leisure. They won’t. In fact they might not want to let you see them at all unless you raise a fuss.

In Hawaii recently, for instance, a state representative tried to obtain a copy of Pono Choices, (not misspelled), a state-approved curriculum designed to reduce teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, after a constituent complained about its graphic nature. School officials denied him the opportunity to read through the curriculum, except in their presence – an outrageous violation of his rights as a parent, and a decision he is still fighting. Creators of the curriculum boldly advocate “sexual rights” for children, and they don’t want parents to know it.

You can expect to be disgusted and upset if you head to your child’s school tomorrow and read over the sex-ed materials. And you can expect resistance if you complain or try to pull your child out of the classes. But press on. Ask for the “opt-out” guidelines and know your rights.

Don’t accept vague assurances that such material promotes abstinence – see for yourself whether the program actually promotes sexual practices by children or not. And put yourself in the place of your child as you read the materials. Do you think he can ‘balance’ those messages out with only a few exhortations to abstinence? Is your daughter being placed in a confusing situation when the teachers or guest speakers from Planned Parenthood portray these activities as normal, even if they encourage them to wait until they are “ready”?  And make note: Marriage has been tossed out as the proper context for sexual activity in favor of a personally-chosen sense of ‘readiness.’

Be willing to pull your children from a curriculum that damages their innocence and normalizes abnormal and perverted – not to mention unhealthy – sexual activities.

And consider gathering a group of parents who share the same values and are willing to stand up for their rights as parents to protect their own children from adults who don’t share their values. It’s time to fight back. If you don’t stand up and protect your own son or daughter, no one else will either.

Mark Ellis was right to raise his voice in protest – let’s have the courage to do the same for our own children.


Pono choice

Pono Choices was reviewed by the DOE and found to be medically accurate, appropriate and aligned with state law.

“It is aligned with the DOE standards and policies, and it really actually is encouraging abstinence as the guaranteed way of not getting pregnant or contracting an STI,” said Center statistician Tammy Tom.

The representative is Hawaii’s State Rep. Bob McDermott. “It’s outrageous that a state legislator, as an elected official and a father of public school children, I cannot get this information,” McDermott said. “They cannot trust me with it, but they trust 11-year-old children.”

If it’s so innocent then why can’t he see it?

Parents need to made aware of what’s going on in our schools. They are teaching our kids how it feels to wear a burka, how to draw a communist flag and how to have sex, all kinds of sex.

The media should be blasting away on this 24/7 yet the only place you find these stories are on conservative websites. That’s just as disgusting as the garbage they’re putting in children’s minds.


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4 Responses to Outrageous Sex-Ed in Our Schools

  1. Suffice it to say, I’m shaking my head in total disgust! I’m embarrassed to read this shit myself and I’m long out of school. Oy!
    SnapCon3/5 already……………

  2. Mrs AL says:

    I hereby admit I am a prude, old-fashioned and, out of touch with the real world. I find this so disgusting that I want to throttle parents who refuse to be involved with their children’s schools to know this crap is going on.

    Sex is not a dirty word. Sex is supposed to be a beautiful expression of love and, if you are young enough, begets little bundles of joy. Sex is NOT supposed to be a political football or an “anything goes” philosophy taught to children. Parents are the instructors. Period.

    End of rant.

  3. tannngl says:

    I can remember when schools were proposing to do sex ed and there was an outcry then. But it was allowed to pass.
    Just give these demons and inch…

  4. Hardnox says:

    Where’s the outrage from the parents that are paying for this crap? Media or not they should be at the school boards with pitchforks.