The Real Wendy Davis

By Mona Charen via From Townhall:

wendy davis

Wendy Davis, aka Abortion Barbie

“I came from a place of struggle,” insisted Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis after The Dallas Morning News revealed that key details of the life story she had successfully shopped to the mainstream media were false. She wasn’t a 19-year-old mom when she was first divorced, but 21. She lived with her second husband in the very  comfortable Mistletoe Heights neighborhood of Fort Worth, Texas, not in a trailer park made famous by a thousand admiring profiles. She lived in the trailer park for just a few months. One of Davis’ struggles, apparently, is with the truth.


Davis isn’t the first politician to campaign falsely as an up-from-poverty candidate. William Henry Harrison, scion of a wealthy family, campaigned in 1840 as the “log cabin and hard cider” candidate against Martin Van Buren. It worked, though Harrison didn’t live to relish his success. The story about his two-hour inaugural address, which caused him to catch pneumonia, is probably untrue — he didn’t fall ill until three weeks later. It may have been the snakeweed or leeches that gave him the septicemia that killed him, or it may have been the office seekers, who reportedly crowded the White House to the point he couldn’t find a place to rest when he felt sick.

You might suppose that reflections on the Internet age — and the impossibility of hiding the truth — will now follow the tale of Harrison’s successful deception. Not really. What’s surprising about the Davis tale is that someone actually took the trouble to question her account, because her “narrative” appeals so strongly to the liberal imagination. We just love the “little woman who conquers the world’ stories, especially if (well, OK, only if) she favors abortion throughout the nine months of pregnancy, a higher minimum wage and universal pre-K.

Davis did grow up in difficult circumstances — her parents divorced, and Davis went to work early. She also made poor decisions, moving in with a boyfriend at the age of 17. Her story of working hard to better herself, first at community college and then at Texas Christian University and Harvard Law School is a tribute to her tenacity and intelligence.

But it requires a pretty calculating coldness to omit from her story husband No. 2, Jeff Davis, the lawyer she married when she was 24 and lived with for 18 years. It was he who paid her tuition at TCU and Harvard Law, cashing out his 401(k) and borrowing money to do it. It was he who cared for her two daughters while she went to Boston to study law for three years. And it was he who got custody (with no contest) after the divorce. He notes ruefully that she left the marriage at a key juncture: “It was ironic,” he told the Dallas Morning News, “I made the last (Harvard) payment, and it was the next day she left.”

No outsider can ever know what goes on in a marriage, and it isn’t our place to speculate, but Davis herself made her single-mother-beats-the-odds personal story a key part of her campaign. Just before the Dallas Morning News story broke, Davis was the subject of a fawning profile on the “Today” Show. Maria Shriver introduced the story of the plucky gubernatorial aspirant over chyrons touting “Doing it all” and “On her own two feet.” Her greg abbottpersonal story, we were told, “resonated across this country.” Davis visited the trailer park with Shriver and spoke of having to scrape together enough money to keep the lights on, sometimes working two jobs. Her 18-year marriage to a man who committed himself to her welfare and went into debt to help her achieve her career goals was practically  airbrushed out, mentioning in passing — “she married again for a time” — to explain the appearance of her second daughter. The rest is Harvard triumphalism and her star turn filibustering an abortion law in the Texas Senate.

Davis achieved success the way most successful people do — through hard work and the support of a loving family. She, and the press who lionize her, seem all too eager to suggest that she somehow did everything all by herself. This false heroic tale is a common trope on the left these days — women doing it all by themselves. It’s more than partisan hackery. It reinforces the very damaging notion that women don’t need husbands. Many, many women are swallowing this propaganda and acting on it. They, their children and our society are suffering mightily as a result.


While standing on the floor of the Texas Senate, donned in her pink running shoes, during her 11 hour filibuster, Davis said “standing for late-term abortion is standing on sacred ground.”

Wendy pink shoes

Think about that statement from her kids’ point of view. Those kids, whom she walked away from, are hearing their mother support not just abortion, but late term abortion. They could be wondering if she wished she’d aborted them.  In a loose sense, she did.

It’s disgusting to think she could be our next governor.


(h/t Buck)

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24 Responses to The Real Wendy Davis

  1. This is awful. Anyone that eagerly lies with a straight face is someone to be avoided. Just the same with Slick Willie.

    • Kathy says:

      Yes, it’s awful. Some of these people tell those lies so often they begin to believe their own story. Definitely not governor material.

  2. randy63ism says:

    Kathy, your article really resonates with me. I can totally relate with her ex husband who raised their kids by himself, because I had similar circumstances as an active duty soldier and newly divorced. I raised my three young sons, ages 1 1/2, 3, and 6, by myself, the first four years of which as an active duty soldier at Ft. Hood TX. My 3 yr. old was diagnosed with leukemia two weeks after leaving Germany for Texas. Ex wife left for the East Coast to chase after what would be her husband number 2. (she’s on number 3 now) Since my family was in Oklahoma, my mother and sister-in-law took him to Tulsa’s renown Warren Cancer Center for what turned out to be 4 years of chemotherapy. I served out the duration of my tour with my two other sons with me in Texas and we spent our weekends with Patrick in Tulsa. After my four years was up in 1998, I moved back to Tulsa and joined the National Guard, of which I am still serving. I stayed active in order to afford the coverage of Patrick’s chemo, and wasn’t about to have him treated by military doctors (no offence intended) Anyhow, to make a long story short, Patrick is now a few months shy of 22 and cancer free.

    This Wendy Davis must be a real sleaze bucket who needs to be exposed for the fraud she is. She is pure evil and advances an evil agenda. She is poison and I hope Texas stays Red and rejects her thoroughly.

    Thanks for listening and a great expose on this morally bereft woman aspiring to the Governor’s Mansion.

    • Kathy says:

      You always have an ear here, Randy. Appreciate you sharing your story and most of all, we appreciate your service to our country. What a journey you’ve had, but in the end it was all worth it and you have healthy kids to show for it. I don’t know how a woman can walk away from her kids, but maybe some of them just are too self-absorbed and not cut out to be a mom.

      Wendy Davis is one of those. Her kids deserve better and Texas certainly deserves a better person as our governor.

    • Mrs AL says:

      Way to go Patrick!!!! My compliments. You fought the good fight.

      Randy, your comments are spot-on. Placed within the context of your personal experience makes them all the more powerful. Thanx!

    • randy63ism says:

      Kathy, Mrs. Al, Thank you both for your kind words and all of you for giving me a place to vent and feel safe.

  3. CW says:

    In a rational world it would seem odd, at a minimum, that someone like Wendy Davis should be the heroin of any political party; but of course we no longer live in a rational world. She is the typical leftwing liar, as evidenced by her Clintonian response to being caught telling untruths: “I need to be tighter in my language.”

    Hahahahaha! So she plays fast and loose with the dictionary as a way of responding to playing fast and loose with the facts. It doesn’t get any richer than that. This piece of work, pretty as she may be (which I suspect has more to do with her appeal than anything else), is cut from EXACTLY the same putrid cloth as Obama or Pelosi. No matter what she looks like on the outside, inside she is a wretched, snarling Orc – a good soldier in the Left’s battle to steal and plunder.

    Thankfully the population of Texas still leans toward the rational but the lefties are working feverishly to change that with tactics like immigration “reform” and federal targeting of our attempts to keep voter fraud out the state. I hope the lefties send a lot of money her way and drain their resources before she goes down in defeat.

    • Kathy says:

      Her supporters are clueless and unable to see past that ‘language’ she spews. She’s doing two things – supporting abortion and bashing Republicans. They fail to see there’s a lot more to running a state than those 2 things.

      We’ll have to bear that in mind and vote as often as we can to beat the witch. hehe

  4. Buck says:

    He made the last payment to Harvard and the next day she left.
    That says it all.
    Well, that and she is all for murdering still in the womb babies…

  5. garnet92 says:

    She has (unwittingly) exposed her intellect to be as shallow as her character and honesty. She’s given us two glaring examples of her stupidity: one, she claimed that her language could have been “tighter” when she acknowledged some chronological errors and incomplete details in what she and her aides have said about her life. Language that “could have been tighter”?

    She got a law degree from Harvard (like Obama) and you’d think that a Harvard LAW degree would result in an individual with an outstanding command of words. After all, aren’t WORDS a lawyer’s tools of the trade?

    And secondly, Davis allowed an obviously inaccurate story of her struggles as a single mom to be plastered all over her budding campaign. Didn’t she know that reporters (or at least Republicans) would dig deep into her past?

    So we have proof that Wendy Davis has no qualms about lying; she voluntarily published a biography that was effectively, a turd that she tried to polish – she knew there were lies. We have proof that she can’t construct a straight-forward series of (true) facts about her past, even with her training as a “words-have-meaning” attorney. And we have proof that she isn’t smart enough to understand that she (like all candidates) will be thoroughly investigated by her opposition.

    And she’s Harvard trained. Is it any wonder that an achievement like a Harvard Law degree, once at the pinnacle of educational excellence, has been so tarnished in recent years? If Obama is an example, it’s no wonder that he hides his college transcripts from us. He doesn’t want us to see his grades in Obfuscation 101, Prevarication 210, and Bald-face Lying 322. He reportedly was also in the top 5% in Evading the Law 480 and Defying the Constitution 511.

    And now we have Wendy Davis. Speaking as a Texan, if we want an only slightly more feminine state-level version of Barack Obama, all we have to do is vote for Wendy Davis and take bets on how long it will take her to destroy the Republic of Texas.

    • Kathy says:

      Excellent comments Garnet, you hit several nails with this one. Maybe Harvard ain’t what it’s cracked up to be after all, eh? If O and Barbie here are examples of the education offered there, it might be time to pick another school.

      • “Hahvahd” is well known to be a hub of socialist indoctrination for the past few decades. It has many donors that are self-expressed socialists. I would doubt that any good conservative actually walked out of those doors with a diploma.

  6. Buck says:

    Well at least she didn’t claim to be American Indian.
    That’s next week…

  7. Buck says:

    Yeah, did you ever notice how many blonde or light skin female politicians claim American Indian heritage but none ever claim to be African American???

  8. Hardnox says:

    Great comments.

    Consider this too: Davis is the best that the democrats offered in Texas. We got saddled with filth like her in Virginia. I hope Texas doesn’t.

  9. vonmesser says:

    Randy63 – I feel your pain. I was a single father for 8 years. Got custody of daughter at age 2 months while in Navy stationed in San Diego. Married again when Connie was 8. Stayed married for 36 years until lost wife to cancer. Single parent is hard. Single father is harder. Single father in military is a double-bitch. Sweet Wendy the Witch (could also be spelled with a B) needs to be outed – big time – all over Texas with billboards so the low information voter can’t miss them.

    • Kathy says:

      Sheesh, vonmesser, you too? As if the military wasn’t tough enough, raising a kid while serving your country has to be the toughest job ever. I salute you guys (and I’d take a small pleasure in smacking both your exes for those of us who didn’t get to have kids of our own).

      Wendy’s opponent, Mr. Abbott, may not see fit to blast her true story out there, but the rest of us ‘red’ Texans will be sharing the truth about her. We’re sick up to here of the degradation and the lies about the character of people promoting it.

    • randy63ism says:

      A kindred spirit indeed! Vielen Dank Herr von Messer! I’m sorry for your loss with your wife’s passing. You are most correct about the need for calling out the “Wicked Witch of the Southwest.” Liars of that magnitude seem rife in the “Demonrat” party, and one need only look at the White House’s current occupant to see one of the biggest liars in action. One who’s dark past is quite obscure and intentionally so. That is quite scary when one looks at it as setting a precedent. Pandora’s Box was opened the day 0bama was first elected President.

    • Mrs AL says:

      Vonmesser, thanx so much for your comment. I wasn’t blessed with children, so I cannot relate to your experience and just how difficult it really was.

      However, I do know that a woman who can do this is not fit for public office. She will abandon any oath taken and ignore the law.

      And though it is belated, please accept my condolences on the death of your wife.

  10. upaces88 says:

    She cannot be allowed to lead in Texas. NEVER!!! EVER!!!