Who Will Be the Next George Washington?

From WND:

In 1775, an American people preparing to fight for their freedom turned to a retired military officer to lead them.

For more than 15 years, Col. George Washington had been retired to farm the Virginia countryside, until Boston patriots waged their famous tea party and the Battles of Lexington and Concord erupted. Washington, the former fighter of the French and Indian War, determined he could remain on the sidelines no longer.

When Col. Washington (ret.) showed up shortly thereafter at the Second Continental Congress in his dusted-off uniform, the spirit of the American Revolution had at last found a man it could follow.

Today, as the tea party rages again in cities across the U.S., a retired American military commander is drawing attention to a new crop of George Washingtons already leading the charge for freedom.

Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely declared it’s time for millions of Americans to “stand up” to a federal government that is “conducting treason …  violating the Constitution, violating our laws.” He’s calling for marches, a legislative vote of “no confidence” in President Obama and congressional leaders, even citizen arrests – drawing inspiration from the 33 million  Egyptians who stood up to their government and removed Muslim Brotherhood officials from office.

Paul Vallely

Paul Vallely

Now Vallely tells WND the radio interview in which he called for a new American uprising has struck a note with the millions of modern tea partiers who are looking for unifying leadership.

“It’s been all over Facebook, a number of websites, radio shows calling me for interviews,” Vallely said. “And the response I’ve received has been 99-percent positive.

“I think the biggest thing is that someone is finally standing up to lead,”  he explained. “We need someone to lead; we need a new George Washington.”

Vallely pointed to the work of the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi – which included Vallely, Navy SEAL Capt. Larry Bailey (ret.), Admiral James Lyons (ret.), former Congressman and retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Allen West and several other retired military officers – as evidence that the missing leadership may once again be rising from the same place it did in 1775: from the ranks of those who have served our nation in combat.

“It’s fallen upon senior, retired military to take stands against the overreach and tyranny of a corrupt government,” Vallely said. “I think for people, they respect what the military has gone through. Senior military guys are very well educated, they’ve gone to the right schools, gone to combat for the most part, have had to manage enormous budgets, were involved in major financial decisions and are heavily steeped in foreign policy and national security.

“No other group, no CEO that has that kind of background,” he said.  “Obviously our politicians don’t have that background. They have legislation experience, not leadership experience.”

So what should be done with the current crop of political leaders?

Vallely said since impeachment isn’t likely and recall votes aren’t in the  Constitution, the people need to rise up and accept nothing less than the resignation of D.C. leadership.

“We like to do things by the Constitution, but our forefathers never anticipated we’d be in a place where we have so many corrupt leaders, impeachment wouldn’t happen,” he said. “We had a demand of resignation with Nixon, and he resigned, so the power of the people can be heard.”

And the next opportunity to sound the rally cry, Vallely said, is at the 2014 South  Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention, where Vallely will join Lt. Col. Bill Cowan, USMC (ret.) and former Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith among the speakers.

“I’m going back to the big kickoff in Myrtle Beach in January,” Vallely told WND. “I’m a big believer in the tea party as a movement. Many of us retired military leaders are all together. We need to demand the resignation of Obama, Biden, Boehner, McConnell,  Pelosi and Reid. The leadership of both parties needs to step down and new leaders step up.”

Who are the new leaders?

“I think that George Washington is out there; we need to find him,” Vallely  said. “Chris Christie, Marco Rubio –  these guys are amateurs on the world scene. We have to go beyond politics and not put congressman into higher office, but true leaders.”

Vallely has been immensely popular among tea party organizations that are seeking a way to restore the rule of law to Washington.  Among other things, they cite the Obamacare law, and the other 15 or more times Obama has changed the law – without consulting Congress. Vallely said a vote of no confidence could be used.

Vallely, the founder of Stand Up America, an organization that provides educational resources for leaders and  activists based on the values of the Founding Fathers, said: “Clearly America  has lost confidence and no longer trusts those in power at a most critical time in our history. … It is true that not all who ply the halls of power fit under that broad brush, but most of them are guilty of many egregious acts, and we say it is time to hold a vote of no confidence. It’s time for a ‘recall. The credibility of our current leadership is gone.”

Now, he said, “we listen to their excuses, finger-pointing, lies and all manner of chicanery.”

He admitted there is no legal authority in a vote of no confidence, but he argued it will “take back the power of discourse.”

“What else is our nation to do now that the rule of law has effectively been thrown out the window by the Obama administration? How are we to trust our government anymore, now that lying and fraud are acceptable practices?” he  asked.

Vallely believes impeachment likely wouldn’t lead to conviction and doesn’t solve the problem, anyway.

“Harry Reid still controls the Senate, so like in Clinton’s day, forget about a finding of guilty,” he wrote. “Incidentally, if Obama was found guilty and removed from office, Joe Biden would step in, Valerie Jarrett still wields all the power, and likely we get more of the same.”

The Constitution can be amended without going through Congress, he pointed out, but it would take too much time, “a luxury we just do not have if we are going to save our republic.”

Vallely quoted commentator Andrew C. McCarthy, who said that “absent the political will to remove the president, he will remain president no matter how many high crimes and misdemeanors he stacks up. … And absent the removal of the president, the United States will be fundamentally transformed.”


How many times have we heard this and how many marches on Washington have we read about? Many times and dozens of marches, all a waste of time.

So what makes this time any different? Will retired military influence make a difference? Can they rally a huge number of people?

I remain cautiously optimistic and may get involved in the near future. As Mrs. AL says ‘I’m munging on it’ because I’m tired of sitting here griping about it and not doing anything. Besides, I think Vallely knows more than he’s saying.


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12 Responses to Who Will Be the Next George Washington?

  1. upaces88 says:

    Sarah Palin? Bachman? Rand Paul? Ron Paul? Jan Brewer?

  2. Allen West? We may find ourselves in the position of having to violate the Constitution, in order to uphold it. But it’s going to take Patriotic men and women of Honor, Integrity and Courage to do so. Because our enemy is hidden and insidious.

  3. Great post, Kathy! I can’t wait to hear more from him and that summit.

  4. Mrs AL says:

    Great read here, Kathy! This is important. And now the …

    [Wet Blanket Alert]: I don’t perceive we need a “George Washington.” I agree we need leadership of that caliber. As for Vallely, why isn’t he going for it? He needs to take a leadership role as an example. So instead of talking about it, he just needs to do it. He needs to call for a re-affirmation of the DOI principles and proceed from there. (Wet blanket alerts tend to be rambling .. haha.)

  5. Blessed B. says:

    I wonder if Major Gen. Vallely will run for President? How about McChrystal or Pettraeus? Sarah Palin, West, like those too! Need someone with cajones…figuratively …not actually.

    Who ever it is…they better know by now that their whole lives are going to be gone through and smeared beyond recognition. Even their family will not be immune from being attacked in public by the media hounds!

  6. Hardnox says:

    Gen. Vallely is 100% right but I don’t see this happening until a major event occurs that upsets the applecart. Americans are too distracted with everyday stuff to pay attention to Gen. Vallely. In the meantime, the media will continue to ignore or marginalize any and all protest events. The 2014 election season is upon us and that will be the news for the next 10 months.

    • Kathy says:

      A lot will depend on the momentum he can build and the number of followers he gains. Plenty of people are ticked off and add to that the one million people who just ran out of unemployment benefits.

  7. Buck says:

    Perhaps these retired military will gravitate towards the areas of militia. Sure, there’s all those armed Wisconsin hunters we read about. And every state’s armed hunter so the American hunter comprises the largest potential military force but it is without cohesion or leadership….
    With the correct leadership we could march on Washington…

    • Kathy says:

      It’s possible, Buck. Bikers, truckers and lawyers have all marched on DC and were largely ignored. Former military brass with hoards of people behind them will likely get someone’s attention.

  8. Buck says:

    Former military brass with ex GI’s loaded down with hunting gear backing them up maybe…