Makes More Sense To Me….

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13 Responses to Makes More Sense To Me….

  1. gunnyginalaska says:

    SO apropos. Obama is now to be known as President Hat Stand.

  2. Garnet92 says:

    Hoary mackerel, Batman – he’s RIGHT. And considering that Michelle’s girl friend with the contract would probably charge a couple hundred million annually for maintenance, we could each get another $500K to $1M annually by cutting the cord with the software company and DISTRIBUTING THE WEALTH among all of our citizens instead. What a concept!

  3. I’ll take mine in cash, minus….oh, screw the taxes! Ya already stole it one, right?

  4. God Bless Eastwood and “The Empty Chair”,,, and that was a presentation “off the cuff”,,, what a helluva performance~!

  5. Kathy says:

    Good one, Terry. While it’s still good, I’ll take mine in cash too, although it may not last long, from what I’m seeing.

  6. CW says:

    Eastwood’s math is a bit off. It comes to about $2 each if you’re covering all 315 million. But if you use the actual number that will end up being covered he might be close.

    • Terry says:

      That small fact was just brought to my attention by ‘Nox. OOPS !
      In my zeal at the thought that we could have all had $2 million, I went completely libtard and didn’t check my stats. ‘Twas greed made me do it.
      Does this mean I have to vote D next time ?

      BTW, you’re right about the ‘actual numbers’. We probably could have had about $2 hundred grand each at least.

      • CW says:

        “I went completely libtard”

        Hahahaha! Well I think the $2 MM per person will be a lot closer in the end!

  7. Mrs AL says:

    Perfect! Bow time, Terry!

  8. Clyde says:

    No doubt about it, Terry. Good one.

  9. western guy says:

    Terry, if that mistake is the worst thing that happened today, then it won’t be too bad of a day after all, huh?….