Mrs AL’s Noxious Rant – Healthcare Insurance Industry


Hey all you healthcare insurance companies, you now reside within the halls of the national government. 

You may believe that I see you as a part of the ‘private’ sector but guess what?  I don’t.

You may believe that ‘we the little people’ don’t know what you’re up to, but you are wrong.  You are now no different from any department or agency of the national government.  PERIOD.

You may pretend to work for your shareholders and all the rest that defines private industry in the private sector, but that little blanket will soon be torn off and you will be stark naked in front of the world to see you for what you are … a government agency!  

As far as I am concerned, you have abandoned any little shred of respect you might have had.  You work for Congress and the White House and will from this point forward.

So don’t even try to portray yourselves as a private enterprise.  YOU ARE NOT, SO DO NOT LIE IN THE FUTURE. 

Your friend,

Mrs AL

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33 Responses to Mrs AL’s Noxious Rant – Healthcare Insurance Industry

  1. Clyde says:

    You sound like you work for the Regime with that rant, Mrs. Al. The insurers, while not lily-white here, did what the LAW told them to do. If they were bamboozled by the Regime, shame on THEM. It will just cost them their business.

    • Mrs AL says:

      I respect your POV, Clyde. That said, the insurance companies are supposed to be in the private sector. Their refusal to go along with this whoha law and get kick-backs in the form of subsidies for at least three years from those of us who pay taxes removes them from the private sector, IMO.

  2. Kathy says:

    I’ll be honest here and just tell you that I did some searching in an effort to counter your rant, but most of what I found only further confirmed what you say.

    A few of the smaller companies stopped offering health insurance & focused on home, auto, etc. Most of the larger companies jumped on board with o’care and lined up for the subsidies. Next they started cancelling existing policies and issuing new ones that comply with it.

    Case in point: My 94 year-old dad had to replace his BCBS supplemental insurance that he received for free as part of his retirement package. Because of his bad hearing and lack of comprehension, I went through the process of finding new insurance. In order to keep it within the parameters set by his former employer, I had to go through a service that ‘helps people find the insurance that best fits their needs.’ They then enroll said retiree into selected packages.

    I will wind this up by saying that I was on hold for a little over four HOURS and still no closer to completing my task. Finally, after using my cell phone to call and scream at them, I was able to talk to someone who could enroll my dad, which took another hour and a half.

    So, yeah, good rant, Mrs. AL, and these insurance companies can stick it where the sun don’t shine!!

  3. Hardnox says:

    Mrs Al, your points are sound. The insurance industry endorsed this disaster. They even helped write parts of it.

  4. Garnet92 says:

    Good rant, Mrs AL. While I still have a wee soft spot for the industry as for-profit capitalistic operation, they did jump on the Obamacare bandwagon when they learned that the government would (in effect) require everyone to buy new insurance policies – which gave the insurance companies an opportunity to raise prices again under the auspices of the ACA law. They WOULD have had a big problem though if Obamacare was successful in transitioning into single-payer since that would begin to eliminate their business models.

    Anyway, they were a big help to Obama in getting this abortion inflicted on us and they will be “creative” in the way they calculate their acceptable profit numbers and still make a ton of money – off of the taxpayers.

    We also need to support those who are trying to block any reimbursement by Obama of the insurance companies when they potentially lose profit because of Obama’s unlawful changes to his own Obamacare law.

  5. Mrs AL says:

    Great comment. I shared your hesitation, Garnet. I have a tendency to hold out hope that capitalism will rise again. But that hope is fading and about to flicker out. When any industry gets in bed with the government at any level, a monster is bred. And in-breeding is running amok today.

  6. bullright says:

    I second that sentiment. Had they not realized little ol’ Berry, Barry, quite contrary can change the rules by fiat again whenever he so chooses — to suit his fancy ? That’s what they bought with their adulterous fling. They saw profits not the wheels of the Berry Bus.

  7. DAMN~! The deeper we dig, the more surfaces we scratch, the more putrid puss we reveal.
    Mrs AL, I had no idea.

  8. bullright says:

    Food for thought , Wikipedia:
    “Hitler took a pragmatic position between the conservative and radical factions of the Nazi Party, in that he accepted private property and allowed capitalist private enterprises to exist as long as they adhered to the goals of the Nazi state. However, if a capitalist private enterprise resisted Nazi goals, he sought to destroy it.” – – Michael Mann, Fascists, 2004

    “Private property rights were conditional upon the economic mode of use; if it did not advance Nazi economic goals then the state could nationalise it.” — Peter Temin (November 1991>). Economic History Review, New Series

    “Although the Nazis privatised public properties and public services, they also increased economic state control. Under Nazi economics, free competition and self-regulating markets diminished; ” — Guillebaud, Claude W. 1939. The Economic Recovery of Germany 1933-1938.

  9. pepperhawk says:

    Good rant Mrs. Al they sure deserve it. They were involved in this fraud from the very beginning and they own their share of the hurt.

  10. Buck says:

    Funny thing. My first ‘health insurance’ plan was in 1957 and cost me $5.00 a month. Only thing back then it was called ‘hospitalization’ insurance and was for event you had to be hospitalized.
    A visit to the doctor’s office cost you another $5.00.
    Then the insurance companies took over and not only has the ‘hospitalization’ insurance expanded and grown but today the same company charges me and the lil’ woman over $5,000.00 a year and at the same time the doctors charged over $50,000.00 to put stints in. A hospital room is a grand a day and a band aid is $25.00 And the insurance company picks up the tab. Now. Who the eff is gaming who?

    • Mrs AL says:

      Wow, Buck, the compare and contrast is startling to say the least. Appreciate you sharing this insight via real life experience. When I was in my very early 20’s, we had “indemnity” insurance. I recall paying everything out of pocket. Most of mine was the routine schtuff. Maybe indemnity and hospitalization were the same thing? I don’t know. Thanx.

  11. Mrs AL says:

    Experiment seeing if I can add a pic here … if nothing shows, zippo.

  12. Mrs AL says:

    Trying again … if nothing shows, zippo again.

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