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EGYPT SHOCKER! Russia reveals U.S. confidential report about Obama plan to get Egyptian Army involved in a civil war to overthrow General Sisi


Recently, the Russians revealed a U.S. Confidential Report about the Obama Regime plan for getting the Egyptian Military involved in a civil war and the necessity of overthrowing the wildly popular general who deposed former President Mohamed Morsi, General Abd Elfatah Al Sisi, now the Egyptian Minister of Defense, before he becomes the new Nasser.



Translation from Russian into Arabic by and into English by Eman Nabih (edited for clarity by BNI)
The US report revealed by the Russians started by saying that “if Egyptians don’t have a reason to kill each other, we must find them one…”
Our main goal is to push the Egyptian Military and the Egyptian People to fight each other before year 2015. If things remain the same as they are right now in Egypt, we will be facing a new Nasser in the Region. But this time Sisi will be supported even from the Gulf Oil countries which was not the case of his predecessor. On the Political and Economical levels, things will not be in the interests of the USA.


The popularity that the Egyptian Military and General Sisi are having now is not just in Egypt, but we are seeing also an increasingly admiration towards Sisi from the Gulf countries and Tunis who has started to look for his counterpart. If this happens, our influence will be exposed to a great unprecedented danger in the whole region.
Recently, the Gulf states have lent their support to Sisi which they would not have done in the past because of their knowledge that the Muslim Brotherhood (Morsi’s people) have declared their intentions to “First take out the Arab dictators, then the Kings,” a clear threat to the Gulf States.



The US is worried because the spy plane that Egyptians shot down, was not taken down by US weapons, but with new weapons made in Russia. (2/11/2013, Egypt shot down an American spying Plane on Egypt’s borders with Libya).
If things continue to go on as they are right now, we won’t be able even to keep the Fragile Balance between Egypt and Israel. In this case The Egyptian Sinai will be a real threat for our friends in Israel, specially if Sisi insisted on changing Sinai’s demographic form and increase its population. (This is Crap. Sisi is working together with Israel to get rid of the terrorists in Sinai and the Egyptian Army has eliminated nearly 1200 smuggling tunnels that threatened Israel)



The US is investigating how Russia got their hands on this report. This report revealed many things about what the US is planning and shows an inherent weakness in the American Security System if Russia was able to get it. Exposing this report by the Russians comes at a critical time which the US is facing an obvious political failure on many levels.
The Original Report contained 1736 pages about the positions in the Gulf Countries and the Arab countries. While there were about 1900 pages which are considered the most important research, studies and recommendations done according to field analysis supported the above mentioned pages. The study also contain many suggestions and proposed scenarios which could be applied toward achieving the target. This part of the report was supervised by 4 research units which included 120 strategic military and political experts, mostly Americans.



This study classified the Iranian, Syrian, Egyptian, Saudi and Pakistani Armies, as the strongest Armies who possess huge weapons arsenals after the  Iraqi Military was demobilized after the US invasion. One study contain 432 pages on how to fragment these Armies as introduction to occupy their countries as a second step to the fragmentation.
The study also indicates techniques for fragmenting the Egyptian Military by creating a confrontation with its own people, which will make the Egyptian Military fragment in less than 10 months.



In addition, the study considered that as Iran is a strategic first degree enemy to the United States of America, the Iranian Military can get in a direct confrontation with the Saudi Military. At the same time, street wars will be directed from Bahrain, Yemen, and the Eastern region. These wars and confrontations will result to the total fragmentation of the Saudi Army, and also will result the weakening of the Iranian Army.
Moreover, the study have put more than 69 expected Scenarios in order to confront the people in the region for 750 days successively, before dividing the whole Arabic Region (Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia) into States with same size of Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait.

eg july 26 Egyptians authorize army


The study sees achieving success in a short time period and that success depends on the current ideological, ethnic, intellectual and sectarian division in the whole Middle East Region. The study described the current stage in the Arab Region that it is the proper time and place to attack while the whole Arab Region is busy and distracted with its own internal affairs.
The study also covered some reactions towards the US plan of dividing the whole Middle East Area into areas instead of countries like : The Kurdish, Alawites, Druze, Christians Regions and the Shiites States with all its different communities.



The Study contained 600 pages which mentioned how to influence people in the Arab World with the Arab Spring Symbols, Revolutions and the Media brainwashing through more than 38 Media Channels, in addition to the different Social Medias Networks.

More links applicable to this story here.


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Oh, the Muslims in the Administration, starting with #1 Valerie Jarrett, and #2 Hussein, must be so proud of themselves, I’m surprised if any of them can even write their names, because of broken arms causes by self back-patting~!

But just who in the Name of the Universe appointed Mr Zero “World Emperor”? Who has given the United States the mission of dividing the world according to the Master Narcissists dictates? I do not recall ever reading in ANY of the Federalist Papers, the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence, NOR in any proceeding from ANY court of Law, any protocols permitting the United States or its Territories the prerogative of acting as World Police Force. 

When the Crap hits the rotating oscillator, I hope and pray that the perpetrators and the avengers realize this is NOT at the behest of the American Public.

One comment is truly relevant, on this story, and I’ll partially quote it below:

“. . . The whole Obama scenario is unraveling, he is a failure at everything he does and once he is no longer president of the USA, I have this gut feeling his life won’t be worth much regardless of how much protection he has. He has made too many enemies among the Arabs and Arabs don’t forget and always take their revenge. ” 

Maybe it is just my naivete,  maybe not. But I am seeing a lot more duplicity and back-stabbing dealing in this administration, than even in the Iran-Contra affair under Colonel Oliver North in the Reagan Administration.  Is this emperor without portfolio trying to engulf the entire Middle East in an uncontrollable conflagration? It certainly appears that way to me, from the angle my chair sits~!

This reminds me, in an oblique way, of a Roman Emperor, whose name started with ” C “, and it was NOT a Caesar~! Does “Caligula” ring any bells???

~ ~ Grouchy ~ ~

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29 Responses to From Russia, With Love

  1. Mrs AL says:

    I would like to post a comment that is relevant, Grouchy, but to be candid I am stunned. So I will just THANK YOU for this information. I will avail myself of the links.

  2. Hardnox says:

    Good post and commentary. It is good that this is exposed. Where’s the media on this… oh yeah… crickets.

    You are quite right about Arabs and their revenge.

  3. Grey Neely says:

    The Obama Administration is now being laughed at by the entire world. They have no experience in anything but the “Chicago Politics” they grew up in. And it is not that Putin is so smart as it is that Obama and his advisers are so stupid. The credibility that the US has lost in the world is unbelievable due to Obama’s mistakes.

    I hope that the Arab World does take out their revenge on Obama and his cronies.

    • Mistakes are one thing, Grey, but the double dealing and the incipient rebellion against the Power and Majesty of this once great Nation are quite another. It is my belief, as well as that of many others, that his actions are by intent, and have quite unintended consequences. “Chicago Politics” indeed~!

      And I am FULLY in line with your hope in reference the Arab world, much as I am loathe to admit it~!

      • Folks that think o’shitbag is just a fool are fools themselves.
        Everything he does, he does with intent and nothing is an “accident”. He’s “crazy like a fox”.

        • He, and his #1, Valerie Jarrett. AS well as all the other MB members in his entourage.
          Very true comment, and terrifying in all its implications, and also in regards to ACA.

          • The ACA, (I prefer o’shitbag care as that’s what it is) is HIS method of total control over us. This has NOTHING to do with his concern about or physical well being (sarcasm). It has, instead, everything to do with the RFID chips, included and mandated within this “act”, to exert total control over every facet of our lives AND deaths, (at his hand).
            If this was truly about “healthcare” we could have simply been added to MediCare/ Medic/Aid Program and the pre-existing clause removed. Trillions saved!
            I’m not one to “preach”, and I’m sure no one wants to hear it, but this follows, step by step, with what Revelations says…like it or not.
            It’s sick, twisted and outright EVIL and so is he. (IMO)

  4. Kathy says:

    What a fool we have for a president. The world is onto him and he’s not near as smart as he thinks he is. Egypt finally has a decent leader and O can’t stand it. The worst part is that we have to survive three more years of this idiocy.

    • Maybe, Kathy, and again, maybe not. I understand that the Repubs in the House are preparing Articles of Impeachment,,, but that “rumor” has also been around a while. But we can only pray. And pray for a strong conservative element, a strong CONSTITUTIONAL element, in the Senate after the mid-term elections.

      • If we don’t get control of the Senate, we’re screwed!
        We need to vote out all the demo-gods, especially Reid and Pig-losi, and anyone else that took their side, rinos included.

      • Kathy says:

        I’m not holding my breath waiting for impeachment and even if he were, it wouldn’t necessarily mean he’d leave office. But, yes I too pray.

        Hadenough is right in that O is crazy like a fox. O is smart enough to come up with these grand schemes, but he’s a fool to think he can manipulate that many people and countries. He doesn’t have the means to make it play out his way.

        He can’t even come up with a workable health care plan or a computer system to support it – how in hell does he think he’s going to control other countries?

    • “Accidents” happen…….

  5. tannngl says:

    This is amazing. Not even FOX news in on this info.
    Thanks Grouchy.
    Reading the links.

    Do they realize the Egyptian military has outlasted all the dictators?

    • Tannngl, FOX doesn’t dare, nor will any other of the LameStreamMedia. And we’re going to play hell getting the sheeple to realize the duplicity of the current “monarchy”.

      And the Egyptian military is Authoritarian, but FOR the rights of the individual citizens of that Nation. ALL militaries have to be authoritarian, so that’s no slam on them. Ours is hamstrung by our constitution. BUT~! There are means around that Chain of Command,,, the question? WHO has the courage to take the necessary steps?

  6. Clyde says:

    World-class post, GF. Obama is playing in a sandbox he hasn’t the skill set for. Putin is playing this asshole like a frigging Stradivarius.

    • Thanks, Clyde. And indeed, he’s a toddler playing on the High School Varsity team.
      I was / am hoping that somewhere, there’s a goof up, and this would be a hoax post. But I have a feeling that is a long, forlorn hope.

  7. randy63ism says:

    Grouchy, this is plain diabolical and damaging to our nation’s prestige. Damn I loathe and detest 0bama and his evil minions.

    It’s sickening.

    • It really is, Randy,,, and you got me thinking – Has ANY leader in history done this to their country, in relationship to other countries??? Has any other country so disrespected their own on the world stage???