Calypso Louie. Still Crazy.

Nation of Islam “leader” Louis Farrakhan recently opined about the sentence of the former Mayor, and Chief Thief in Detroit.

Proof this dude is DELUSIONAL. See if you don’t agree.

From The Detroit

November 11, 2013 at 1:24 pm

Farrakhan: Feds will feel ‘wrath of God’ for Kilpatrick’s sentence.

Robert Snell


Louis Farrakhan

Crazy Louie Farrakhan. WHO is going to feel the “Wrath Of God”, Louie? YOU. For being a hypocritical asshole.
This sonofabitch is RIGHT where he BELONGS. Just not LONG ENOUGH.

Detroit — Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said the people responsible for sentencing former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to 28 years in federal prison will “feel the weight of The Wrath of God for such evil done to a man who did not deserve anything like that!”

Farrakhan posted the comment on his Facebook page Friday during a question and answer session with followers.

“My brother will never fulfill that sentence,” Farrakhan wrote. “And those who have sentenced him will feel the weight of The Wrath of God for such evil done to a man who did not deserve anything like that! Watch and see what will come to those who sought his destruction, and seek his destruction.”

Kilpatrick, 43, is at the federal prison in Milan and awaiting a transfer to an undisclosed facility. He and his family have a long history with Farrakhan.

In April, Kilpatrick’s mother, former U.S. Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, introduced the Nation of Islam leader during a hearing into the existence of alien life forms. Farrakhan attended the hearing in Washington, D.C., and has spoken of his own UFO encounter.

Kwame Kilpatrick contends his resignation and jailing in 2008 following the text-message scandal were the result of a conspiracy that emerged after he welcomed Farrakhan to Ford Field in 2007 and upset powerful bankers.

The Nation of Islam has provided security when Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced and released from the Wayne County jail and Farrakhan reportedly visited Kilpatrick during a 99-day sentence for three felonies related to the text-message scandal.

U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds sentenced Kilpatrick to 28 years in prison last month and castigated him for living “larger than life” on millions of dollars he stole after creating a “corrosive pay-to-play” system in city hall.

“I hope that the sentence that I’m about to impose will give that message that we’re demanding accountability and transparency in our government,” Edmunds said. “That where there has been corruption, there will be no more. We are done.”

During the Facebook chat, Farrakhan was asked about the sentence and whether Kilpatrick was punished for his connection to the Nation of Islam leader.

“He was a young mayor; the youngest mayor to be elected, to my knowledge, in this country,” Farrakhan wrote. “He went to prison, he learned, and he came out stronger, older, wiser — so The Enemy fears such a man free. So this type of sentencing is called ‘pile on.’”


Imagine that. Louis Farrakhan,  “leader” of the specious Nation Of Islam in America, spewing the NONSENSE that Kwame’s jury, judges, et al, will feel the “Wrath Of God”.

Say, Calypso Louie, shouldn’t that be the “Wrath Of Allah” they’re going to feel ? You are such an asshat, I guess you FORGOT that, eh?

So, let’s see. Kwame, his pal Bobby Ferguson, along with Kwame’s dad Bernard, get CAUGHT in a racket, stealing tens of millions of scarce dollars in Detroit, already a shithole by the time THIS criminal enterprise took over, that is too-often repeated in black liberal democrat run cities from coast to coast, looting them so badly they turn in to Third-World shitholes, and Farrakhan spews that those who found the criminal GUILTY on 24 counts are going to suffer?

Too bad when he was “abducted” by aliens, they didn’t KEEP his hate-mongering ass. Lunatic anyway.






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14 Responses to Calypso Louie. Still Crazy.

  1. Hardnox says:

    Louie is totally disconnected from reality but that’s not exactly new news is it? Unfortunately, there are a lot of lemmings that believe in his rants. Ilk like Louie can only stay in power as long as they sow the seeds of discontent otherwise they believe themselves to be irrelevant. Sadly, black leaders would serve their followers better if they acknowledge the success of blacks… but we know that won’t happen.

  2. Mrs AL says:

    Sorry, Clyde, I don’t believe he is delusional. He is a muslim engaging in muslim rhetoric to a muslim audience.

    To me, he is nastily clever. He’s keeping the pot stirred and that’s what the nasties feed on. When fed enough, they explode.

  3. Buck says:

    The irony does not escape me.
    Louis Farrahkan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson are “leaders of black people”.
    Alan West and Herman Cain are leaders.
    Notice a difference?

  4. Kathy says:

    Young black men listen to the likes of him. The man is an inciter who keeps them stirred up. More blacks convert to Islam than do whites, and I think that’s part of his goal. He gets them even angrier at the system, so they’re easier to manipulate.

    I’m with you, Clyde, the aliens should have kept him.

    • Clyde says:

      Great catch, Kathy. What with these assholes going into the prison system basically heathens, and coming out muslims. Excellent take. Thanks.

  5. T_oma says:

    The nation of Islam (noi) is an extremely dangerous group that has in it’s background a branch that was dedicated to the murder of whites. This was revealed in the book “Zebra” by Clark Howard. SBN:399-90050-0 I was stationed in California at the time of the murders and remember it well. The five blacks involved called themselves the “death angels” and their goal was to sacrifice nine “blue-eyed devils”
    each, for their false god called allah.

    • Clyde says:

      T-oma, first off, thanks for stopping in, and commenting. We appreciate it. And, thanks for yet another interesting side to the story. Don’t be a stranger, OK?

  6. CW says:

    One of the problems with the black culture is that loonatics like Farrakhan are routinely embraced – even worshipped – as leaders, whereas they would be rightly dismissed and ignored in the world otherwise. We can thank liberals for that as they have encouraged the black subculture for decades, and this is what it’s led to.