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New Federal Gun Law coming under radar


With Mr. Obama and his allies attacking the right to keep and bear arms from a dozen angles at once, the anti-rights forces in America have overlooked the Undetectable Handgun Law of 1988, set to expire on Dec. 3, less than six weeks away. (Google 18 USC §922(p) for the letter of the law.)

If the law expires as it is scheduled to do, airports and all secure areas could be exposed to guns that metal detectors cannot identify.

Although no such guns exist (in the commercial world) and have never been available to the public, the “news” media created a furor over the non-existent firearms when the polymer-framed Glock pistol was introduced, spreading fear that such weapons could be smuggled into airports past all known screening devices. The Glock and all similar polymer-framed firearms contain large amounts of steel and are easily spotted by metal detectors.

The chances that Congress will let the statute expire are near zero, a quick survey of industry experts indicates. But the subject hasn’t hit the public radar yet, and simple reenactment of a federal gun law is a risky bet, given the present administration’s penchant for introducing gun mandates at any opportunity.

Any bill that must get through both houses of Congress becomes a magnet for amendments and agenda-driven add-ons. A gun bill will be particularly susceptible to that pressure. Only one tiny change will be needed, the same one made last time this expiration came up. The number of years in the sunset clause on this 1988 law, now “25,” will have to increase to whatever new date Congress chooses. They went from 15 to 25 last time.

However – no plans for renewal of the expiring “invisible” gun ban have been announced by either major political party. The expiration date, however, is set in stone by the existing law. If the law does expire, someone somewhere is likely to try to develop and introduce an undetectable gun (outside the world of superspies).

Two bills were introduced, one back in April, HR1474, which extended the ban for another 10 years and added undetectable ammo magazines, and S1149 in June, which also extends the ban for 10 years with similar conditions. Neither bill has gone anywhere. Undetectable guns and magazines doesn’t say much about undetectable ammo, but no one expects Congress to be very logical about any of this.

Sensitive Date
The expiration date is just 11 days prior to nationwide events planned to recognize the calamity surrounding the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. Both pro-rights and anti-rights groups have announced intentions to use that date to press for action on gun rights in America. Efforts to restrict Americans’ right to arms, using the actions of the psychopath on that day as a motivation, have thus far failed.

Second Event Also on Dec. 3
By coincidence, Dec. 3 has been set by the Arizona Court of Appeals to hear oral arguments in the Guns Save Lives censorship case, with the Goldwater Institute’s Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation representing plaintiff Alan Korwin and TrainMeAZ, LLC. TrainMeAZ is a coalition of firearm industry firms working together to promote gun safety.

The red-heart Guns Save Lives logo at the center of the case has been adopted as a theme for Gun Save Lives Day, a response to the events planned for restricting gun rights timed around the Newtown demonstrations. When this counter protest was announced, the lamestream media went apoplectic, spewing bile and vitriol at the pro-rights people.

Politico reported Monday Oct. 28 that weekly sessions on gun control have been held between the White House Office of Public Engagement and representatives from Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Guns, the Brady Campaign to Promote Gun Violence, Moms Demand Action, the Center for American Progress, Organizing for Action and Americans for Responsible Solutions. It is understood that demonstrations and calls for new restrictions on gun rights tied to the Newtown date are part of those planning sessions.

To the extent government operatives are at work compromising the Second Amendment instead of supporting it, they violate their oath and should be removed from office or brought up on charges. This may seem quaint but it matters. No one in government is taking any action against this fifth column-type of activity.

Alan Korwin is the author of Gun Laws of America and The Uninvited Ombudsman

The floor is open for discussion.

Mrs AL

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7 Responses to Arizona – Sonoran News

  1. Kathy says:

    “…should be… brought up on charges” As we’ve witnessed many times over the years, what ‘should be’ and what happens are two different things with this bunch of crooks. It’s just more can kicking.

  2. Bill Baldwin says:

    The law is actually titled Undetectable Firearms Act and it sunsets Dec 9, 2013, not Dec 3. I haven’ heard any chatter about renewing it. After the airport shooting, I’m sure the antis will cry “We need this law to prevent shootings at airports” even though the shooter used a Cali legal, and detectable, firearm. Truth be told, if someone really wanted to get a gun past security at an airport, they could just rent a 3D printer, make one, and pass security. Laws don’t prevent criminal activity, they just define and set the punishment for committing criminal activity. The biggest hurdle with getting a firearm past security is getting the ammo. Right now, there is no handgun ammo (that I know about) that’s manufactured without metal parts. Hopefully that will change soon.

  3. Clyde says:

    You can bet if it violates the 2nd. Amendment, the anti-gun assholes will be all over it. Screw the media. Nothing but bile-spewing cowards. You NEVER hear of anyone shooting up a TV studio. Hey, wackos, there you go. A NEW, PROUD Gun-Free-Zone.

  4. Hardnox says:

    In my opinion, the critters won’t touch this in the run-up to 2014.

  5. Garnet92 says:

    As Mrs AL notes, I remember when they were attacking “plastic” guns (Glocks) as being “undetectable.” That went on well past the time when the facts proved them wrong, but they still didn’t give up on it. That bunch won’t give up easily when they smell blood in the water, but ‘Nox is right, that’ll stay under the radar until after the mid-terms – they’re in deep doo-doo already and don’t need any more reason to vote against a dem.

  6. WTXGunRunner says:

    Since there are several Lib Senate seats ‘vulnerable’ in the mid-terms, I kind of agree w/Nox. I don’t THINK they will make a really BIG deal over this. Not now, anyway. The entire discussion on the particular subject absolutely drives me crazy! What in the world have Americans forgotten about how we got to be America? Crazy (liberal) thinking going on here. Our country was NOT formed by cowards but by heroes. AND, without weapons, especially against England at the time, WE would NOT be here today! How, over time, have they become so demonized? Just askin……..

  7. Mrs AL says:

    I wasn’t 100% sure what to think about this and you have helped me out so much with all your comments! Thanx. I am always grateful for the education.