Quote Of The Day — November 7, 2013

A time for truth. As most kids do not have the athletic ability to play high school sports, or the musical ability to play in the band, or the verbal ability to excel in debate, not every child has the academic ability to do high school work. No two children are created equal, not even identical twins. The family is the incubator of inequality and God its author.

Patrick Buchanan – Suicide of a Superpower 


~ ~ Grouchy ~ ~

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13 Responses to Quote Of The Day — November 7, 2013

  1. CW says:

    Buchanan’s comment underscores the arrogance and ignorance of the liberal mind which believes equality in life can be achieved through liberal policy and law making.

    Good quote, Grouchy!

  2. Clyde says:

    I’m not exactly a Buchanan fan, but THIS one is spot-on.

  3. tannngl says:

    No no no, Mr. Buchanan! ALL children are the same – even the boys and girls are the same.

  4. Mrs AL says:

    All, not one. Everybody not somebody. How far have we fallen?

    • Mrs AL,,, That is a question I don’t really want to know the answer to. It’s called, “The Ostrich Syndrome”,,, The answers I know and see around me are terrifying enough~!

  5. Kathy says:

    Yet they are treated as cookie-cutter kids – excel or not, everyone gets a trophy.

  6. Hardnox says:

    Color me impressed with Buchannan’s quote.

  7. WTXGunRunner says:

    It’s just too bad that the 2 elements in Mr. Buchanan’s quote are exactly the 2 things that most families today are deficient in, isn’t it?