How Virginia Was Lost


Here is a superb video that describes what happened in Virginia’s Governor’s race.

(hat-tip Gary)

Ken Cuccinelli’s loss to Terry McAuliffe is a crushing defeat of liberty, here in Virginia and for the USA.  We will now have a Leftist machine political hack in the governorship of a pivotal state in the run-up to the 2014 and 2016 elections.

McAuliffe’s win was not about Virginia but about capturing the House for the D’s and getting the Hildabeast into the White House. (Note: McAuliffe was Bill Clinton’s campaign manager and later the DNC Chairman)

From the outset Cuccinelli was vilified by the Left with a barrage of flat out lies and misinformation.  The Left from all over the country poured tons of cash into McAuliffe’s campaign which funded the attacks.  

Conversely, Cuccinelli was unable to defend himself in the media due to lack of funds mostly due to the RNC.  The RNC contributed a measly $3 million to Cuccinelli’s campaign whereas they contributed $9 million to McDonnell’s campaign in 2009.  Only in the final days of the campaign did the GOP praise Cuccinelli when it appeared that he was closing the gap.

Adding further injury, the Left fielded independent candidate Robert Sarvis disguised as a Libertarian.  An Obama campaign bundler paid the lion’s share of the fees to have Sarvis placed on the ballot.  Sarvis had no chance at winning but managed to garner 6+% of the votes away from Cuccinelli.  

Incidentally, Ron Paul, the champion of Libertarianism campaigned for Cuccinelli while warning voters that Sarvis was a plant.  Sarvis favored gun control, Global Warming and other goofy lefty ideals.

The final tally:

McAuliffe – 47.74%

Cuccinelli – 45.25%

Sarvis – 6.52%

Had the RNC supported Cuccinelli’s campaign then the outcome would most likely had been different.

The bottom line is the left cheated their way into Virginia’s state house, with the help of the Republican establishment…

BUT … just barely.  


~ Hardnox

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23 Responses to How Virginia Was Lost

  1. Mrs AL says:

    Thanx so much for posting, Hardnox!

    Ok, I understand the outrage and I won’t go on my own tirade about that map posted. That said, think about how much money was poured into this race and was lost by a hair. To me, that is a positive. Much has been learned by those who hold our liberties and freedom dear.

    Naïve? Most may think so. I don’t.

    • Hardnox says:

      My pleasure Mrs Al. You echo my thoughts. It is a positive insomuch that even with twice the money the sleazebags almost lost. That speaks volumes about the left’s message. The reality is that 51.77% voted against McAwful.

      I think there are more people awake now than before. I can’t help but wonder about those that stayed home thinking Cuccinelli would lose big.

  2. Clyde says:

    Good post, and video. If this is ANY indication of what the goddamn RNC is going to do next year, say HELLO to House AND senate control going to democrats. F#%k the RNC. I’ll NEVER contribute nationally to ANY RNC-backed candidate. It’s a sure-fire loser.

    • Hardnox says:

      Thanks Clyde. I suspect that the R’s will stay stuck on stupid. Ditto here on the contributions. I’m done with them. Have been since they fielded Bob Dole.

      Wait for the R’s to field Crispy Creme…actually it has already started. He’s a moderate dontyaknow and he won 51% of the Hispanic vote.

      I’ll just vote 3rd party if he is my only option.

  3. Crawfish says:

    The GOP establishment WANTED CUCCINELLI TO LOSE! They wanted to be able to show how a CONSERVATIVE will lose, while a LIBERAL (er, cough, cough, “conservative”) will win (Christie). I think they made a deal with the DNC. They would throw VA to McAuliffe if the Dems would run a nobody and throw the NJ election to Christie by a wide margin. That way both sides get what they want, another weak liberal RINO to run against Hillary.

  4. Kathy says:

    Good one, Hardnox, and I have to ditto what Crawfish said. More backroom deals to push out the true conservatives. People need to stop funding the RNC and fund the individual candidates – their money would be better spent.

  5. WTXGunRunner says:

    Nox, wait a minute! You’re telling me that a fine, upstanding member of the Democratic Party did something “unethical”? OMG, I am completely shocked over here!

    Okay, I’m over that. LOL. I was SO rooting for VA on election day! I, like many others NOT from Virginia, were deflated at the end of said day. The video says it all. The GOP totally let ‘Our’ guy down. Disgraceful, on SO many levels. Good post, but I wish you had never had to do this.

    • Hardnox says:

      LOL. When McAwful got the nomination I knew all the dirty tricks were about to start. The guy is a real scumbag. Even the D’s that I know admit he’s a piece of shit.

      My disgust with the RNC is beyond what I can write here.

      Thanks for the kind words. Wish I could have posted a victory piece instead. I hope Cuccinelli stays in the game. Our side needs him.

  6. CW says:

    Cuccinelli’s loss was tragic, Hardnox; a good man losing to an unmitigated liar and gov’t racketeer. My heart bleeds for Virginia.

    The fools in the RNC are cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

    • Hardnox says:

      Thanks for your sentiments CW. I have a feeling that there will be much remorse over this loss.

      I can’t wait for the next call from the RNC wanting my “most generous contribution”.

  7. After looking at / reading all the foregoing comments, the only one left for me is, “Keep you Powder Dry, and invest in precious metals.”

    HOPEFULLY, this will be a wake-up call to all Constitutionally minded folks.

    • Hardnox says:

      I hope so. This is just another example of how dirty the left will play to achieve their goals.

      They pulled this third party stunt last year in Maryland against Dan Bongino who was looking to unseat lefty senator Sarbanes. Sarbanes just squeaked by. It was later disclosed that the independent candidate was funded by lefty PACS.

  8. Buck says:

    And if the Homer Simpsons that run the GOP insist on runnng another McCain or Romney in the guise of a Christi then the conservative vote will stay home. Again. And they will lose……………..again.
    ipso facto.

  9. tannngl says:

    That was an excellent post and loved the video. Surely the Tea Party can find a way to win the power in the Republican party. My fear is the takeover the Dems will do if Conservatives start a new party. But it usually looks like that’s the only way to do it. Frightening decision to make.

    • Hardnox says:

      Thanks for the kind words. Conservatives have been trying to fix the GOP for over 50 years. We are tired of it. We are the GOP’s base. Now the GOP is throwing conservatives under the bus in a very public way. Enough.

      Frightening indeed. A third party will ruin this country for the near future, as it will enable the left, but I believe that it will ultimately rescue it in the long run.

      • tannngl says:

        Hardnox, could I impose on you to run through this post? It is about this very subject, taking back the Republican party instead of starting a third. My brain cells are still out on this issue. We should be able to find a way to take over this party. We are on the right afterall.

        Oh, here is the post:

        • Hardnox says:

          That’s a good piece and I respect his sentiments. Thanks for sharing. My questions is how does anyone change the Republican Party when they have abandoned their core principles?

          Conservatism works every time it is tried but we have a majority in office that refuse to accept that fact.

          A third party scares me to death but we go every 2 or 4 years and attempt a change only to get further disappointed. Since Bush 41 the republican party has continually moved left.

          • tannngl says:

            ” My questions is how does anyone change the Republican Party when they have abandoned their core principles?”

            Our county Republican party turned a blue county red. It was done on a door to door level. It’s done the same way the Apostles spread the Good News. One on one sharing the Truth.
            I believe if each county had such a committed group, the uninformed voters could become informed.
            Am I a Pollyanna?

            • Hardnox says:

              No not hardly. I applaud your efforts. I have found that personal one on one interaction with my fellow Americans is better than using a soapbox.

              Your mission of changing the hearts and minds of our fellow citizens county by county is highly commendable but it will take a very long time. I don’t think we have the luxury of that kind of time, especially now. There are over 3,077 counties in America, plus the territories. In my experience, excepting the parasites of society, most people are actually conservatives regardless of location.

              The problem with the GOP is systemic. The problems that we have in our political system lies not only with the elected officials but also with those that advise them. One consultant after the other believe that 40% of the country will vote republican no matter what, 40% will vote democrat, so that leaves 20% of independents that are the target audience who consultants believe are moderate and vote accordingly.

              The downward spiral of this country will continue with that philosophy when those in charge believe that moderates are the answer to all things political.

              We all know that conservatism works every time that it is tried but we have a GOP that refuses to accept that as historical fact. Ronald Reagan is that fact, and the establishment fought him every step of the way before, during, and after his term.

              Further, it is virtually impossible to unseat an incumbent within our own party. The tactical and financial advantage that an incumbent has is enormous. The system is built that way. The whole system is corrupt and our legislators are protected under the laws which they themselves passed.

              Conservatives are the base of the Republican party but the party establishment treats us like red-headed step children.

              • tannngl says:

                We wouldn’t have to change the hearts and minds of every county…
                But you’re absolutely right. You speak the facts. We are in deep trouble.