Charlie Daniels Asks the Question…


What Has Happened to America?


The roll out of Obamacare, the abject failure of the website, the total confusion, people losing their private insurance programs before they are enrolled in the monstrosity that is the “Affordable Care Act,” the president making promises that he knows he can’t keep – and all the other sloppy inattention to detail, the amateurish attitude of those who are supposed to be in charge, and the overall unacceptable level of incompetence would embarrass even the most arrogant of presidential administrations and have the nation up in arms and ready to put up a set of gallows between the two houses of Congress.


But, something has happened to America in the last couple of decades: a large part of the population has conceded its future to a government that grows bigger and more intrusive every day. Rather than take their heads out of the sand and admit that they are passing along a fiscal monster that’s going to devour the prosperity of foreseeable generations, they choose to accept:

The eternally and historically flawed methods of socialism that are being promoted by a president who seems determined to change the very essence of the American Dream,

A sold-out Senate,

A Congress whose leadership blinks every time there’s a confrontation, and

A Supreme Court that’s about one appointment away from being a presidential rubber stamp.

There’s about forty percent of the population who Obama could give chicken feathers to and convince them it was chicken salad and they’d follow him off the top of the Empire State Building blindfolded. He can do no wrong in their eyes, as long as he keeps playing Robin Hood and passing out the goodies.

These people will wake up somewhere in the middle of the third act when the entitlement checks and food stamps stop coming to find there’s nobody to take their phone calls. The government that was founded to serve the people has turned the equation around and now they believe that the people are supposed to serve the government.

That we should be willing to put up with whatever taxes they choose to levy, to abide by every ridiculous rule or regulation their bureaucratic little minds can conceive and allow them to regulate every facet of our lives…while they live above the law out of the clutches of Obamacare and shrinking retirement plans.

They pass out billions of dollars in contracts to their political allies and subsidize companies that have no hope of succeeding while they exempt those they choose from the programs they’re forcing the rest of the country into.

They can use government agencies to punish their enemies and walk away with impunity.

They can selectively enforce the laws of the land, ignoring the laws that don’t fit their agenda.

They can hire thousands of agents to enforce their will on the public.

They can forsake Americans in the Foreign Service – leave them to die without even attempting to rescue them.

They can look into a television camera and lie with a straight face.

Amidst all this passivity, however, there is great frustration, a smoldering, white-hot anger that only awaits a rallying point to ignite and become the most motivated political force in this nation. If there has ever been a time in the history of this country for a true leader to step forth, it is now.

The two major political parties have proven their mettle. With few exceptions, the Democrats and the Republicans are dismal failures at reviving the economy – and more importantly – the spirit of America.

Maybe it’s time for a bold step, a political party that has no obligations to any corporations, unions or political action committees. A party that is impervious to the ridicule of the media, that is willing to begin in an humble way at the grassroots level, enlisting the loyalty of those who truly want to get America back on the path to sanity and capitalize on small successes building an army of true believers brick by brick.

And somewhere out there in flyover country is an honest person of exceptional intellect and impeccable integrity, God-fearing, who wears the helmet of salvation and carries the sword of the spirit, someone who is able to lead this nation back into the light.

I believe it. What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

We the people


Charlie is asking the same questions that many conservatives are asking. Our country has been ruined by decades of bloated misguided government, but it’s not beyond repair.

Hopefully we can survive this king wannabe until the next election when our new leader will step forth and set about fixing our republic.

I would disagree with his suggestion of a new party as part of the solution, at least at this point in time. We’ve seen how divisive that can be at election time, so I think the answer would be to take back our Republican party. We have to weed out those mainstream ‘lifers’ and bring it back to true conservatives who honestly care about this country more than they care about lining their pockets.

Your thoughts?


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27 Responses to Charlie Daniels Asks the Question…

  1. Hardnox says:

    Good post Kathy. I don’t believe that the GOP can be reformed from within. We have been trying this for 40 years. Proof of that is Virginia’s governor’s race where Cuccinelli was thrown under the GOP establishment bus. The establishment does not want conservatives and the deck is stacked too high against those that would make enough of a difference. True that some conservatives make it into the fray but not enough to make a difference.

    I am convinced that a third party (Conservative) is the only way to fix the mess, short of a civil war. Sadly it would take several election cycles for it to be enough of a force. The truth is that not enough Americans are fed up with our elected officials to make the switch.

    Now we will be fed a pablum that moderate republicans will win elections. The GOP proof will be Christie’s win in NJ as faux evidence.

    Daniel’s message is spot on in my opinion.

    • Kathy says:

      Thanks, Hardnox. Agreed that a third party would be great, at some point, but not now, it takes too long. We need quicker fixes and that can be done with upcoming elections. We have to put more effort into reaching the younger generation and get more of them involved. Teach them to vote for the ‘new guy’. It’s their world, they need to help shape it.

      We also have to keep hammering away at the those old buzzards in Congress, and remind them they work for us and they can be replaced. If we’re willing to work at it.

      • Hardnox says:

        I appreciate your pragmatic approach but we’ve been dancing to that tune since 1980. The $64 question of course is when do we stop.

        The problem with conservatism is that we have allowed our label to be framed by the left, the R’s, and the media as being extreme thus repelling many from even looking at the values that we hold dear..

        The conversation needs to be framed as WHO is against the Constitution? Then let them defend that position. The truth is that most people that know what the Constitution is would support the it, in my opinion.

        I also believe that a great many more Americans would identify with Conservatives if they were honest with themselves. Instead they have been coward into being against it due to the negative connotations falsely attached to conservatism.

        I know that a viable third party is a pipe dream. It would take a major event for that to happen.

        The reality is that we already have three political factions in this country:
        1) The Democrats and the entirety of the Left who believe that the Constitution is an impediment to their objectives.

        2) The Republican establishment types that ignore the Constitution.

        3) Conservatives, comprised of republicans, blue dog democrats, and independents that place honest value on the Constitution.

  2. Calling John Galt~! Hank Reardon. Ragnar Danneskold. Francisco D’Anconia.
    And your henchmen.

    Dagny, Howard Roark, Where are you????

  3. Mrs AL says:

    I am torn … new party, great idea. Would that lead to divide and conquer by the really nasty among us, yes.

    So there’s my thought … a new party DOES need to be created. It’s not necessary to run candidates in the beginning. Once the party is established and making noise, candidates will come forth.

    Great read, Kathy. CD is great.

    • Kathy says:

      Agreed, Mrs. AL, but what do we do in the meantime? We have to use what we have, and that is the election process and educating the next generation. Most don’t have a clue – it’s time we gave them one, I think.

      • Mrs AL says:

        IMHO the formation of a third truly conservative party (if funded by us grunts) will get the attention of the ‘establishment’ republican party. They will either come to realize they need to make a change or face the consequences of having third party candidates run and take votes away from them. Talk about educating people.

        In the meantime, we just keep putting pressure on the republican party. It’s all that can be done at this point.

  4. Clyde says:

    Charlie, the answer is simple. Letting the left infiltrate, and control unopposed for the most part, EVERY aspect of our society. Get rid of THAT, maybe we can turn things around. However, the modern-day republican party is about as useful as tits on a boar hog in that regard. They are NOT the “opposition” party any longer.The time has come to send the GOP packing. It is OBVIOUS, with the absolutely shameful way they “helped” Cuccinelli in Virginia the party is NO LONGER interested in allowing conservatives into the “big tent”.

    • Kathy says:

      Clyde, the GOP went to a sword fight with nothing but a pocket knife. It’s time to replace them with guys that have swords too, bigger ones.

  5. WTXGunRunner says:

    Superb post, K. This is a REAL American and I’m proud of him! Logic seems SO smart & easy, doesn’t it?

  6. BrianR says:

    I’m sorry, but I’ve been hearing that “take back the Republican party” mantra for decades now. When’s it gonna happen? The last good President we had was Reagan. And even HE had to fight the Establishment GOP tooth and nail to get the nomination. They HATED him.

    Who’s the GOP been trying to foist on us?

    Bush. Dole. Bush. McIdiot. Romney.

    Goooooooood grief. That’s why I call them the PSP — the Perpetually Stupid Party. They’re not just stuck on stupid; they’re super-glued in place.

    The current GOP has become an adjunct wing of the Dems… the Dem-Lite party, and they have no incentive to change. In fact, they hate, fear and despise us conservatives. Look at how they treat Cruz and Paul. McBonehead calling us “wacko birds”.

    I keep hearing GOP spokesholes bleating about how it’s important that they “win”, without ever explaining WHY we should help them win. No talk about actual PRINCIPLES that they allegedly claim to support. It’s just a game; a race between two competing statist Big Government parties. Then, when some individuals actually DO talk about conservative principles and take action in support of those principles, they’re castigated and scorned.

    Sorry. I don’t see any “taking back” going on, and I’ve already stopped voting for those useless drones and hacks.

    A pox on both their houses.

  7. Kathy says:

    Yes, Reagan had to fight the GOP, and if guys like Cruz and Paul can subject themselves to scorn, then that’s all the more reason we should be willing to do the same. Our country is worth it.

    For years now, the GOP has let the Dems put them on the defensive and the bullies keep beating them down. After a while, they get tired of getting beat up every day, so they just give in. And why not? Either way they go, they keep their cushy job.

    We need a few bullies of our own, and the only way to do that is get rid of the old codgers and put true conservatives in place. Right now the only tool we have is elections, but tool is broken. It’s up to us to fix it.

    You, me, everybody, all we do is talk about the current status, mostly to like-minded people. It’s time to stop beating that dead horse and start coming up with some solutions. It’s time to stop fighting harder, and start fighting smarter.

    • BrianR says:

      Again, Kathy, that’s just more of the same rhetoric I’ve been hearing for decades, which leads to exactly no change at all. In fact, in spite of it, the GOP keeps getting even worse.

      The problem is that the Establishment hacks see conservatives as a splintered faction, and they have a “who else they gonna vote for?” mentality. Same way the Dems treat Blacks; as a “gimme” constituency. And frankly, in some respects they’re right, because WAY too many people just continue to vote for that party without making any actual demands on them. Gonna nominate another RINO? Maybe Chris Christie? “Ohhh… well, okay. I guess I just HAVE to vote for him… bummer.”

      And in spite of the facts of history — Reagan the REAL conservative and his record landslides, and the poor showing of everyone since — they continue down the “moderation” path, otherwise known as “You want me to bend over, Democrats? Sure! No prob!”

      Screw that.

      If we’re accepting the fact that any change is going to be difficult and time-consuming, then I’d rather go down the path of trying to get a real CONSERVATIVE coalition going. Get the Tea Party, Constitution Party and Libertarians to form a viable third party option that would be able to wield political clout as a hammer and lever to use against the GOP Establishment hacks. That would, in effect, create a system more along the lines of the British Parliament that depends on coalitions, rather than our present system dominated by two super-parties, which is especially problematic as there’s no longer much actual difference between them anymore.

      Then they’d HAVE to pay attention to us.

      The biggest problem, as always, is that dealing with conservatives is usually like trying to herd cats, because we’re principled and individualists by nature.

      But that would be true no matter what approach is taken.

    • Hardnox says:

      Kathy, I agree that we need to be smarter. Case in point, just today I had a conversation with a black man about political affiliation. He claimed that he always supports democrats. I asked him if he was pro-American, pro-military, pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-family, pro-business, anti-muslim, anti-homo, anti-illegals, anti-big government, etc. to which he replied “yes” to all when I ticked down the list. I asked him why did he vote for democrats instead of conservatives.when they opposed everything that he believes in? He simply said that he didn’t know that was what we stood for.

  8. CW says:

    “What Has Happened to America?”

    Progressivism, that’s what happened. On BOTH sides of the aisle.

    Should we start a third party? I don’t know. The list of cons is as long as the list of pros. And what happens when the liberals simply run on the label of the third party, as they do now calling themselves republicans? With each passing day I have less and less confidence in a peaceful, political solution to the Left’s trampling of the Constitution.

  9. Kathy says:

    I have to laugh at us just a little bit. We’re all on the same side, yet we can’t agree on the rhetoric or tune, the best approach to the problem, or what the best solution is, but we expect Congress, with half of them aren’t on our side, to understand what we want for our country.

    We are that herd of cats, or is it bulldoggies? 🙂

  10. BrianR says:

    W-e-e-e-e-ell… Just looky here what I found, fresh off the press and right on topic:

    • Hardnox says:

      Good catch bro. Well, isn’t that special? Seems the bashing of conservatives will be a full contact sport. I doubt the moderates understand return fire.

      • BrianR says:

        No kidding. They declared war on us a l-o-o-o-o-ng time ago.

        • BrianR says:

          BTW, when 2016 comes around? Just like 2008, I can tell you right now, the idiots at the GOP nominate some drone like Christie, Rubio (amnesty whore), Boehner, or any other “moderate”, and they aren’t getting my vote… again!

          I’m fed up to hell with getting the shaft and the finger, and then getting nagged for my vote as if I’m supposed to like it. Screw them and the horses they rode into town on.

    • Kathy says:

      Thanks for posting that link, Brian. It tells me Ted Cruz et al are right over the target. Fire at will, boys.