CANADA~! Wake UP~!

Canada has a population half that of Great Britain, at 34.88 Million as of the 2012 estimate. Britain, for the same period, has a population of 63.23 Million. Compare that with the United States population of 313.9 Million, again, for the same period. WHERE is Canada going to put a QUARTER MILLION Economic Immigrants from Heaven only knows where??? And that is for only one year. The process is on-going.

Emirates 27/7   has the story.


Canada immigrant alert: 250,000 allowed in 2014… details here 

Economic immigrants will form the largest group
By  Majorie van Leijen   Published Thursday, November 07, 2013



Economic immigrants will be the most successful of those wishing to become a permanent resident of Canada in 2014. Next year, economic immigrants will make up a higher percentage of newcomers to the country than ever before.

That was concluded based on the Annual Report of Immigration, presented to Parliament in Canada last week. The report includes important information on the Canadian Government’s plans for immigration in 2014.

According to the report, Canada expects to welcome between 240,000 and 265,000 new permanent residents in 2014, a similar number to the target immigration levels in previous years.

The focus of the immigration program will be on the economic immigrant. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) announced that 63 per cent of the new immigrants will receive permanent residency through an economic immigration program.

Further, a quarter of the new immigrants, or 69,000 applicants, will receive residency under the family sponsorship stream, a program dedicated to the reunification of families in Canada.

The third option – receiving residency on a refugee basis – forms the least likely option; the expected rate of immigrants accepted as a refugee is 10 per cent.

“Securing economic growth is and will remain our government’s top priority,” Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander was quoted as saying. “Canada is in a global competition for the best and brightest immigrants, and this plan is crafted with attracting the people we need for Canada to succeed.”

Earlier this year the Canadian government announced it will gradually move to an Expression of Interest (EOI) model of immigration in 2015.   This model, which is currently adopted in Australia and New Zealand, aims to tailor the incoming stream of immigrants to the local economy more directly.

Under the EOI programme, prospective immigrants first complete an online form which states their interest in becoming a permanent resident of Canada. After that, candidates end up in a pool which can be used by employers and Federal, Provincial and Territorial governments to select those employees that are in demand.

While economic immigrants will be drawn from all of these programs, CIC anticipates record levels of admissions from Provincial Nominee Programs and the Canadian Experience Class program, became clear in the Annual Report.

Other economic programs immigrants can enter are the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, or the Business Immigration Programs.

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Canada, according to this source,    you have obligated to admit a QUARTER MILLION immigrants in calendar 2013,  and are scheduled to admit a QUARTER MILLION in 2014.

For those two years alone, that is FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND economic immigrants in TWO YEARS,  and that is roughly 6.8 Per Cent of your overall population~!

You better hope these are productive and culturally assimilative individuals, and not looter / moocher / “Gimme Gimme” type leeches.  OR, you’re going to have tent cities at the range of the Arctic Circle~!

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29 Responses to CANADA~! Wake UP~!

  1. CW says:

    I’ll have to ask my next-door neighbors what they think about this. They immigrated here from Canada!

  2. western guy says:

    I have a facebook friend in Canada…I will inquire also

    • Thanks, Western Guy,,, And welcome to Nox & Friends~!
      I’m hoping to get comments from our Canadian readers, as well. Being the closest to Canada I’ve ever been was “Thunder Bay”, I am not really all that familiar with the ins and outs of their politics. But the percentages were astounding to me~!
      Keep us posted, eh???

  3. western guy says:

    Maybe they’ll take me as a refugee…

    • Blessed B. says:

      Over 2 million Americans live in Canada at this time….I don’t see why we couldn’t allow one more! 🙂

  4. Clyde says:

    I’m with Western Guy. These “economic refugees”, a bullshit term if I’ve ever heard one, will most likely hit the bigger cities. Any bets on the percentage that will be muslims?

    • Considering the source for this post was an UAE newsletter in English,,, Try 100%???? Another item for the “No Shit” factor~!

    • Blessed B. says:

      Nope…not muslims. If they are coming from an Islamic country they will be scrutinized very closely. Canada knows that Islam is our greatest threat…. working with the Israeli Intelligence community…. muslims who have any ties to any of the terrorist organizations will be turned down for immigration…. even then, the muslims who do get granted status, CSIS will still be keeping a close eye on them when they reside here.

  5. Mrs AL says:

    If they haven’t learned watching what we are going through, then they will have to learn on their own. Now my dumb question, what the heck are “economic immigrants.” Oh yes, I know on an intellectual level what the words imply, but what do they mean to Canada and Canadians?

    • I’m hoping our Canadian Friends can enlighten us, Mrs AL. Because to be honest, I Flat Don’t Know.

    • Blessed B. says:

      Mrs. AL…

      Economic immigrants are those folks who will be coming into Canada to work here….meaning they already are trained for specific jobs and are looking to relocate to another country. Doctors from another country could be considered economic immigrants. Engineers in the oil fields could be another economic immigrant.

      We have allowed into Canada 8000 American Vets. to work in the Alberta Oils Sands. These also are considered economic immigrants.

      This all means that Canada and Canadians are going to see more growth in regards to industries and places of employment also. We have crawled out of the recession quite well and are now going into a growth stage.

      Prime Minister Harper has seen what is happening in the USA and believe me he wants nothing to do with it. He has been busy promoting Canada as the world leader now. Recently the European Union and Canada signed a trade agreement in which we will be selling our agriculture products to them…. meaning that sector in Canada is bound to grow.

      The only ones concerned with all this is the Liberals and the NDP ( New Dhimmi Party)…. they are the ones that are concerned cause their muslim buddies don’t like what Harper is doing concerning Islam in Canada.

  6. Blessed B. says:

    Okay…here’s some info. that I have…

    Canada has an agreement with Israel now to share lots of things…including setting up businesses and companies. Israeli’s will be coming over to set those up…Canadian’s will be working in them. So some of those immigrants will be Israeli.

    Most of Canada’s population is situated in the Southern part of Canada…close to the Border. We have lots more room to accept more immigrants into Canada and still not be overcrowded. Remember, Canada is lots bigger than the United States.

    Considering we will be accepting Economic Immigrants….this means we won’t have to be setting these immigrants up on Welfare for a few years. They will be coming over already with monies to look after themselves.

    Also…since our Oil Sands will be expanding…. we will be needing lots of folks to work in this industry and others which manufacture products for them. There was a call last year for American vets to come to Canada to work on the pipelines….. so we do need more people to come here.

    If it had said that we would be accepting that many immigrants from the Muslim countries…then I would be screaming blue murder!

    I highly doubt that the Government will be allowing anyone in that is a threat to Canada. CSIS and Mossad are working together on Intelligence…meaning these folks coming in will be scrutinized well before being given the green light. When Harper said that Canada will no longer be a safe haven for criminals…he meant it. We have sent many back that just were here to cause chaos and to evade the consequences for their actions. Most of that is done very quietly…..

    I have faith in the Harper Government …..this isn’t a bad move as far as I can see.

    • Mrs AL says:

      Your enlightenment is muchly appreciated, Blessed B.!! Sounds like Canada has its act together.

      • Blessed B. says:

        Thanks Mrs. Al! Canada has it’s act together so far under Prime Minister Harper. If the Liberals or the NDP get into power to form our next Government…. I could be heading South! Those two political parties are both muzzie lovers and I can imagine what life here will be like if they get in. I’m praying already that Canadians are not as clueless as some might like to think…..though we do have our fair share of the mindless wonders!

      • Blessed B. says:


        You’re Welcome! I’ve seen first hand those types of immigrants ….getting everything for nothing. Then as a Canadian we have to jump through the various hoops to get help when we need it the most….. makes me quite pissed off!

        One thing that has changed concerning this….immigrants no longer are getting the platinum card health care plan. They now are entitled to the same health plan that the average Canadian gets.

        So…it is slowly changing…. 🙂

      • upaces88 says:

        From what “Blessed B” has told me before on several occasions, Harper keeps a heavy Rein on Muslims In Canada.

    • Late to the party here, Blessed B, but THANK YOU~! I was hoping for your input, as I know you are very active in the area that you live in Canada, and have access to information we don’t have here in the States.
      I will add my Appreciation to that which has already been offered. As ‘Nox and Garnet said, I do believe we were ALL concerned about the input of the free-loading leeches. Thank you for clearing that up.

  7. Garnet92 says:

    Thanks for that Blessed B. Before I read your information, my initial interpretation of “Economic Immigrants” assumed that they would “hardship” or “disadvantaged” which would be the case if Omammy was accepting a quarter million new citizens. But, if Canada expects these immigrants to be self-supporting, more power to ’em.

    • Blessed B. says:


      You’re welcome! Glad to have cleared up the misunderstanding. These immigrants will be helping Canada Economically…working in our companies and other areas where workers are needed with certain skills. They will be paying Taxes here which will help with social programs for others.

      Obi is allowing in muslims that have no intentions of working to help America. One of the steps to helping bring America to her knees.

  8. Kathy says:

    Great input, Blessed B, thanks for the info. Are they taking Americans? hehe

    • Blessed B. says:


      Sure! As long as you do not have ties to any Islamic terrorist group and are able to work! I know that the Province of Saskatchewan is crying for workers in all sectors… the Province is growing and workers are needed.

      Alberta Oil Sands are growing also …so if you have any skills that could be used….there are jobs there to be had.

  9. Hardnox says:

    Good post Grouchy. For a minute there, until reading BB’s comment, I was worried that we’d need to start calling Canada by another name: Kanuckistan.

    • Blessed B. says:

      LOL! For now we are safe…if Liberals or the NDP form the next Government….all bets are off!

      I have a picture to send you that I have been thinking of using as an avatar…. though it just might be too offensive for some…. it says exactly what my sentiments are! Let me know what ya’ think…. should I use it or not?