Thousands of Russians Join Anti-Muslim March

From Times Live:

10,000 Russians join annual anti-Muslim ‘pride’ march

About 10 000 Russian nationalists marched in Moscow in an annual show of anger against the presence of Muslim migrants that has previously escalated into violence.

The city-sanctioned demonstration was staged in the same blue-collar region on the city’s outskirts that saw riots break out three weeks ago over a stabbing murder blamed on a citizen of Azerbaijan.

“Today, a mosque – tomorrow, jihad,” proclaimed one banner held by the nationalist flag-waving youths gathered under a light drizzle on a wide avenue surrounded by towering apartment blocks.

“We are here as Russians, as ethnic Slavs,” a young man who refused to give his name said after pulling a big black scarf off his face.

Another man with a shaved head and a young child on his shoulders said simply: “We are all Russians here. Kids have nothing to be afraid of.”

Moscow police gave permission for up to 15,000 to turn out in a show of Slavic pride that concludes with a performance by Kolovart — a white supremacist rock group whose lyrics idolise Hitler and call for the destruction of other ethnic groups.

The so-called “Russian March” – an event coinciding with a new Unity Day holiday President Vladimir Putin introduced to commemorate the expulsion of Poles from Moscow in 1612 – has been previously accompanied by violent attacks against ethnic minorities and foreigners working in the city.

The US embassy in Moscow urged Americans to steer well clear of the protest and be diligent throughout the day.

“Extreme violence has been witnessed during previous nationalist protests, and spontaneous demonstrations of support may appear anywhere throughout the city, at any time of the day,” the US embassy said in special security message.

Analysts and Kremlin critics have long accused Putin of fostering dangerous nationalist sentiments in society in order build a broad-based coalition of middle-class Russians around his 13-year rule.

Ethnic tensions have been building up in Moscow and other major cities absorbing a steady inflow of migrant laborers from impoverished Muslim regions of the Caucasus and Central Asia.

The workers often endure hazardous labor and living conditions and are increasingly regarded with disdain by many Muscovites.

The tensions came to a boil on October 13 when a crowd of thousands chanting “Russia for Russians!” and other neo-Nazi slogans rioted in the southern Biryulyovo district following the murder of a young Muscovite.

Smaller protests continued until city authorities arrested a man from Azerbaijan who worked at the vegetable warehouse where the stabbing occurred.

Ways to stem the migration of ethnic Muslim laborers was also a major theme of Moscow mayoral elections in September that Putin ally Sergei Sobyanin won over opposition leader Alexei Navalny — a nationalist who has attended previous “Russian March” rallies.

Navalny said he still believed in the need to rid Moscow of migrants but would not be joining Monday’s demonstration.

“I still support the Russian March as an idea and as an event,” Navalny wrote in his blog.

“But today, my participation in the Russian March would turn into a hellish comedy,” Navalny said in reference to the growing media attention he has been gaining both in Russia and abroad.

Putin meanwhile planned to commemorate Unity Day by attending an exhibit honoring the Romanov dynasty together with Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill.


At first the muslims come for work and better living conditions. Once they get established, they build mosques, set about to change the laws, and start to take over. They don’t try to blend into the existing society because their intent is to dominate. And eventually annihilate.

The Russians are as fed up with the muslim invasion as we are. The muslims are doing to Russia the same thing they’re doing to England, France and the US.  The difference is that the Russian people are trying to do something about it, while the other people are intimidated and try to steer clear of them. Why is that? Is it because of the governments in England, France and the US?

Side note – In verifying this story, I could find no mention of it by the MSM. It appears to only have been carried by the alternative media. It could be that I overlooked it or it could be that the majors were too far up obama’s butt to see what’s going on in the rest of the world.


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22 Responses to Thousands of Russians Join Anti-Muslim March

  1. pepperhawk says:

    I almost wish I lived in Russia right now. At least they can protest and have a president who does not want these Muslims in his country. Here we are being forced to accept them under any conditions and we lie down and take it. What would one expect however, with one of them as the POTUS, who protects them worldwide.

    • Mrs AL says:

      Wouldn’t ya’ love to listen in to a phone call with the Resident chastising Putin for his intolerance????

      • Garnet92 says:

        I can only imagine Barry the Ball-less trying to lean on Putin:

        “Vladimir, ol buddy, ol pal, please lighten up on my Muslim brothers, I would really, really appreciate it. And I’ll give you a great big hug and a wet, sloppy kiss if you do me this one favor, please?

        And Vlad says, “Stuff it, you weasel.”

      • upaces88 says:

        You’ll love this. Obama went to Russia, and I want you to watch how they “snub him.” It is the LONGEST 13 Seconds of his lifetime.

    • Kathy says:

      Exactly, Pepp, and it’s becoming more and more obvious every day he’s on their side, not ours.

      • pepperhawk says:

        Kathy, the King wrote in one of his own books, “I’ll stand with the Muslims….”. If more people would have done their homework, he wouldn’t have gotten voted for.

        • “Audacity of Hope” was the book, PepperHawk. The sad thing is, the sheeple could not fathom someone running for office and being so traitorous to the Nation. And that is STILL the problem today. The common, “God-Fearing” people cannot fathom nor wrap their minds around the unspeakable horror that is embraced within the insidious ideology that is taking our country to destruction.

          There are MANY sycophants who relish the statement, “Islam is a ‘Religion’ Of Peace~!” ,,, but only when the head of the individual is lopped of, will that individual know peace under Islam.

  2. CW says:

    >>”Analysts and Kremlin critics have long accused Putin of fostering dangerous nationalist sentiments in society…”

    Funny that encouraging nationalism is considered dangerous but encouraging immigrants to disrespect their adopted nation, reject assimilation and disrupt the country’s basic culture is just being “open-minded.” Glad to see Russians fighting back, though they will be labeled by the media as “intolerant” haters. The evils of liberalism have invaded every corner of the Earth.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Just a few years ago, I would’ve never thought that I’d be siding with the Russians, but here I am. Unfortunately, I admire them for doing what we ought to be doing.

      • Kathy says:

        I admire them too, Garnet. For years now, we’ve known terrorist cells exist here in the US, and even after the attacks of 9/11, we allow it. Not only do we allow it, we coddle them and change laws to suit them. But then our government doesn’t have the backbone the Russians have.

    • Kathy says:

      My sentiments too, CW, and I think we could do with a lot more nationalism right here at home, and it needs to come from our leaders. Fat chance of that happening.

  3. upaces88 says:

    If they aren’t careful….Russia will end up taking up China’s policies and just shoot them.

  4. Buck says:

    “Russia for Russians!” and other neo-Nazi slogans …
    I thought the Nazi slogan was Russia for the Germans….

  5. Clyde says:

    Good post. And, with ZERO mention in the lamestick media, thank God we have Gore’s little “invention” here, otherwise we would NEVER hear GOOD news. Also, I see NO problem with what is going on with the Russkies protesting the goatlovers.

  6. Now, let me get this straight. Putin establishes a National Day of Pride, for the Russian People to show their national patriotism, and our president goes around the world, apologizing for the greatness of America, and is busting his bahoozie to tear it down and destroy its very moral, ethical and spiritual basis.

    Something is very, VERY Wrong with this picture.

    • Kathy says:

      You got it, Grouchy, and yes, something is very wrong with this picture. I never thought I’d see the day I envied the Russians for anything.