Imagine. Liars LIED. And The Media Dupes Bought It.

Sometimes things just aren’t as they seem. Especially when it has the fraudulent U-frigging-N label on it.

I’m sure you will be as stunned as I was. Or not. From The Daily


Leaked UN global warming report written by environmental activists.

1:04 PM  11/05/2013  Michael Bastasch

Pretty bad when an organization who is famous for lying, and bullshit, has to “outsource” the lying.

Fire’ em up. Time to bury this monument to asshattery once and for all.


It looks like the media missed a key aspect of the United Nation’s recently  leaked climate report.  Parts of the report’s summary for policymakers were written with the help of  environmental activists, according to a climate skeptic Canadian journalist.

While many media outlets focused on the UN’s warnings about the effects  global warming will have on food production, the Canadian journalist who leaked  the report on Monday has focused on the role environmental activists played in  reaching these conclusions.

“One would expect a body that says it’s conducting a scientific assessment to  choose people who are clean as a whistle for such a task,” writes Donna Laframboise. “People who  exemplify science at its best — neutral, dispassionate, disinterested scholars.  But that’s not what happened.”

Hundreds of people were selected to help the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on  Climate  Change to help  draft its next climate report, but only 71 people were chosen to help distill  the 30-chapter report into a 29-page summary.

Those chosen included individuals connected to influential environmental  groups. One such person is Michael Oppenheimer who worked with the Environmental  Defense Fund for more  than two decades and still advises the group to this day, according to his online biography.

Another activist who worked on the climate report’s summary was Australian  marine biologist Ove Hoegh-Guldberg. According to Laframboise, the Aussie worked  with Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund. Hoegh-Guldberg was the author of  various reports on global warming for both these groups.

A third activist that Laframboise pointed to was New Zealand medical doctor  Alistair Woodward. The Canadian journalist argues that Woodward “has published  articles that could be mistaken for political manifestos,” including a 2009 article that urges doctors to “Educate and  encourage patients…in climate change action” and “Make Green Prescriptions.”

The New York Times reported that Laframboise runs a blog that is  “hostile to the intergovernmental panel.” UN officials have not disputed the  authenticity of the document but did caution that it’s a draft report and  subject to revisions.

“It’s a work in progress,” IPCC spokesman Jonathan Lynn told the Times. “It’s  likely to change.”

The leaked IPCC report found that global warming poses a risk for global food  production, departing from other research that shows that rising temperatures  would be beneficial for crop yields.

The UN’s previous climate report was more optimistic about crop yields in a  warmer world, as food production gains in areas in higher latitudes would offset  crop losses in tropical areas closer to the equator.

However, the leaked report found that crop risks “are greatest for tropical  countries, given projected impacts that exceed adaptive capacity and higher  poverty rates compared  with temperate regions.”


Outsourcing lying. Who would EVER have thought the U-frigging-N would have to do THAT ? I always felt they were the MASTERS of prevarication.

No surprise at all to me the moronic media would buy it. They are dumber than piles of goddamn sand as it is.

One thing I do like. The U-frigging-N ALWAYS tip their hand as to what their “good intentions” are.

And THAT makes my bashing their lying, corpulent, corrupt asses easier. Fuel ? check. Oil ? check. Hydraulic oil? check. Tracks tight, and lubed? check. Beer ? checked, and COLD. LET’S ROLL.




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2 Responses to Imagine. Liars LIED. And The Media Dupes Bought It.

  1. CW says:

    And the U.S. taxpayers probably paid for the privelege of being lied to so that more of our tax dollars could be funneled into the Left’s grand scheme. How stupid is that?

    No good can come from our self-imposed obeisance to the U.N. It’s time to get out.

    Good post, Clyde.