For Those Who Can’t Ride a Horse …

Here is a charming little foal to take your mind off your troubles.


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Mrs AL



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10 Responses to For Those Who Can’t Ride a Horse …

  1. Clyde says:

    That was precious. Thanks, Mrs. Al.

  2. Perfect Innocence ~!

  3. Kathy says:

    Cute, Miz A, maybe that’s where we got the term ‘feelin’ his oats’ 🙂

  4. upaces88 says:

    How does he manage with those VERY long legs!

  5. Mrs AL says:

    I’m glad you all liked this little squirt.

    And upaces, I haven’t a clue! Sure is a sweetie though, eh?

  6. upaces88 says:

    He was having such a great time!
    I was smiling all over the place!
    Precious baby.

  7. Hardnox says:

    There’s nothing quite like a baby horse that found its legs.

    Thanks, I needed that.