Calling Dr. Bar-doc O’Bombay

obama actor star

Cue Teleprompter…..

 “Turn around slowly and majestically, and rescue the woman with the RED DRESS..AND THE WIERD HAIR (easy to spot, you see) from certain doom. Appear concerned.  OK,  OK…fake this part if necessary. Just rescue her. Her friend will do most of  the work. THEN CALL FOR WATER. Maybe call the Marines who carry umbrellas.  ACT LIKE YOU’RE IN CHARGE !

The leader of the free world is nothing but an empty suited actor. He is a  few well-done speeches draped over an elitist liberal facade.

And our nation is paying the price for it.

If you need any more proof about Obama’s acting career, don’t look any  further than a recent speech he gave. The speech was supposed to be about how  great Obamacare was, but it ended up being about how one Obamacare fan almost  fainted.

This seems to be a common theme during The Great Zero’s appearances. And it’s not just of late.
Goes back to his glorious campaign days, it does. Doc Zero has standing advice : “Give them room” and ” Give them water”. And a common plea of “Is there an EMT in the house?”

Here’s the obvious pattern: 1) Obama speaks. 2) A person is so  overcome with being in Obama’s presence that the person faints.  Usually more  than one person faints, often many. 3) Obama pauses his speech to alert  paramedics and EMTs to the fainting person or people. 4) Obama asks if  anyone has water and then offers his own bottle of water. 5) Obama  offers medical advice (i.e. give the fainted person some room to breathe, get  the person some water, make room for the paramedics) 6) Obama pronounces  the fainter as fine.

How would Obama know that?  That person could have had a  heart attack, but somehow Obama knew these people were all okay.

At one fainting episode in Maryland on October 7, 2010, the temperature  was 74 degrees.  Yet reports had two dozen people fainting during that speech.   How is that possible?  This was a speech to young college kids.

Does  anyone remember people fainting at speeches being delivered by other Presidents  — much less the epidemic of faintings that happen at Obama’s speeches?

Obama knows he and his party are in trouble, so is resorting to  his old tricks again — trying to reignite the old magic. So these  faintings are all part of the act and are scripted on Obama’s  teleprompter. This also appears to be part of Obama’s broader effort to  set himself up as some kind of quasi-religious or Messianic figure.  It’s the  kind of egocentric, self-aggrandizing behavior that’s straight out of the  tyrant’s handbook.

Here is a compilation of The Maker of Swoons doing what he does best : ACTING.If you get ill or feel faint, Dr. Bar’doc’ Obombay will have you up and around in no time !

We  already know the Obama administration doesn’t mind lying to us, so why wouldn’t  they mind doing it in a more dramatic way… like a nationally televised speech.  Don’t believe a word that comes out of the White House these days… it’s all for  show.

Maybe that’s a better name for the Obama administration…

The Obama Dog and Pony Show.

Here is his support crew :  (click on image to enlarge)


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13 Responses to Calling Dr. Bar-doc O’Bombay

  1. Buck says:

    Don’t remember anyone fainting at a president’s appearance but I seem to remember some folks fainting before Elvis and the Beetles. You know. Other entertainers.

    • Terry says:

      As great as the Beatles and Elvis were, even they couldn’t match the pos’s performances.
      Next thing ya know, he’ll have young obamaphoners throwing their panties at him, ala Tom Jones !

  2. Clyde says:

    No one has to FAKE fainting at an Obama speech. What he is SAYING can cause fainting, once the truth of his words is, if ever, found out.

  3. bullright says:

    I saw it live and it looked bad enough but what a performance on closer look . Why didn’t he just say “be healed”?

  4. CW says:

    Maybe they’re passing out from boredom.

    Given who we’re dealing with it wouldn’t surprise me if some or all of these faintings were staged but just to be on the safe side perhaps we should have that Obama Care ambulance from Texas parked outside all Obama events from now on.

  5. Mrs AL says:

    Except for the first video has this pine cone EVER come down from his perch and help ANYONE? He has the compassion of a cockroach and the audiences thinks he’s great. Am I being harsh 8-0

    • Mrs AL says:

      P.S. I did not watch the entire second video so if I am wrong in my comment, tough toe nails 😉

      • Terry says:

        You ain’t wrong, Mrs.AL. Not ONCE in the above footage, or in several others I saw that didn’t make it in the vid.
        But he does most always share his handy bottle of water with the perp…I mean victim.

  6. myfoxmystere says:

    These fake faintings remind me of the fake healer Peter Popoff. Peter Popoff got caught by an atheist who called himself the Amazing Randy. 0bama’s employing the same tactic, thanks to Chrissi Matthews blabbing that he feels a tingle up his L’eggs whenever he says 0bama’s name.