Choice? Not With Democrats.

In a show of just what the democrat-run Senate is all about, we find this.

Free markets be damned. From The Daily


Senate bills would force people nationwide to buy green energy.

12:27 PM  11/04/2013  Michael Bastasch

Coal and gas. THE cheapest, most reliable, and efficient way to power our country, and the nitwit democrats are trying to INCREASE costs for electrical power on shit that has been PROVEN not to work.


Look for the unicorn at the end of the rainbow, democrats. Idiots like Markey, and the Udalls believe THIS is BETTER. Say, Sen. Malarkey, didn’t YOUR pals, the Kennedys, get THESE banned from being built off Martha’s Vineyard ?


Senate Democrats have begun a renewable energy blitz, with two bills  mandating an increase in renewable use through 2025.

Sens. Tom Udall of New Mexico and Mark Udall of Colorado introduced a bill last week that would require that 25  percent of the country’s power come from renewable energy sources by 2025.

Another bill introduced by Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Ed Markey would  require the country to get 25 percent of its power from renewable sources by  2025. Like the Udall bill, the Markey legislation would allow companies to purchase renewable  energy credits to comply with the mandate. Companies that don’t comply would be  forced to pay a fine.

“The American Renewable Energy and Efficiency Act would  quadruple renewable energy production in the United States,” said Markey. “It would create more than  400,000 jobs. We can put steelworkers and ironworkers and electricians back to  work building the new energy backbone for America, from Massachusetts to  Montana.”

Markey was also the co-sponsor of the failed cap-and-trade bill in 2009, and  his 2013 Senate campaign received large amounts of funding from environmental  groups. For example, the environmentalists of the League of Conservation Voters  were Markey’s top contributor in the Massachusetts special  election, forking over more than $188,000. The League is also a supporter of Markey’s renewable energy bill.

“As a nation, it’s time to break our addiction to fossil fuels and invest in a  cleaner, healthier future for our children,” said Franz Matzner with the Natural  Resources Defense Council. “Coupled with President Obama’s climate change  initiative, this legislation can takes us one step closer to meeting the moral  obligation we have to our children to cut pollution, tackle climate change and  develop more sources of clean, renewable energy — and the jobs that come with  it.”

However, renewable energy mandates have been criticized for raising energy  costs across the country. Earlier this year, conservative state legislators in  16 states led an effort to repeal or weaken state mandates, arguing they raised  energy costs.

Natural gas prices, they argue, have plummeted and can provide cheaper, more  reliant energy than solar and wind.

“We’re opposed to these mandates, and 2013 will be the most active year ever  in terms of efforts to repeal them,” said Todd Wynn, former energy director at the  American Legislative Exchange Council, a group representing state lawmakers  pushing to reform green mandates. “Natural gas is a clean fuel, and regulators  and policy makers are seeing how it’s much more affordable than  renewable energy.”

A 2011 study by the free-market Institute for Energy  Research found that electricity prices were 40 percent higher in states that had  green energy mandates as opposed to states without them.

“While the renewable mandates may not be the only reason electricity prices  are higher in those States, these mandates likely contribute to higher  prices and certainly are not helping to decrease the price,” reads the  report. “After all, renewable electricity mandates require the generation of  electricity from more expensive sources.”


Does ANYONE ever bother to ask these dumb-as road-apples democrats WHY they are FOREVER trying to RAISE the cost of EVERYTHING people NEED to live full, happy, and healthy lives?

Study after study, report after report shows we HAVE the BEST alternative to producing ALL our electric power needs for a VERY long time. Solar panels ? Where the SUN doesn’t shine, not too effective, you STILL need a power source,and they tend to BURST into FLAMES ? Wind turbines? GREAT alternative, except when the area they are in gets NO WIND. Hydro power ? Just TRY to get ANYTHING built near a river, lake, stream, or ocean these days that has POWER PLANT in it’s name. So, you STILL need …..wait for it…. ELECTRICITY to RUN the things. Generated by….wait for it…. COAL AND GAS.

ANY time you see Markey’s name attached to a bill KNOW it isn’t good for the nation, and DAMN SURE isn’t going to do ANYTHING but increase costs.

Just more proof democrats cannot STAND the free markets, and are BEHOLDEN to the environmentalist movement.




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12 Responses to Choice? Not With Democrats.

  1. Mrs AL says:

    Tom Udall is married to Jill Cooper Udall. They live in Santa Fe with their one daughter, Amanda Cooper. Tom Udall is the nephew of Arizona Congressman Morris Udall, and first cousin of senior Colorado U.S. Senator Mark Udall, double second cousin of former Oregon U.S. Senator Gordon Smith,[9] and second cousin of Utah U.S. Senator Mike Lee.[10]


    Just thought you might find this interesting.

  2. pepperhawk says:

    I wonder why these Senators would even need these kinds of bills as the Oval Office Fraud passed a new energy bill by EO, of course, that the Feds will now regulate every facet of our “energy and conservation” with forced so called “green energy. The feds can now confiscate any waterway, forest, farm, etc. The loaded for bear DHS and the loony EPA will enforce it. Now we know why they are armed to the hilt.
    And what “jobs” do these “green energy” companies have when they are constantly going out of business. What a POS as usual being forced down our throats when we can barely afford our energy costs any longer.

    • Clyde says:

      Good comment, Pepp. All this legislation needs to be rolled back, but UNTIL we get some people with SPINES, I’m afraid we will have to fight it the best WE can. As to the “green economy”, let’s call it what it REALLY is. Nothing more than a HUGE democrat money-laundering scheme, that the balless r’s seem to want in on.

  3. Mrs AL says:

    Your commentary is spot-on, Clyde. I have done my very best to understand this ‘green energy’ mind-set and for the life of me I can’t do it. Oh, I know the obvious but it’s the underlying I can get a handle on for some reason. Green means money, not earth. And yet so many are lulled into believing the latter and not the former.

    Oh well, maybe it’s a waste of time on my part. Thanx for posting this, Clyde!

  4. CW says:

    >>”Where the SUN doesn’t shine, not too effective… Wind turbines? GREAT alternative, except when the area they are in gets NO WIND.”

    The solution is obvious, Clyde! Senators Udall and Markey can simply pass a bill mandating that the sun must shine and the wind must blow. Problem solved!

  5. Buck says:

    And now the damn things blot my once beautiful prairie horizon. The next thing they will do is pass laws no firearms within ‘X’ miles of those damned windmills which will effectively kill hunting on lots of private land.
    Then if the damned things ever become efficient the Sierra Club or someone like them will protest to ban them because of their corealis effect on the wind causing it to slow down thus hastening global warming….

    • Clyde says:

      Maybe Obama’s drones will crash into them, instead of innocent birds. Spot-on about the Sierra Club. No doubt about it. Thanks, Buck.