The President, In Veritas ???

One of my favorite conservative, hard-hitting commentators is Mychal Massie. He has a column called “The Daily Rant”. He has a particularly disturbing, hard-hitting article in the Rant for November 4th, 2013, and written by Daniel J. Bubalo. Let’s take a gander.


Valerie Jarrett Twists The Screw


By Dan Bubalo on November 4, 2013 in Dan Bubalo, Politics

Iranian-born and President Obama’s top advisor, Valerie Jarrett, twists the little screw in his back each morning like a wind-up toy and sends him out to speak about that which he does not comprehend, and it’s more than a little annoying.



In fact, it’s downright embarrassing.

He’s on the stump again trying to rationalize Obamacare and is utterly clueless while he tries to cover the talking points, and Kathleen Sebelius runs a close second. The website doesn’t work? Really? I could go down to the local junior college, pay a kid a thousand bucks and give him a couple cases of beer and he’d have one running efficiently in no time at all, yet, $634 million later (a typical $542 million government overrun) there are “glitches.” Is it any coincidence the company retained to do the Obamacare website is friends and former classmates of Michelle Obama? Kicking and screaming, the Obama administration just released the first day enrollment number of 6. Not six hundred or even six thousand. 6 people. Who created the site? Harold and Kumar?

We are now seeing the down-stream ramifications of having an amateur behind the steering wheel, one who has surrounded himself with similarly ineffective and inexperienced fops who are completely without any talent except to say “yes” whenever required. The most critical thing being left out of the current discussion about Obamacare is that it is not about health care; IT IS A TAX. Just read the Supreme Court decision which calls it such, so who wants to sign up for additional tax? It’s a Utopian, ideological, wet-dream with no sustainability, no logical framework, and no chance at succeeding, while simultaneously disrupting the best health care delivery the world has ever known.

At the risk of re-iterating a long held criticism, it bears another mention. If someone was intent on actually revamping the health care system, studies would have been undertaken. Actuarial examinations would have been performed, health care systems would have been consulted, and insurance carriers would have been asked for input.

The study could have been performed over a period of years, constantly analyzed, presented to Americans instead of having it rammed down their throats provided Congressional members could even understand the data, and it would not have been called a tax. But it’s a tax, make no mistake about it.

The government is a business, and it’s run by inexperienced former Student Council Presidents. In order for a business to succeed there must be a plan, and that plan must have substance with respect to research. Let’s just say I wanted to open a hamburger stand. Don’t you think it would be a good idea to find out what McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s are doing first? Of course it would, and that research would tell me it was not a great idea. However, when you gain access to OPM (other people’s money) it’s easy to spend it irresponsibly, and there’s no need FOR responsibility.

So, while it’s easy to take a swipe or two at the current president, it’s really time to take a harder look at Congress, a group with the collective ethics of mongrels and the sense that they’re some type of royalty. Ben Bernanke needed congressional approval to be appointed the head of the Federal Reserve. His job had fiscal responsibilities and he could have been forced to resign at any time for abdicating them, but everyone in D.C. said it was a good idea to print money. We, as a country, don’t have enough income to do the necessary things the government wants to do, so? We print money with the full faith and backing of an idiotic president and a similarly dysfunctional congress. Now we have Janet Yellen replacing Bernanke, a re-cycled 68 year old grandmother who couldn’t get a resume into any company’s Human Resource department, and she’s vowed to follow Bernanke’s lead. “We’ll call it what we have been calling it: Quantitative Easing. The big QE.”

That’s a sick euphemism for…………………………. printing money. Think it all through; we don’t have money so we print money. How can anyone blame the Chinese government for being a bit unsettled for holding nearly $1.8 Trillion of our Treasury Bonds?

Meanwhile, let’s revisit the ad nauseam assurances from the president regarding health care. “You…. will…never…. lose…. your…. doctor.  You…. will…. never…. lose…. your…. health…. care…. plan.” Well, it appears otherwise now, does it not? That’s what happens when, inexplicably, “we have to pass a bill to find out what is in it”. What do you think Pelosi’s NSA profile looks like to get her to say anything so galactically inane?

There’s a lot of bad business decisions being made right now, and they are being made by people with resumes as thin as a piece of paper. Congress is filled with inexperienced fools who know only one way to vote. They’re directed all by teams of lawyers, they cannot contain themselves from “creating” more legislation, and do not possess the acumen to understand or evaluate the very task at hand. Who said we need more laws? Who said we need more regulations? What sense of inertia created these egotistical congressional members to believe that was their mission , much less their profession? For them to tell ME how to live?

And you wonder why the country is drowning in debt and going into the economic flusher. It’s a bad mixture in DC right now, and it’s never been more toxic; arrogance, wrapped in pompousness, and emboldened by power. Would anyone with any spine listen to what the Student Council president had to say in high school?

Well, those are the light-weights making decisions for all of us today, and calling those decisions “law.”

At least when it’s not a tax…………………………

~ ~ oOo ~ ~ 


Pelosi and Jarrett evidently have our boy (o) by whatever gonads Mr. R. Love left intact, and are squeezing like a hydraulic press. 

Between Jarrett and Mohamed Elibiary, a prominent member of the DHS Advisory Council, and an avowed Muslim, this Administration has opened wide the hen-house to any and all foxes and wolves who choose to enter, freely and without apparent restraint.

The problem is, the Obama showed a stick with a brown bar of candy on the end of the string,  and Many  bit into it hard.  But some folks didn’t wake up to the fact it wasn’t Chocolate. It was just an illusion, a “Look-Alike”.  The rest saw the crap showing through the tinsel covering.


~ ~ Grouchy ~ ~

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17 Responses to The President, In Veritas ???

  1. Saltwater says:

    When the only tool you ever learned to use is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. The mindset of the administration collective is not just juvenile, but inflexible when it comes to seeking solutions. Each little ‘czar’ was selected solely because they, and they alone, *knew* the American citizenry were too stupid to make decisions without being told what to decide. Now, as their grand plan goes down in flames, they take that single tool, and attempt to beat wayward policies (and free thinkers) back into compliance.

    • Kind of like a combination of Saul Alinsky and George Orwell, with a little Aldous Huxley added for seasoning.

      Beware the Mortally Wounded Dragon in the Corner~!

      Thanks, Saltwater~! As the saying goes, “Hello, Devil. Welcome to Hell.”

  2. Mrs AL says:

    [Snark Alert] – he’s a pansy. He has and always will hide behind women. They are his shield.

    > “The government is a business …” NO. Government is not a business. This always drives me to distraction, Grouchy. Sorry to be nit picky.

    • IF government were run like a competently managed business, there would be no recognition of the constant “crisis management” operation we have now~!,,,
      NOR would there be the disaster of incompatible acquisitions / add-ons that the current system is constantly collating.
      THAT SAID, in the deepest essence of your comment, you are very correct in the political philosophy you are espousing. Government is NOT a business. And should keep its filthy tentacles out of the affairs of business, save as a means of mediation amongst international businesses, to ensure the most honest playing field possible.

      The current government is tangled worse than a ball of yarn after a herd of cats finished with it

    • P.S.,,, your “Snark Alert” is more truth than fiction~!

  3. CW says:

    “If someone was intent on actually revamping the health care system, studies would have been undertaken…”

    That’s true. The primary goal of Obamacare was never healthcare delivery – it was and is wealth transfer, and the mess we have (only the tip of the iceberg) is what happens when leftists lie about their true motivations (which is always).

    I’m a little puzzled by this sentence: “…while it’s easy to take a swipe or two at the current president, it’s really time to take a harder look at Congress…”

    Maybe Bubalo sincerely believes that Obama is merely a wind-up doll being used by the Left but I don’t buy that for a second. He’s a puppet master, not one of the puppets, and he’s leading the charge to deceive the American public (not that that’s such a challenge these days). There are plenty of bad eggs in congress who are cut out of the same material as Obama but there are also a few good guys who are trying to rescue us. It’s wrong and self-defeating to color all of them with the same brush.

    • It is indeed, time to look at Congress. And the reason is in your sentence, here: “There are plenty of bad eggs in congress who are cut out of the same material as Obama but there are also a few good guys,,,”
      The good guys are being shouted down and abused terribly, I’ll admit,,, But we also need to get rid of the demo-publicans, such as McCain, Graham, and a few of the others, as well as immoral and unethical democrats.

      Government should NEVER have been in healthcare. And Teddy K. who was “honored” by the passage of this P O S on the urging of the stupidity of Pukelosi, should NEVER have been a Senator.

  4. Clyde says:

    Good piece. Obama is so devoid of ANYTHING resembling values, it’s no wonder the bastard is always “conflicted”. And to think, you NEVER hear the lamedick media going on about Jarrett being “the brains” behind Obama like you did vis-à-vis Cheney and Bush.

    • Yeah, Clyde,,, Now that you mention it, that “Wizard behind the curtain” thing is rather unsettling, in its choices of ignorance~!
      Thanks for the thought-thread~!

  5. Hardnox says:

    Terrifying indeed. Good post.

    The single cause for the rise of healthcare costs is never brought up. Tort Liability. If they really wanted to address what ails healthcare then they should have tackled that one but they won’t since both sides get huge donations from the litigation lawyers.

  6. Kathy says:

    Our Founders never intended government to be a business, but it has morphed into one, or rather several, all poorly run. They’re in the loan business, land acquisitions, munitions, prescription drugs and now the insurance business. You name it – they’ve got their finger in it. Just one problem, it’s not their money.

  7. WTXGunRunner says:

    I truly wish that the term O’Care could at least be a quaint Irish tale or quip. This entire thing has got me so flustered, that I don’t know where to even start. Never in my life have I seen such an atrocity on the American People be enacted and followed up. My words fail me. I wish that the American People would magically ‘wake up’ and understand who they have sent to “represent” them. The problem is, I think, most of them are happy, happy because they are all getting their free stuff and, damn the results!

    • As long as there are humans, there will be the moochers, leeches and general hangers-on, to say nothing of the looters~!

      The ObamaPhone Female has many faces and incarnations, not a damn one worth a cowpie.

  8. pepperhawk says:

    I wonder what some of these people who wanted this monstrosity will do when they actually find out “what’s in the bill” since we weren’t allowed as Pelosi stated, “we have to pass it before we know what’s in it”. I thought I’d fall over when that ignorant and insane woman said that.

    I don’t think this ever had anything to do with “health care” but is only another control mechanism by which this POTUS wants over everyone. And yeah, it’s terrifying to say the least.