Knock Me Over With A Feather.

Despite the Obama Regime, and environmentalist wackos like “Motor Trend” , it looks like HIGH-PERFORMANCE, internal combustion, GASOLINE powered sports cars are STILL desired over fancy golf carts.

Given the dismal sales for plug-ins, vis-à-vis THESE, we see where American hearts still beat when it comes to their vehicular fantasies. From The Daily


What a shock — Corvette sales soar as Tesla stock price plunges.


10:31 AM  11/02/2013 by Grae Stafford

Can’t get THESE to the dealers fast enough.

When I think of a SPORTS CAR, my mind goes to thoughts of something like THIS, what looks, and drives, and SOUNDS like a performance car, without direct  taxpayer subsidies involved at purchase, or, at TWICE the price, …….



THIS. That cannot be given away without HALF of it’s cost being subsidized by the beleaguered taxpayer. This car, while somewhat attractive, looks, sounds, and performs like any other grocery-getter out there.

Super trendy electric car manufacturer Tesla has seen “it’s biggest one-month loss of market value”  according to Bloomberg news.

Tesla lost 17 percent of its value in the  month of October. This means that the value of the Palo Alto based company has  slipped from its peak of $23.5 billion to $19.4 billion. Bloomberg notes that  the company’s loss of value in the month of October is higher than its entire  market valuation at the beginning of 2013.

This slide has been blamed on a readjustment of expectations as the company  attempts to come to grips with the challenges facing it now that the initial  surge of public interest has waned and the company grapples with the realities  of the car market. Ben Kallo, an equity analyst for Robert W.  Baird & Co. in San Francisco was quoted by Bloomberg as  saying “The stock is priced to perfection right now.” Kallo recently  downgraded his rating for the stock from “Outperform” to “Neutral.”

The company is facing more challenges including the need to boost production  numbers of its models — including an all-new electric SUV. It also  needs to expand its dealer network to compete with the likes of GM and Ford.  Tesla’s fellow electric car manufacturer Fisker has been hit with high-profile  failures, and in October two of Tesla’s S-Models caught fire.

Another issue being faced by Tesla is the State of California’s proposed  scaling back of zero-emission vehicle credits,  possibly by as much as 40 percent.

Speaking on Bloomberg TV recently, Tesla’s biggest investor and co founder  Elon Musk said, “The stock  price that we  have is more than we have any right to deserve.” It appears that the market  agrees with Musk. The recent stock wipeout eliminated value roughly equivalent  to the GDP of Montenegro.

For the Corvette brand, however, October was a barnstormer. As the new 2014  model hitting the show room, sales are up by triple digits. Automotive News  reports:

A breakdown of the sales of the new model  conducted by in September foresaw the expected sales surge.  Nearly three quarters of ‘Vette buyers are going for the high performance Z51  models.

To further ram home the point that electric cars haven’t  caught the public’s imagination, sales of GM’s own plug-in hybrid, The Volt,  were down 2.7 percent, selling only 18,783 units in the first ten months of  2013.


Looks like the much-vaunted Obama-induced “green car” bubble is about to burst.

Take away the HUGE tax credits, and incentives, these Teslas WILL go the way of the Edsel.

Nothing quite like the sound of a well-tuned, high-performance GASOLINE engine to get one’s heart racing. And, as a side benefit, you CAN hear one coming, and get the hell out of the way, unlike the Tesla, which,  MAY be required to install something to let pedestrians know a car is coming.

I certainly have NO issue with people buying vehicles that suit their needs, and desires, but GOVERNMENT damn sure isn’t the answer to filling that need.





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15 Responses to Knock Me Over With A Feather.

  1. Hardnox says:

    There is no substitute for raw horsepower vs. what sounds and feels like a sewing machine.

    No surprise that Tesla’s value tanked when the subsidies disappeared.

  2. Volt sales 18, 783 for ten months. NATIONWIDE~!
    A dealer would go out of business with an average sales of SIX PER DAY~!, Nationwide~!,,,

    The Spirit of Capitalism is NOT dead, nor the Spirit of Freedom of Choice~!

    Good One, Clyde~!

  3. Crawfish says:

    Getting ready to head to the track, where I will NOT hear overpriced golf carts going 500 miles!

  4. Anne says:

    My interstate town recently opened a Tesla charging station. Shockingly, shockingly, even driving past it four times a week, I’ve never once seen anyone using it. Unbelievable. In an area where people use big pickups and SUVs I’m sure the company is also shocked that no one wants their free charging for their dinky little cars. The station can only be used for Teslas, which fortunately cannot be bought in Texas. But the dozens of gas stations I pass seem to have booming business even without Obama’s (ahem, OUR ) financial support. I’ll take free market over free charging any day.

    • Clyde says:

      Anne, first off, WELCOME to N&F, and for a great comment. I was running errands on Friday, saw a Tesla, and a Fisker, about a mile apart, and thought hmmmm… some asshat bought these things? Upon following the Fisker, I saw them turn into the building where “Car And Driver” magazine has their editorial offices. So, even as moonbatty as THIS town is, they aren’t buying them here in the Peoples’ Republic of Ann Arbor, either.

  5. myfoxmystere says:

    I know the perfect place for Teslas to roam and be driven: Catalina Island, especially the city of Avalon! Catalina uses mostly golf carts to get around the island. The people at the conservancy are liberal loons who are even further left than the occupant in the White House, so Tesla would be welcome there.

  6. WTXGunRunner says:

    VROOM, VROOM! is all I can say. What a scam the whole ‘zero-emission’ plan is. As if the govt doesn’t have anything else to spend our money on! Great article, Clyde

  7. Mrs AL says:

    I agree, Clyde, that people should buy what suits their needs and desires in a car/vehicle. The government has zero business sticking their ugly noses into that decision.

  8. Clyde says:

    No doubt about it, Craw. What are these assholes going to do for juice to charge the damn things up when Zero manages to shut down ALL coal-fired power plants?