The Survey Says: doctors resisting ObamaCare

New and interesting survey results on NY doctors are overwhelmingly negative. I suppose this will be another group on the list to get the Chicago bully treatment. Who else can they bully to shut down their voice of resistance?

Docs resisting ObamaCare

October 29, 2013

New York doctors are treating ObamaCare like the plague, a new survey reveals.

A poll conducted by the New York State Medical Society finds that 44 percent of MDs said they are not participating in the nation’s new health-care plan.

Another 33 percent say they’re still not sure whether to become ObamaCare providers.

Only 23 percent of the 409 physicians queried said they’re taking patients who signed up through health exchanges.

“This is so poorly designed that a lot of doctors are afraid to participate,” said Dr. Sam Unterricht, president of the 29,000-member organization. “There’s a lot of resistance. Doctors don’t know what they’re going to get paid.”

Three out of four doctors who are participating in the program said they “had to participate” because of existing contractual obligations with an insurer or medical provider, not because they wanted to.

Only one in four “affirmatively” chose to sign up for the exchanges.

Nearly eight in 10 — 77 percent — said they had not been given a fee schedule to show much they’ll get paid if they sign up.

The survey invited doctors to anonymously share opinions about the new health care law, and many took time out of their busy days to vent.

“Obama Care wants to start right away, but who see all these new patients???? Not me,” e-mailed one doc.

Another said, “I plan to retire if this disaster is implemented. This is a train wreck.”

“I refuse to participate in the exchange plans! I am completely opposed to this new law,” said a third respondent.

One doctor recycled the mantra used to attack addictions: “The solution is simple: Just say no.”

One physician was so disgusted, he threatened to taken only cash patients going forward.

“I am seriously considering opting out of all insurance plans including Medicare because of [ObamaCare].”

Some physicians said the pressure on insurance carriers to control costs is leading to rationed care.

“OBAMACARE is a disaster. I have already seen denial of medication, denial of referrals,” one doc said.

And they worry that stingy payments for medical services offered by insurers could put some doctors out of business and force others into retirement.

“Any doctor who accepts the exchange is just a bad businessman/woman. Pays terrible,” argued one doctor.

Said another MD, “Can’t imagine any doctors would be willing to work for so little money? All doctors should boycott.”

Doctors complained they’ve gotten the shaft for years even before ObamaCare.

“I get screwed from insurance companies already. I refuse to get screwed any longer,” one doctor said.

Others said they don’t have enough information to make an informed choice.

“This is a joke. We are flying blind,” said one doctor.


Well, there’s  a real optimistic view from professionals on the future of medicine with ObastidCare. It’s hard to deny the truth when its staring you in the face, which makes the real intentions of the administration so obvious. They don’t care.
Politics and ideology rule…even on medicine. “Flying blind” and that is what Obama demands, blind faith.


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24 Responses to The Survey Says: doctors resisting ObamaCare

  1. What is going to happen, when they cancel all existing policies, and single-payer is NOT an option???
    We only THINK we see a train wreck now,,, that is going to become a planet-smasher~!

    VJ is doing a bang-up job, fer sure~!

  2. Kathy says:

    Add in the rest of the doctors in New York, then multiply that number by the other 49, I mean 56, states and you’ve got a huge number of doctors that hate this disaster. If we start losing a lot of doctors, it won’t matter if you have insurance or not.

  3. CW says:

    Good post, Bullright.

    If the doctors in one of our most liberal states have this attitude I can just imagine what they must be thinking in the rational states.

  4. tannngl says:

    Wonder if this is how we might get rid of the insurance industry, or at least decrease its hold on health care. There are an increasing number of docs who are going cash only.

    In the early 50’s, we didn’t even have health insurance and paid for our hospital care and doctor care with our own money. I was a kid but remember mom and dad paying off a hospital bill for the birth of my baby brother.

    Insurance is a huge reason we have such expensive health care. These are strange times. Anything could happen…

    • bullright says:

      I imagine many will do that if they can support their practice without the headaches. Some are opting out of Obama’s system while still taking standard insurances I guess. No doubt about it the goal is to crush the insurance industry, or at least beat it into submission and make it a slave.

      You’re right insurance has driven the cost up, I’m sure its provable. But then you could stay with the same doctors or group most of your life too. Who know’s you better than that? There are bad consequences to insurance companies, like that doctor complained about. But this will put those problems on steroids. The only problem is for everything they reduce of power in insurance, government will fill the void faster than we can blink.

  5. Clyde says:

    Of these doctors bitching about Obamacare, I have to wonder how many of them VOTED for the sonofabitch. Being New York, probably most.

  6. pepperhawk says:

    Bull, there are also some of the best hospitals in this country who will not take patients under Obama Deathcare. Cedar Sinai, Cleveland Clinic and others. Only the wealthy who can pay out of pocket will receive the best care and the rest of us can just take a flying leap.

    • bullright says:

      Glad to see your post, Pepp. Good to see you. Yea, Obastidcare is only compounding the problems, like you suggest. As with Hillary’care,, this is only the beginning.

      When they start trying to “fix” problems we’ll get a whole new crop of problems. Like when they force med students into career choices because they want/need more general MD’s than specialists. Not to mention the declining pay. It will go on and on mutating our medicine profession. Scarier yet that they have to know some or most of these effects.

  7. Garnet92 says:

    This isn’t a total surprise. Obummer and his henchmen truly believe that they can muscle everyone to their will – and so far, they’ve been successful – until now.

    I know that I’ve written before about how doctors (NOT the AMA) really felt about Obamacare, they’re already getting shortchanged by Medicare and the “Doctor Fix” legislation is constantly hanging over their heads. It looks like FINALLY, they’re going to rebel and refuse to participate, retire, or open a flower shop – anything to opt out of Obamacare.

    We were already short of doctors – if this madness isn’t stopped, we’ll play hell ever getting to see a real doctor – unless we are paying cash for it.

    • bullright says:

      That’s true he’s been strong arming America from the beginning. Oh yea that doctor fix – geesh no one is even thinking about that yet. And that cash option might get tougher and more expensive.

  8. myfoxmystere says:

    I’ve seen how bad socialized HMO care was back in 1990 when my late dad was with FHP. He lost his sight in one eye because of the bungling in getting him treated for a detached retina. He vowed to not have my late mother join FHP with him when she turned 65. She never joined, and had free choices of who she could see until she passed away 10 years ago. My dad told me to never join any HMO, and to this day, I refuse to join. I even remember one of the contracting specialists my dad saw for his eye care griping about FHP’s methods of payment back in the early 90s. FHP filed for bankruptcy and got bought out by PacifiCare, and enrolled my late dad into their Secure Horizons group. My sister, brother & I had to fight Secure Horizons to pay our dad’s last medical bills when he passed away…those weasels will do everything they can to get away from paying the final bills when one passes away.

    0bamacare will go further down the road and cheat every doctor out of payments when it gets enforced.

    • bullright says:

      You hit it on the head. No greater teacher than experience. I’m hearing many of them admit that most of these are basically HMO’s. They are really extracting the pound of flesh from us. (on a massive scale) And they will prohibit all choices from the physicians in the name of consistently bad medicine. Great point on the HMO’s Why aren’t more people talking about that?

  9. Mrs AL says:

    Well when the thing goes formally single payer, wonder how the Doctors will react? It’s a weird time to be a patient. I really, really don’t like this administration and the nasty electeds’ intentions in D.C.!

  10. Hardnox says:

    They are awful late to the party. Where were they when ZeroCare first came up?

    • Clyde says:

      Probably standing behind the bastard in the Rose Garden with their lab coats on while he was announcing this clusterf#%k.

    • bullright says:

      I don’t know where they were before. If so, then it says something that even in the cesspool they are opposing and resisting it. Face it, if it were in heavily conservative area they’d just say, “they were against it from the beginning.” (and nothing to see here…)

  11. myfoxmystere says:

    By the way, 0bongacare not only affects our 50 states, but it also affects the terrritories as well. Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands, Guam and all other territories are getting screwed big time as well. The New York liberal bum doctors who voted for this now feel the big shaft poking them in the wazoo. I’m sure the ones who were already being cheated by Medicare and HMOs saw the disaster coming, and voted for Romney instead.

  12. Saltwater says:

    Not a problem for Dems, they have the answer – FORCED LABOR.

    I already posted my thoughts on this “solution.” What say you?