Robert Laszewski On ‘Trickle Of Enrollment’ In ObamaCare

Megyn Kelly’s interview: 



(submitted to Youtube by yazchattiest)


The numbers enrolled are laughable to say the least.  The only thing I could not square is Mr. Laszewski’s push back to the idea that insurance companies are being bullied.  

I have to ask myself, what kind of CHAOS is this going to cause for each of us and our health care? 

Your turn ….

Mrs. AL

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8 Responses to Robert Laszewski On ‘Trickle Of Enrollment’ In ObamaCare

  1. Clyde says:

    Leave it to liberals to take gold and turn it to shit. IF, and that is huge, IF the sheeple wake up to the REALITY that THIS is how the government is going to run “healthcare”, it’ll be abandoned, as it well deserves.

  2. Kathy says:

    Good stuff, Mrs. AL, and I’d agree Laszewski is wrong and Megyn is right – it is intimidation. In fact, I read in other stories that the insurance companies were threatened with retribution, so stronger language, aka the truth was called for in this interview.

    • Sounds to me like Obama is taking and slamming the insurance companies and the American public with “block-busters”, and to hell with the collateral damage. (O) – He won’t be happy, until America lies in RUINS,,, and he is answering to another who has the perfect agenda for doing it.

  3. bullright says:

    6 people, ha ha. And they say more are signing everyday. It’s amazing what government force will do for you.

  4. tannngl says:

    Originally the insurance companies were in bed with Obama on this law. They had to know this would happen. You bet those corporations had their corporate lawyers read the law! They knew.

  5. Gar Swaffar says:

    A smart and honest politician would……oh…wait, that’s an oxymoron.

  6. Mrs AL says:

    Stellar comments and giggles to boot! My compliments.