Note to Virginia: don’t get Corzined

I finally put my finger on who McAuliffe reminds me of – defunct fmr. NJ Governor, Jon Corzine.
Not in looks but, in my opinion, if Virginia elected McAuliffe he would be just like a Corzine rewind.

While it might have been excusable for New Jersey, it would be a fatal error for Virginia.
Plus McAuliffe’s a big Clintonista on top, and a big DNC operative. (a three-for)

So please, Virginia, don’t get Corzined… or Clintonized.

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12 Responses to Note to Virginia: don’t get Corzined

  1. tannngl says:

    immoral criminals. All.
    Been praying for and supporting Cuccinelli

  2. WTXGunRunner says:

    Each and EVERY time I see the “c” word, it makes my skin crawl. What totally worthless pukes these people are! I WISH I could improve on Y-U-K, but I really can’t. Just say no to STOOOOPID / C R O O K E D!!

  3. Clyde says:

    Send Cuccinelli some cash. Get this asshole DEFEATED resoundingly.

  4. Hardnox says:

    Trust me, I’ve been a big fan of Cuccinelli for a LONG time. He’s the real deal. Cut of the same cloth as Ted Cruz. The establishment hates him. So much so that they pulled RNC funds on his campaign.

    I don’t need anymore proof that the RNC and the DNC are the same party.

    I hope and pray that my beloved home state will reject the shyster McAwfull but I fear all the Lefty money and the assholes in Northern VA (DC suburb) will, by hook or crook, push him into the governorship.

    We’ll know next Tuesday.

  5. Mrs AL says:

    Prediction: Cuccinelli will lose. This state is infested with too many who work for the national government and are beholden to the Resident and the rest of the ilk bringing down this country. We’re infested with other types in the Northern Virginia area but I will not go into all that.

    IMHO, Cuccinelli and Obenshain campaigns did not anticipate the campaign tactics and cut them off early. They should have seen it coming and have not been able to respond effectively.

    Now if they win … every one of you have a right to come back and tell me how wrong I was and I would REALLY REALLY like that!

    • bullright says:

      I hate to agree his chances do not look that good, unless a lot of people come to their senses. Like Hardnox said, same as elsewhere, that segment of jerks in dense areas does not bode well for us.

      When that money pours in from Seattle to San Fran, it leaves a stain. I hate to think its all about big money …. I hope its wrong, but when the media goes that hard on you for a long time, the result isn’t good. Conservatives have to define themselves before the other side does.

  6. Buck says:

    Well McAullife is a Democrat. The Democrats are 100% responsible for Obamacare. If Virginians cannot connect the dots then the state’s median I.Q. has slipped noticably since the days of our founding fathers…

    • bullright says:

      Yea, if, but I don’t see him as just another Democrat. He’s a dangerous one and Virginia is an especially dangerous water for him to be in power over.