If You’ve Wondered Why …..

….I am usually of good cheer, and humor, THIS will explain it.

Makes all the sense in the world to me. From The Daily Caller.com


Report: Global warming alarmism can cause depression.

3:27 PM  10/31/2013  Michael Bastasch

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Ever wonder what’s bothering Al Gore? Worrying too much about catastrophic  global warming is not good for your mental health, according  to new research from Germany.

Because global  warming is a global  issue that requires international cooperation, it can leave the individual  activist with a sense of powerlessness, leading to a condition called  “doomer-depression.”

The German publication TAZ reports that because the doomsday scenarios  surrounding global warming have been around for decades, researchers are finding  that such scenarios are causing depression on a global scale. Furthermore, it is  making more people complacent when it comes to acting on global warming.

“One problem is that climate  change is hardly  detectable and so people have a psychological distance to it,” reports TAZ.  “Apocalyptic scenarios are, however, of little help in overcoming that distance.  The overly drastic prognoses that were used especially in the 1980s only  amplified the sense of helplessness. Because stability is a fundamental desire  of every person, thoughts that have to do with situations of collapse often get  suppressed.’”

Doomsayers are also becoming depressed after they realize that it is hard to  get people to act on global warming, even if it is just working to change government policy.

German children are brought up through the school system  learning about sustainable development and the dangers of global warming, but  even this seems to be backfiring against government planners.

TAZ reports that “after 25 years of environmental education in school  is the conclusion sobering: ‘The ‘Education for Sustainable Development’ has no  measurable effect,’ says Ulrich Gebhardt, an educationalist at the University of  Hamburg.”

Global warming skeptics, on the other hand, argue that staying skeptical  about mankind’s impending doom will make you much happier.

“For the rest of us who have avoided the doom of gloom of the climate alarmism,  my advice is that you continue doing so. Visiting skeptic sites like this one  will keep you optimistic about the future and a lot happier,” writes skeptic blogger P. Gosselin for No  Tricks Zone.


And there you have it, my friends. The KEY to a happier, healthier life. IGNORE the left, and their daily rations of doom, gloom, pestilence, or whatever else the asshats may be trying to dish out.

Those of you who have read my myriad posts on this subject, and  I thank you so very much for that, are MUCH better off than those who do not. And, we NOW have “scientific consensus” !!!




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18 Responses to If You’ve Wondered Why …..

  1. CW says:

    “One problem is that climate change is hardly detectable and so people have a psychological distance to it,”

    Hahahaha! So it’s hard to get people excited over a “problem” when there’s no observable evidence that the problem exists? Gee, go figure!

    If people are depressed because they buy the lie, I can’t work up much sympathy for them.

  2. Mrs AL says:

    Great post, Clyde! One of the things I have learned is to not live in the world of “what if.” The “what if” world is full of depression and, indeed, sense of helplessness. The article calls it something else, but it is the “what if” syndrome that drives some folks off the healthy path, both physically and mentally.

    Oh, I like the BBQ idea muchly!

    • ALL things are tools. But a hammer can build a mansion, or crush a precious stone. Same with “What If?” It can lead to honest scientific enquiry, or that of any other discipline. It all depends on the physical and psychological premise that the question is asked. In integrity? OR in derision and denunciation?
      ALL of my creative writing has been in response to the question, “What If?”,,, and I go from there. BUT, I stay positive about it, as well.

      • Mrs AL says:

        “What if” inquires are instrumental in learning. “What if” placed in the context of what you can’t control is destructive. And that’s what’s happening to the folks cited in the article and that’s a bloody shame.

      • Clyde says:

        About all you can do, GF. Thanks.

    • Clyde says:

      I’d say you have your mind right, Mrs. Al. As Rush likes to say, he lives in Realville. So do I. Thanks for that.

  3. We gots the SUV, and we gots the grill,,, and the steaks are comin’ up~!
    Have a WONDORIOUSLY GRANDIFEROUS DAY~! A Stellar post, and a validation for us Non-Gorons~! HOT DOG~!
    You got him, Sluggo~!

  4. Buck says:

    …Making some people complacent when it comes to Global Warming…???
    Maybe some people are just realizing they’ve been had by a bunch of hucksters.

  5. Kathy says:

    Good one, Clyde. There are enough real problems and issues to be concerned about – who has time for ones that are ‘hardly detectable?

  6. Hardnox says:

    Thanks for posting this. It confirms my happiness. 🙂

  7. bullright says:

    Finally science catches up with the doomyloons.

    Let me understand, it is supposed to be acceptable to have conspiracy theories that the weather is out to get you but it’s a mental disorder, according to them, to accept anything about Fema camps and the plans government has to deal with the truth? I always wondered how the latter is considered paranoid insanity and the other was perfectly acceptable and recommended after being proven fictitious time after time? And which gets government support and funding to hype? Just saying. At least finally someone has a name for the disorder. (so tell ’em not to let the Fema camps hit them in the ass)