Does This Surprise ANYONE ??

Well, it shouldn’t. We know how screwed up this administration’s priorities really are. TWICE as much spent on a NON-EXISTENT problem as on a REAL problem.

Here is today’s Stupid Du Jour from this bunch. Via The Daily


Global warming gets nearly twice as much taxpayer money as border  security.

11:42 AM  10/28/2013  Michael Bastasch

Let’s see if I have this right. The ABOVE is NOT a problem, but THIS, below, is???

The ONLY reason this topic is still being funded, IMHO.

New estimates show the federal government will spend nearly twice as much  fighting global  warming this year  than on U.S. border security.

The  White House reported to House Republicans that there are  18 federal agencies engaged in global warming activities in 2013, funding a wide  range of programs, including scientific research, international climate  assistance, incentivizing renewable energy technology and subsidies to renewable  energy producers. Global warming spending is estimated to cost $22.2 billion  this year, and $21.4 billion next year.

At the same time, the federal government will spend nearly $12 billion on customs  and border enforcement this year.

Obama’s climate agenda has attracted criticism from congressional Republicans  who have been hammering the administration over the accountability and  transparency of its global warming  efforts.

Republicans on the Energy and Commerce Committee have been calling on the heads of major federal  agencies to testify on global warming activities. So far, only the heads of the  Energy Department and the Environmental Protection Agency have opted to testify  in front of the House.

“With billions of dollars currently  being spent annually on climate change activities, Congress and the public  should understand the scope of what the federal government is doing, how the  billions of dollars are being spent, and what it will accomplish,” said Kentucky  Republican Rep. Ed Whitfield. “Anyone who believes the committee ought to be  focusing its attention on climate change related issues should be standing with  us to get these answers.”

Earlier this summer, the Senate held a hearing to highlight the immediate  impacts of global warming. However, Senate Republicans released a report ahead  of the hearing that rejected many of the claims made by scientists, politicians  and activists about rising global temperatures.

“Over nearly four decades, numerous predictions have had adequate time to  come to fruition, providing an opportunity to analyze  and compare them to today’s statistics,” reads the report from Republicans on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

Republicans have also taken aim at the EPA’s efforts to cut U.S. carbon  dioxide emissions. The agency will be imposing emissions caps on new and  existing power plants across the country, which significantly hurts the coal  industry.

“The American public should be deeply troubled to learn that EPA is actively  working to increase energy prices based on  predicted global temperature increases without first undertaking efforts to  determine if temperatures are actually increasing to the extent predicted by the  climate models they are using,” reads the Senate Republicans’ report.

The Obama administration recently declared that the country has moved beyond  debating whether or not global warming is a threat, and instead, should be  debating what can be done about the issue.

“We have turned a corner on that issue,” said Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz in a  recent speech. “We are — including in our Congress — really past the issue of  whether we need to respond.”


Just when you think this administration can get no dumber, this comes along. One the MAIN reasons we HAVE a federal government is to protect, and defend our Constitution, AND our nation’s borders.

Obviously not with this bunch of shitmunches. A REAL, pertinent problem along our southern borders, where citizens HAVE BEEN KILLED by the invaders, this bunch of fools cuts manpower and funding, instead funneling it to a NON-EXISTENT problem they CANNOT fix anyway.

No REAL increase in the Earth’s mean temperature in 17 YEARS. Meanwhile, pick your number from 10 million, to 40 million ILLEGALS have come across in that time frame, sucking literally TRILLIONS from our nation, with nary a PEEP until now from the so-called “opposition” party.

Got an idea that is a SURE FIRE winner for you stupid assed republicans for next year’s elections. STOP ALL funding for these locusts, AND the non-existent “problem” of global warming. Put THOSE funds towards SEALING the borders.

You WILL win. These illegals will NEVER vote for YOU anyway, nor would any of the Gorons. May as well do what’s RIGHT for the nation. I won’t hold my breath.




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12 Responses to Does This Surprise ANYONE ??

  1. Buck says:

    The problem is if the Democrats admit Global Warming is a scam and a hoax then they have to admit their candidate for POTUS in 2000 is a liar, con artist and/or idiot which casts a bad light on the entire party.
    The problem with the RINO GOPers is if they admit Global Warming is a scam and a hoax they they have to admit they are a bunch of Chicken Little fools which casts a bad light on their chances for reelection.
    Better go with the new members of Congress to put this asinine concept, Global Warming, to bed…

  2. Hardnox says:

    Thanks for posting this. Buck is correct in his assessment.

    Further, this is nothing more than the rape of our treasury for the benefit of both sides.

    • Clyde says:

      Indeed it is, Nox. Yet MORE reason to shovel ALL the shit out of D.C. If ONLY we could get the “Silver Spade” for THAT job.

  3. Mrs AL says:

    Important information, Clyde. Thanx so much for posting this. I really do not like this administration. Won’t go any further.

  4. bullright says:

    Nicely put Clyde, “18 federal agencies engaged in global warming activities” and more to come. If the border got only half that attention.

  5. WTXGunRunner says:

    And here I sit, amazed once again, over something that I didn’t think I would see. Actually, I’ve seen this coming for quite some time, but just didn’t think that I actually would (maybe HOPE is a better word). Borders vs Climate Change, no contest to these flaming idiots! Each day that goes by, I get a new-er definition of a very, very simple word – STOOPID!! JEEEEEEEEEZ

  6. tannngl says:

    Any REASONABLE person would want to stop and look at this data. 17 years of no temp increase despite a continuous increase in atmospheric CO2…The UN and the US look like utter fools, or tyrants.
    I’m afraid rino’s will go along with this fairy tale to cont to grow the govt. They think they will be reelected by their Republican areas, states. But I think conservatives have had it. There may be no voting except in the local elections by real Americans.