Quote Of The Day — October 28, 2013

We are turning into a nation of whimpering slaves to Fear—fear of war, fear of poverty, fear of random terrorism, fear of getting down-sized or fired because of the plunging economy, fear of getting evicted for bad debts or suddenly getting locked up in a military detention camp on vague charges of being a Terrorist sympathizer.”

― Hunter S. Thompson
Born: July 18, 1937, Louisville, KY

Died: February 20, 2005, Woody Creek, CO


~ ~ Grouchy ~ ~

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13 Responses to Quote Of The Day — October 28, 2013

  1. Terry says:

    …and that was pre-o’zero.
    You should see us NOW, Hunter !

  2. Kathy says:

    Ditto what Terry said. That list has gotten much longer in the last five years.

    • The last phrase about the detention camps because of vague charges threw me. And then I looked at the date of his passing, and wondered if he was living ten years beyond his death~!
      Thanks, Kathy

  3. Buck says:

    Yeah, he was a free spirit, alright.

  4. Clyde says:

    I’d have to think HST would have been all over the assmunch.

  5. Mrs AL says:

    I sure hope I don’t become a “whimpering slave to fear.” I don’t think I ever will. I have to admit, there are certain drills that are run in this household. That may sound goofey, but I know for a fact if confronted with a life threatening situation, I will void myself of all … well, you know. And that includes snot from my nose — hehe.

    Great quote, Grouchy. And, unfortunately, in many ways I have to agree with him.

  6. Garnet92 says:

    Another good one, Grouchman! I’m not afraid of those things, but I am pissed about every one. If something gives me a stress-induced heart attack it’ll be my pissivity quotient going bonkers. I think that it’s because I’m so old that I’ll probably be gone by the time that we’ve become de facto slaves, but I get extremely pissed that my grandchildren will never see the country that I grew up in – that pisses me off.

    • Thank You, Garnet,,, and you and I are in the same generation,,, And I’m two HA’s ahead of you already~!

      Sadly, this is not the generation we grew up in, that’s for damn sure. And Saul Alinsky et.al., sure as the Universe didn’t do us any favors~!