SHHHHH…. Don’t Tell The Fraudacle.

Nope. Don’t tell him yet ANOTHER wheel has fallen off the Global Warming Express. If this is coming our way, put 100,000 more logs on the fire.

From The Daily


Global warming?… Chile hit with worst cold spell in 80 years.

4:46 PM  10/26/2013  Michael Bastasch

What morons like The Fraudacle, and the U-frigging-N’s scam outfit IPCC think.


HERE is Chilean REALITY.

Anyone looking to get some delicious Chilean  fruit this winter is going to be disappointed, as the worst frost in more than  80 years has damaged 50 million boxes of fruit exports — causing the country to  declare a state of emergency in its agricultural sector.

The Chilean Fresh Fruit Exporters Association said that freezing temperatures throughout  mid-September hit the country’s fruit growers with the coldest frost since 1929.  Temperatures fell to an average of 19 degrees Fahrenheit for an average of seven  hours in several of the Chile’s growing regions, contributing to a huge drop-off  in fruit exports.

Chilean growers exported about 282 million boxes of fruit last year, and  experts believe that exports will fall short of that by about 50 million boxes  for this year. However, when production increases are taken into account, the total  frost damage to fruit production could be closer to 60 million or 65 million  boxes.

The wine industry was hit hard by the frost as well.

Estimates put the total damage to Chilean crops at $1 billion. Reuters reports that between 35 percent and 61  percent of stone fruit crops were damaged, 57 percent of almonds, 48 percent of  kiwis and 20 percent of grapes. The U.S. imports about 42 percent of the  country’s grapes.

“These frosts are the worst that agriculture has faced in 84 years, impacting  the area from Coquimbo to Bio Bio,” the National Agricultural Society said.

Because of the lost production, fruit prices are  expected to rise.

“All throughout November, December and January, prices of peaches, nectarines  and plums will be higher because there will be shortages,” said Cristián Allendes, president of the  Federation Fruit Producers. ”There will be half the volume of a normal  year, so it is impossible for them to cost the  same.”

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration declared September 2013 to have tied with September 2003 as  the fourth warmest on record. Global surface and  oceanic temperatures were 1.15 degrees Fahrenheit above the 20th century average  for that month.

However, September also brought with it record levels of arctic sea-ice  coverage — only six years after the BBC reported that global warming would leave eliminate arctic sea  ice by 2013.

Antarctica also experienced record levels of sea ice in  September, with 7.51 million square miles surrounding the continent. This beat  out the previous sea-ice coverage record, set in 2012.


So, who to believe ? The Chilean farmers, or our politicized NOAA ?

I’ll take the Chilean farmers. THEY are THERE. The NOAA morons are too busy trying to get their budgets increased to do REAL research.

84-year record COLD in Chile’. Record  levels of ice  in the Antarctic. Record cold for the arctic, along with a MILLION mile INCREASE in the ice sheet this summer alone.

I cannot WAIT for the final wheels to fall off this scam. But then, the AGW believers, and other assorted Gorons will just claim it is all manipulated data by  the “deniers”.

They will not realize their folly until they are chopping through a mile of ICE to get out of their Malibu mansions.




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17 Responses to SHHHHH…. Don’t Tell The Fraudacle.

  1. WTXGunRunner says:

    Good Shot Clyde! Great item. And yet, the left wingers REFUSE to see truth, anywhere! Jeez they are SO ignorant, in spite of their assumed intelligence. LOL @ them #HolyMoly

    • Clyde says:

      WTX, thanks for stopping by, and commenting. It is appreciated. The left treats truth like Superman treats Kryptonite. Avoid at all costs.

  2. Kathy says:

    I’ll take Chilean Farmers for $500, Alex.

  3. garnet92 says:

    C’mon lighten up on Al, he’s got himself convinced that Mother Earth has a bad case of right-wing consumption and it can only be cured by returning the human race to where we were some 30,000 years ago. It’s either that, or by implementing the Cap and Trade fraud scheme he has pushed for the past decade.

    Al is self-delusional, I think that he really believes the scenarios that he keeps describing. As a card-carrying loon, he will believe what he wants, regardless of evidence to the contrary. Have you seen how wide-eyed he gets as he’s describing the doom and carnage that we face if we don’t listen to him? He probably deserves a straight jacket and a rubber room.

    Stay on him, Clyde!

    • Clyde says:

      I’ll lighten up on the Fraudacle like a pitbull lightens up on a steak. haha Thanks, Garnet. Not to worry, I ENJOY bitchslapping the asshole.

  4. Hardnox says:

    Another stellar post Clyde. Bashing the moron should be a college course with you as professor.

  5. Terry says:

    Maybe the price increase of their wine will sober these morons up to the truth.

  6. western guy says:

    Two items..1) solar observations 2 thats TWO years ago said this was coming due to decreased sunspot activity and forecast a mini-ice age similar to what happened in the late 1600’s (would this be a solar CYCLE? hmmm)2) any price increase in the chilean wine will only turn it into a snob level wine with absolutely no mention of how it got to be one because otherwise the acolytes will have to tell the actual truth, and we all know when that will happen….IMO anyway.

  7. myfoxmystere says:

    We’ll have to come back to this in a few months to see what the Gorons do.