ObamaScare Just A Warm Up

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The recent media attacks upon the disastrous rollout of ObongoCare appear to contradict the policy of protecting and glorifying Obongo at all costs. But there is a reason for the bizarre failure of the HealthCare.gov website, the insurance companies being forced to drop customers, and the high costs and deductibles of the ‘Health Exchange” programs. This first stage of ObongoCare, which partners up health care insurers with the Federal Government and its heavy regulations, was intended to fail, on purpose.

In a September 10, Los Angeles Times piece, liberal columnist Michael Hilzick “lets the cat out of the bag” a full three weeks before Obongo’s Health Care exchanges even went live. The article is entitled and subtitled:

Health law’s ailments can be cured by single-payer system

 All the shortcomings of the healthcare restructuring result from the decision to leave it in the hands of private insurers

How did Hilzick already know about these “ailments” and “shortcomings”? He even forecast the “glitches” that have surprised everyone. Hilzick wrote :

“With the Oct. 1 rollout of a major facet of the Affordable Care Act on the horizon, you’ll be hearing a lot about the glitches, loopholes and shortcomings of this most important restructuring of America’s healthcare system in our lifetimes. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

“First, the vast majority of these issues result from one crucial compromise made in the drafting of the 2010 law, ostensibly to ease its passage through Congress. That was to leave the system in the hands of private health insurance companies.

Second, there’s an obvious way to correct this flaw: The country should progress on to a single-payer system. The idea that the ACA is a logical precursor to single-payer, in which the government would be the source of all medical reimbursement, has been gaining traction as key thresholds for healthcare reform approach.

Hilzick then points out that Senate Leader Harry Reid told an interviewer that AmericaReid will “work its way past” private insurance altogether and eventually transition to a “Single Payer” scheme.

Then comes the real kicker from Comrade Hilzik, a quote from a Marxist University professor and national activist:

“There isn’t a popular groundswell yet” for a single-payer plan “because most people haven’t seen the ACA at work in detail yet,” says David Himmelstein, a professor of public health at the City University of New York and co-founder of Physicians for a National Health Program, the leading advocacy group for single-payer healthcare. But he anticipates that discontent will start in October “and accelerate through the winter.”

Again, those “prophetic” observations were made weeks before the ObongoCare rollout!

What the clever Marxists truly desire is a massive government monopoly which they refer to as “Single Payer”. Under this Communist system, all Americans will receive sub-standard coverage, and be taxed to the ears to pay for it. Those naive conservatives who think ObongoCare will collapse on its own are right in a sense. But what they fail to see is that the collapse will serve as the ideal pretext to shut down private insurance once and for all, and then “simplify” Obongo’s monstrosity by just dumping everyone into a totally state run, Cuban style system.

The collapse of ObongoCare will not be blamed on the government as much as it will be on the “private sector”. Like candidate Obongo once said to a private audience of commie-libtards in 2008 :

“I happen to be a proponent of a single payer system.”

That was one of the few times Obongo ever told the truth!

~Anti NY Times

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6 Responses to ObamaScare Just A Warm Up

  1. Kathy says:

    Well, that pizzez me off, but it doesn’t surprise me. It’s just the next step in ‘the plan’. Sheesh, we need a massive way to cut off the money supply!

  2. Clyde says:

    THIS was ALWAYS the way it was supposed to work. These bastards just found a short-cut. Good post.

  3. Hardnox says:

    ZeroCare was never destined to work. The Left has always been about control. Single payer is their wet dream come true.

  4. It is really a challenge to figure out who is the reincarnation of Benedict Arnold. There are SO many possibilities~!
    Then there’s Mata Hari, Tokyo Rose, Jane Fonda, The Rosenbergs,
    Quisling,,, They all have their counterparts in Congress.

  5. Mrs AL says:

    Ok, I get it now. Sen. Cruz did what he did in order to intervene in the ultimate goal of single payer. Because of all the whoha over his talk-a-thon and the democrats defending obamacare, now that the debacle has happened, the talk now is about the failure of the program, not the easing into single payer. A lot of people now won’t accept the government running healthcare. They can’t even run a website.

  6. bullright says:

    Yes they will, make the insurance co’s the villains every step of the way. (what did the ins co’s think the snakes would do? But they got in bed with them anyway.)