DHS Preparing For Riots on November 1

Apparently there will be a decrease in the dollar amount allocated to food stamp recipients.  DHS is spending $80 million to beef up security.

Who didn’t know this wasn’t coming someday?  It might as well be manufactured.

The recent interruption in the EBT program was proof of that coming down the pike.

Powder is dry.

~ Hardnox

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11 Responses to DHS Preparing For Riots on November 1

  1. Kathy says:

    Yes, we saw this coming. Whatever savings we hoped to gain by reducing the amounts they’ll get in November just went to hell in a hand-basket when the DHS spent $80 million on beefing up security.

    Aside from Greece, this is, without a doubt, the stupidest government in history.

    Tea Party affiliation or not, Niger Innis is full of crap and was the wrong person to talk to about this. He’s stuck on saying these people don’t want to be on food stamps and he’s dead wrong. More people have signed up for the free stuff since O became president than ever before. Why? Because his admin has made it so easy for them. Why would they want jobs when O hands them free food?

    Even after his rant, he still didn’t answer Neil’s question about the extra security being warranted. The food stamp crowd is thicker in some areas than others, so there could be problems in certain areas and not in others.

    And what black mother names their black son Niger?? Sheesh!!

    I guess you can tell this one pegged the meter. It feels like Bob just took over my brain….

    • Hardnox says:

      Ditto here.

      Funny I thought that same about the name. 🙂

    • Terry says:

      You took the words right outta my mouth, Kathy.
      The only ones who will riot are the ones using their stamps for steak, lobster, and assorted junk foods. THAT is what they are used to.
      The ones who actually need some help because they are truly trying to get work, but are unable to because of the O’conomy, will simply buy more Ramen noodles and peanut butter, be thankful for that, and try even harder to be self sufficient.

      I agree Niger was the wrong man for this interview. A Niger in sheep’s clothing…..

  2. Buck says:

    Simple solution.
    Sign up for food stamps and/or welfare, sign up for public works projects.
    You work, you get the ‘freebies’. You don’t , you don’t.
    THEN watch the SHTF…

  3. Buck says:

    And as far as foodstamp lobster and filets I am witness. The crackhouse residents across the street from where I lived would use foodstamps to purchase such delacacies and then resell them to folks at a much reduced from sticker price so they could buy malt liquor, cigarettes and crack cocaine.
    I know.

  4. Clyde says:

    First step in getting the free shit crowd rioting in order to impose martial law. Bet on it.

  5. gunnyginalaska says:

    Have 30 days of food and water on hand. Ammo and Guns up!