You Know It’s Bad.

When even a mostly left-leaning organization, such as Consumer Reports has become, is telling people to steer clear of the Obamacare debacle.

From The Daily


Consumer Reports: ‘Stay away from for at least another  month’.

1:20 PM  10/21/2013

Alexis Levinson

Political  Reporter

Stick to cars, Consumer Reports. You do NOT need to “help” Obama any more than you have.

You know it’s bad when a usually staunch ally to this administration is advising consumers to stay away. Even if it is ONLY a month.


Consumer Reports is advising people to “stay  away from for at  least another month,” as technicians attempt to sort out what has been a rocky  rollout of the Obamacare enrollment website, with an unending list of “glitches”  hampering people from signing up.

In a post last week, as part of Consumer Reports’ series on the new  healthcare law and how to navigate it, the organization offers tips from a software tester “How  to successfully register for health insurance on” The advice  itself highlights a number of pitfalls.

For instance, No. 1) “Follow instructions when creating a user name” is a  task described as “not as easy as it  seems.” The post describes the instructions as “garbled.”

Ben Simo, the software tester, “says the instructions are needlessly  complicated and logins will end up being less secure because users will be  putting the info on Post-Its stuck to their computers, as,” the writer of the  post concedes, “indeed I have done with my own.”

After a series of similar instructions, including the fact that you must  check your email constantly in order to respond to the “account activation  e-mail … promptly, because if you don’t, will time you out. If  the e-mail never comes, you’ll have to go back to square one.”

Ultimately, the post concludes, it might be best to just wait until the  glitches have been dealt with.

“If all this is too much for you to absorb, follow our previous advice: Stay away  from for at least another month if you can,” the post says.  “Hopefully that will be long enough for its software vendors to clean up the  mess they’ve made.”


This, to me, is funny as hell. The usually administration-friendly “champion of consumers” is telling people to stay away.

Got some friendly advice, liberal rag. Do the nation a HUGE favor, and tell them to stay away PERMANENTLY. If you guys think the WEBSITE is screwed up, IMAGINE what the DELIVERY of healthcare is going to be like once this is fully implemented.

But, since y’all are good little “journalists”, and want to be on the Regime’s “Official Journalist” list, I’m SURE in the NEXT edition, you will be singing the praises of your Mess-iah once more.




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11 Responses to You Know It’s Bad.

  1. Buck says:

    Take a tip from your Senators in residence. They have opted out…

  2. Another Home Run Blast, Clyde,,, Over the Green Monster, no less~!

  3. Mrs AL says:

    Good post, Clyde. Indeed, this puts the Resident’s remarks about how “good” the Obamacare program is to shame. He is clearly denying the reality and Consumer Reports is being realistic. Imagine that.

  4. Kathy says:

    You’re right, Clyde, it’s bad. and funny as hell. That smoke you see coming from the White House is O blowing a gasket.

  5. garnet92 says:

    I’ll just bet that Ofugyou is having conniption fits over this fiasco backing him into a corner. He doesn’t really have many options the way things are going right now. When Consumer Reports suggests waiting a month – that is downright heresy, now if only one or two other Obamamedia icons will advise their readers to wait, we’ll see fire and brimstone from the White House.

    I can’t wait to see how jovial he is when his Rose Garden speech tells us that due to George Bush or Ted Cruz, the deadline for enrollment will be pushed back. That speech can’t be more than a couple of weeks away.

    Good one, Clyde!

    • Clyde says:

      Thanks, Garnet. You know damn well it will be the wascally wepubwicans, BOOSH, Cruz, or ANYONE but his incompetent gang. Hiring a firm that was FIRED by the Canadian government for incompetence tells the story, doesn’t it ?