If The Truth Doesn’t Work, Then LIE.

You know the environmentalist left is LOSING when all they can cite are vague, misleading  “statistics”.

These anti-fracking activists are simply going batshit crazy. Much like the REST of liberalism. From The Daily Caller.com


Enviros try to link fracking to STDs, meth addiction, prostitution.

4:35 PM  10/21/2013  Michael Bastasch

Let me see if I have this right. THIS equipment, and those who use it, create THIS….

… RIGHT. Got it. I’ve spoken to  a few people who DO fracking, they claim they work 12 + hours a DAY, and have NO time to pursue the “ladies of the evening”.


AND, if they go HERE, to the, (according to the moonbats), CRACK HOUSE, and test POSITIVE for drugs, buh-bye $ 90k a year JOBS. I don’t think the majority of these people are that stupid. Unlike the liars from Vice, and Food and Water Watch.

Critics of hydraulic fracturing no longer limit their complaints to alleged  damage to air and water quality. They are now claiming that fracking causes  bigger problems:  sexually transmitted diseases, prostitution, hard drug  use and sex crimes.

Each of these claims is hotly contested by the energy industry.

“While critics accuse frackers of fouling air, drinking water, and farmland  with swamp gas and carcinogens; prostitution, methamphetamine, and sexual crime  have stalked drilling operations,” reports Vice magazine.

“Violence against women in fracking boomtowns in North Dakota and Montana has increased so sharply that the Department of Justice (DoJ) announced in June that it plans to spend half a million dollars investigating the correlation,” Vice reports.

Vice’s Peter Rugh sites a study by the environmental group Food and  Water Watch — which wants to ban fracking — claiming that cases of gonorrhea and  chlamydia have shot up 32.4 percent in Pennsylvania counties where fracking  operations take place.

“We’ve found that fracking brought a host of social costs to communities  where drilling has begun,” said Emily Wurth of Food and Water Watch. “These are  the real costs of fracking that are never discussed.”

Vice also reports that the use of meth is on the rise in fracking boom  areas.

“In rural Colorado, where well pads have risen like pustules upon the jagged  landscape, crimes tied to the narcotic have skyrocketed to double the national  average,” Vice reports, citing an NPR article from 2007.

However, the Food and Water Watch study came under fire for its failure to  control for STD increases in the fracked areas.

“Without controlling for the population, it could be that the percentage of  these cases, while increasing, is increasing at a smaller rate than the  population of young people!”  Matthew Rousu, an economics professor at  Susquehanna University noted.

“It could be that fracked counties actually have a lower [sexually  transmitted infaction to population] rate!” Rousu added. “Further, what does a  62% increase mean? It could mean three more people, right? Or does that mean an  additional 0.02% of the overall population? The report doesn’t explain.”

The study uses similarly misleading figures when talking about things like  increases in truck crashes.

“Related to this, the authors of this study use actual numbers at times  (reporting on driving crashes), but only display the percentages at other times  (STIs), “Rousu adds. “This weakens their credibility.”

“This is what Food and Water  Watch has been relegated to: offensively characterizing the hardworking men and  women of the oil and gas industry,” writes Katie Brown of the industry-supported  Energy in Depth. “Families today have sustainable incomes and better futures  thanks to shale, and Food and Water Watch categorizes all of them as a bunch of  drunk, bored, women-abusing losers.”

The Food and Water Watch study also tries to link the influx of male workers  in fracking boom areas to an unsafe environment for women. However, the study  only cites a New York Times article that says women in a North Dakota  town “felt unsafe” with so many young men coming into the area.

“I respect that this organization is attempting to answer tough questions,”  Rousu added. “Objective research on the costs/benefits is  needed. This organization isn’t creating objective research, however.”


Typical leftist tactic. Invent numbers, put them out on a press release, or a website, and claim it as fact.

As we saw in the article, these numbers are meaningless. While I don’t dispute that when you get a LOT of men, with money in their jeans, and lust in their genes, that these things do not happen. Look back to the Gold Rush days for proof of THAT.

But to condemn an entire industry, and it’s people, with baseless lies and innuendo because you do not agree with said  idea or industry, does NOTHING to help win your argument.

All it proves is just how intellectually vacant the position truly is. To all you envirowackos out there, next time, try using something OTHER than lies to make your point.

IF your fear hasn’t crazed you to the point of lunacy. With THIS pack of crap, good luck convincing ANYONE other than those as rabid as yourselves.








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12 Responses to If The Truth Doesn’t Work, Then LIE.

  1. Buck says:

    With the help of the Hollywood idiots. I remember a…CSI, I think it was but it was about a ‘victim’ rancher who’s well was poisoned by fraking and the evil oilmen’s attempt at coverup…

    Oh, yeah…. Bye to 90K? Ninety K?
    Shit! I think a worm takes that home these days….

  2. Kathy says:

    The DoJ spending half a million dollars to investigate the correlation between fracking and violence against women….there’s your real crime.

  3. Mrs AL says:

    > “Critics of hydraulic fracturing no longer limit their complaints to alleged damage to air and water quality. They are now claiming that fracking causes bigger problems: sexually transmitted diseases, prostitution, hard drug use and sex crimes.”

    Only someone devoid of either argument or brains would even juxtapose these things. What a pile of cow pies.

    That said, good post, Clyde.

  4. garnet92 says:

    The leftist fracking critics are obviously throwing crap up against the wall to see what sticks. Next they’ll be blaming deflating soufflés on hydraulic fracturing. Anyone who does a study will no doubt find increased levels of STDs, etc. where there are groups of men working away from home, followed by the usual camp-followers. So, now that’s caused by fracking? I’ll bet that a similar study could find the same correlation if they studied any group of men away from home and concentrated in a specific area – that’s a surprise?

  5. Clyde says:

    Next thing you know, Garnet, these moonbats will blame fracking for the extinction of dinosaurs. Thanks.

  6. garnet92 says:

    Oh no Clyde, I have it on good authority that they’re blaming that extinction on the failings of the Bush administration – the dinosaurs envisioned that Bush was coming some 65 million years later and committed dinocide early so they wouldn’t have to be subject to his policies.

  7. Terry says:

    As an ex oilfield employee, I am somewhat qualified to comment on this.
    While possibly stopping at the nearest watering hole to have a cold one with your fellow crew members after a long, hardworking tour was common, we couldn’t wait to get on the road home to see our wives, girlfriends, families and friends, and blow our hard earned cash at our favorite hometown establishments.

    Of course there were always a few that had none of these things to look forward to, and they might well take advantage of the handy skanks at the nearest dive. But they were the exception, and hardly enough to pollute the small towns nearby.

    I would suggest that the study group make their studies in another area that brings in prostitutes and drug dealers for the big cash-in-hand low-lifes…..how about Washington D.C. ?

    • Garnet92 says:

      You got it Terry, someone needs to identify locations for some of those upcoming congressional “retreats” (where they retreat from reality) and use those locations for subsequent studies – odds are that campaign funds and taxpayer credit cards will be paying for all sorts of “companionship.”

      Might also introduce a bill to cut off funds to members of congress for treatment of STDs and see who hollers loudest.